This Week’s Five Favs

Here are my five favorites of this week:

5.What I am reading:

 The In-Between: Embracing the Tension Between Now and the Next Big Thing by Jeff Goins.

Jeff graciously sent me a copy of this inspirational book. It is on my night stand.

Then it is with me as I wait at football conditioning practice.

Then, it is out on my back deck where I am waiting for a phone call.

I do a lot of waiting. And so?

I’m reading Jeff’s book about waiting.

I’m featuring an interview with him here soon so stay tuned.

4. I am also reading:

This devotional on marriage:

Wife After God is a refreshing and inspirational 30 day marriage devotional for wives who desire to have a deeper more fulfilling relationship with God and their husbands.

This devotional study was prayerfully composed with 30 days of biblical concepts and practical challenges to help you nourish your relationship with God and your relationship with your husband in marriage into ones that are captivating, intimate and extraordinary.

So good!

3. What I am looking forward to:

Courtney Joseph of Women Living Well and me :-)

This weekend’s Women Living Well Conference where I am speaking. Can’t wait!

Only drawback is that I will be in Buckeye Country.

Michigan girls consider Buckeye Country enemy territory.

But I will go where I am called. ;-)


2. What I am listening to:

Our only son left still in high school is a HUGE country music fan. Here is the latest song he listens to often that I have grown to love:



1. And finally—-What I am planning for you:

At the end of August I am hosting a week of old-fashioned homemaking how-tos with nearly 20 other bloggers.

We’ll cover canning, freezing, household routines, gardening, refinishing furniture, throwing vintage parties, making homemade cleaning supplies, cooking from scratch, etc…

Be sure to join us! Oh, and there will be a great giveaway from each blogger participating!

Well, have a wonderful weekend. I’m off to head for the border.

The Michigan-Ohio border that is!


  1. Love your devotion today on Proverbs 31…I teach Sunday School and plan to play the M&M game with my kids. God Bless You!….Chris

  2. Also looking forward to the “Old Fashion Homemaking” ditto on the Michigan (State)
    considering Buckeye enemy territory

  3. I am looking forward to Old Fashion home making. I agree with the Michigan girls consider Buckeye territory enemy territory. Hee hee. I am from Michigan (currently VA, husband Navy) and moving back next summer/fall. Enjoy this weekend, I know your guest will.

  4. I was singing along with my hand raised and my head bowed too. Lost a friend this week and this ‘hit the spot’.

  5. I’ll be at the Women Living Well conference and can’t wait to hear you speak. I always enjoy your devotionals and blogs and am excited to hear what you have for us. Praying God’s peace and protection as you travel.

  6. I will very much look forward to “Vintage Homemaking Week”! I often long for simpler times and fondly remember my mother and grandmother doing some of the things you listed. Having home canned peaches, pears, or plums for dessert was a HUGE treat for us! I loved them all, but long for the plums because those aren’t readily available like the others. I’ve never tried to can my own…but would love to give it a try!. What tastes better than pasta sauce made with home-canned tomatoes? You get that fresh tomato season taste all year round! SO excited!


  7. Hooray!!! It’s almost Buckeye State time!!! Cannot wait to be eating dinner with you tonight!!! I have on my list 23 women coming from Michigan to attend – so you won’t be alone in enemy territory. lol!
    Love you girl!!!
    Courtney :)

    1. Thank you for your Provers 31 devotion today and sharing the M&M’s story. What a wonderfully gentle yet vivid reminder I needed to hear. I would love to have your book and share more. ;)

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