Who Wants 2 Free Tickets to the Women Living Well Conference?

Attention anyone able to grab a friend and get to Akron, OH next month on August 10th:

I am giving away two tickets to the upcoming Women Living Well Conference where I will be giving a keynote message. The winners will get to hang out at lunch with me and a few other members of the conference teaching team. Whoo-hoo! What fun we’ll have!!

Women Living Well is the ministry of my friend Courtney Joseph. Here we are together last summer at our Proverbs 31 She Speaks Conference:

This one-day conference is for all women who want to live well by drinking from the Living Well: Jesus. The various speakers will  be speaking about your walk with God, marriage, parenting, homemaking and ministry outside the home. {You can click here for the information about the conference}

Here are the speakers :


The Speakers
Row 1: Angela from GoodMorningGirls.org, Clare from Peak 313.com and Courtney from Women Living Well!
Row 2: Darlene from TimeWarpWife.com, Janelle from ComfyInTheKitchen, me :)
Row 3: Ruth from TheBetterMom.com, (Jennifer from GoodMorningGirls.org and Whitney from GoodMorningGirls.org Jennifer and Whitney will join us for the round table discussions)

Soooooooo…..if you and a friend are able to get to the conference on August 10th, I have two tickets to give away. (NOTE: if you live far enough away that you’ll need a hotel, this giveaway only includes the conference tickets, not lodging).

This giveaway is worth $100 and one winner will be chosen randomly from those who comment.

If you want to be entered, leave a comment on this post telling me where you are from and a little about the friend you would take if you won. NOTE: Tickets cannot be transferred or returned for cash so PLEASE make sure you and your friend are able to go if chosen. Winner announced Friday afternoon.


  1. Hi! I am Heidi a mother of 3 and I would love to bring my friend Tara a mother of 2. We have a group of friends who have purchased tickets and are excited to attend the conference. Our friends asked both Tara and I to attend and we put it off and didn’t look into it. We realize the enemy was holding us back from a morning that would be amazing fellowship and great reason for a mini road trip. We are from Zanesville & Nashport Ohio. Thank You!

  2. I live in southeast, Michigan. I read the post on FB and my first thought was, “that would be wicked cool if I won” My first thought of who to bring with me, is a friend of mine that lives in KY. I don’t see her as often as I would like now that we are farther apart, but I know we would have a great time at the conferance and fun girl time at a hotel.

  3. I am in N. Huntingdon, PA, about 1 hr 45 min from Akron and am in the process of trying to find a buddy to come along with me! I have one friend who is interested and she is one I’d definately like to get to know better, her son and my daughter are good friends and we need to keep them in prayer, would be a great opportunity in the car to talk and set some guidelines as well as attend the conference together!

  4. I would love two free tickets! I’m from NY and my daughter goes to school in Cedarville,OH. I could find a friend to stay with. It would be awesome!
    Thank you so much for giving to others!
    Nancy Miller

  5. I am from southeast Michigan, between Detroit and Ann Arbor (Go Blue!). I would bring one of my sweet friends from work.

  6. I live in southwestern Michigan and would love the opportunity to recharge my batteries after spending the past eight weeks with an insane rehearsal schedule so that my son and I can perform together in Seussical! Incredible time together with my little man, but draining my energy for the rest of my life. I can’t decide with one of my mommy friends I would bring. There was a group of 10 of us who attended Hearts at Home in March together. I would gladly bring whichever one of them has the day available.

  7. Hi there! My mom lives nearby (Perrysville, OH) and I would love to win the tickets for her. I was hoping to fly out from NJ and go with her but unfortunately we have vacation plans that week! Bummer. Would love to see my mom go even if I can’t be there to go with her.

  8. I am from Florida and my best friend lives in Michigan sooo I would take her and meet in the middle. What fun!

  9. Akron, OH – I would bring my daughter. She is a wife and working mom of two little children ages 2 and 4. We are going through a test of our faith with my husband/her dad recently diagnosed with prostate cancer. The last two weeks have had our emotions all over the place but we are holding tight to the Lord and focusing on what we know….God is love, faithful, true, healer, etc., as opposed to what we do not know…just where this journey will take all of us. We’re learning the testing of our faith works perseverance and we’re trying our best to be “Women Living Well.”
    Thank you for the opportunity to enter! God bless you and your ministry!

  10. I live in michigan between Detroit and toledo Ohio . I would take my mom. She is not only my mom but my friend. We love growing our love for The Lord in many ways and this would be a great opportunity for us!

  11. I would bring my friend Maggie, who is my mentor and Christian mom figure. I am getting ready to move from Maryland all the way to Washington State, and I am going to miss her so, and her guidance. We sing together on the Worship Team. When I was lost I came to our church and she took me in, let me sing. I found out a week later that I was a month pregnant, not married, and terrified to be kicked off the worship team, and lose the only support I had in my life at the time. But instead my church and Maggie showed me Jesus in a big way, I kept singing, and eventually my babies father started coming to church, we married. I went on to start a Christian band and write music to draw people to God, and I credit Maggie for that. I have been singing with her for 6 years, and I am dreading leaving her in just 11 weeks!

  12. My name is missy and I am from Monroe Michigan. I would love to be able to come and bring a friend! I would probably bring one of my sisters who are from Lorain Ohio and are both moms of young children. Or I would bring my friend Kim who lives near me and is a mom of 2 and a grandma of 1. E

  13. I am from Logansport IN, and if chosen I would bring my friend Nikole. Nikole and I have been friends for years. Over the years the Lord has taken us to different locations and she currently lives in KY but one thing remains the same and that is our friendship. And that is because the friendship is built on the foundation of Jesus. No matter how long it has been since we have seen each other we always pick up where we left off. This would be a great weekend away to reconnect and to worship God together.

  14. Hi I am from Burlington Nc but my daughter lives close to Akron Ohio… she is a new mom and really needs the fellowship.. Id love to take her and spoil her rotten..

  15. I live in Obetz, Ohio and would be so excited to attend this conference. I would take my sister in-law of 20 years with me. I just found out she went back to college to become a minister and did not tell anyone. She is about to graduate and would love a road trip together to celebrate.

  16. I live in Hartville, Ohio and would love to attend this conference! I have wanted to go since the tickets went on sale, but recently quit my job to be a first time EVER stay-at-home mom, and money is really tight right now. I would love to win two tickets! I would bring my new neighbor, and friend, who is a young mother of 5 kids under the age of 8. She could really use some encouragement, and day out with other women! :)

  17. I live near Akron, OH. I would love to take my friend who’s husband just admitted to having an affair over the last few years. She has decided to stay and try to work things out. But, right now her faith is shaky and she’s angry at God. She keeps asking God — why did you do this to me. I keep trying to remind her God still loves her, He didn’t cheat on her. I would love to bring her to a room full of Women on fire for God to uplift her spirit.

  18. I live in Lansing, MI :)

    I would love to attend this conference as many people I respect and admire will be speaking. I would bring my sponsor through Celebrate Recovery who has been so incredibly supportive and encouraging in my recovery journey from codependency and a list of other things. She is a wonderful woman of God that has prayed with me, cried with me, hugged me and talked me through some very tough situations. I know she would be blessed by the conference and it would be a great opportunity for us to bond on our drive there and back :)

  19. I would take my friend Ash. We live in different cities and are college friends. We do bible studies via internet/facebook/twitter. We love the Lord and enjoy growing in the word with eachother and are so thankful for social media for that. If we got picked for the trip it would be great to catch up, face to face, and grow even more in our relationships with our Lord. God Bless.

  20. Thank you for this contest! I would love to bring my long time friend, Shannon.
    Attending with Shannon would be great because we could offer support and encouragement during an after.

  21. I live in Denver and would bring my best friend who lives in Omaha. We rarely get to see each other but have been best friends for 27 years. We both have small children and would love the time to get away, recharge our mommy batteries and rest in The Lord.

  22. I would love to. The timing doesn’t work this time, as I will have just finished a week of Community VBS. Our theme this year is standing strong in the Lord. May the winners be refreshed and blessed by having experienced God at this conference.


  24. Living in Wadsworth Ohio!!! Would take my best friend. we have been friends for over 30 years. We are in the same stage of life! We both have one married and one in high school. Life is good!

  25. I’m from Pittsburgh, PA and I’d like to bring my mom along. She just had her last 3 kids move out in one day (they got an apartment together) and has been thrown head first into a sudden empty nest.

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