Vintage Homemaking Week: Day 5

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NOTE: You can enter the giveaways on all five days’ posts up until midnight on Labor Day. Winners will be announced Tuesday, September 3. So take your time and scroll through all the posts for the great how-tos and the prizes!


Welcome to Vintage Homemaking Week! This series is designed to bring back some of the old-fashioned skills of homemaking for the woman of today.

Each day I’ll feature a post or guest post here on my blog as well as links to some others who are participating. Each individual post will not only have a how-to on a skill of homemaking, but also a great giveaway! {And remember that Samantha from Fields of Gold has a new how-to gardening post every day this week!}

And, there is a grand prize giveaway for one gal who either Tweets, Pins on Pinterest or writes a Facebook status about our series. She’ll win a $50 gift certificate to our Proverbs 31 ministries Online store to buy books and products just for her! {details at the end of this post}


Here today my daughter and her coworker will be teaching us vintage hair and make-up. But first, here are the other bloggers in the tour today:

GraphicTracie Miles is a speaker and author for Proverbs 31 Ministries and lives in Charlotte, NC. When she’s not doing ministry, taking care of her family, or playing tennis, she loves to do home decorating projects! Today she is demonstrating how to take inexpensive flea market or junk yard/antique pieces of furniture and turn them into beautiful, trendy, and shabby-chic furniture items. Her how-to video on her blog shows her process from start to finish, and will motivate you to tackle some home projects of your own. She will also be giving away a $25 gift card to Lowe’s to one lucky winner.  Click here to visit her blog to see her how-to video and some before and after photos of more of her home deco/shabby chic projects.

Ultimate_HomemakerNext we have Courtney Joseph from Women Living Well. Courtney is a blogger who is passionate about marriage, parenting and homemaking. She was featured on the Rachael Ray show as the Time Warp Wife. Her first book entitled Women Living Well releases this October. Today she is talking about how to make your home a haven for your family. Click here to see her post.
sockbuntutorialNext we have Ruth Schwenk of  The Better Mom. She’s already done a post this week on old-fashioned mothering but I asked her to do another when we were together recently with Courtney Joseph at the Women Living Well Conference. I insisted that she share her “vintage hair” with you. She says,  “Now I am no expert, but I do have to say that using the “sock bun” method is about the easiest way to have a quick hair-do for all of us busy mamas!” Click here to see how easy it is to do your hair in a sock bun.
And now…here is my daughter Kenna and her friend and coworker Katy.IMG_2929Katy Albright is a hairstylist and makeup artist from charlotte North Carolina.
She works as a freelance makeup artist showcasing her talent in many advertisements and photoshoots.
She recently won NAHA’s make up artist of the year. She works for Modern Salon and Spa at the Phillips Place.Instagram name: katyalbright
IMG_2931Kenna Ehman is a hairstylist and makeup artist who lives in Charlotte North Carolina. She loves color, styling hair and making people beautiful.She works for Modern Salon and Spa at the Hearst Tower location and has worked Charlotte Fashion Week along with many other shows! Her favorite thing is runway styling!Instagram name: kennaehman

First of all I am waaay bummed that a how-to video they made did not transfer over for editing and so at the last minute they had to write up directions for their how-to . {I’m going to try to have them back in the future for some how-to videos, maybe on holiday hair, so stay tuned}Now, here are Katy & Kenna!Well, you’ve learned how to get the retro look for your home and your food. Now get that vintage look for you!


See how great it looks!

For the hair start by taking an inch section on the side of your head and place the barrel of the curling iron behind the section of the hair.

Keeping the spring open, wrap the hair around the barrel keeping the tip of the barrel facing down at all times. Keep the spring open at all times and just wrap the hair tightly around it. Hole for a few seconds.

Do the same thing going up the other side of the head.

get-attachment-79.aspxThen taking horizontal sections starting at the nape of the neck do about three to four sections going with-wise across the head. Again, keep the spring open and just wind the hair tightly around the barrel.

Let all the curls cool before you run your figures through them gently with some Smoothing Fluid. (see prize below)

For a softer look using a brush and starting at the bottom, gently brush the hair out.

If you’re going to a dinner party you can take the hair from the side of your head where you part (The side with less hair) and use two pins right behind the ear to give a soft vintage romantic look.

get-attachment-77.aspxNow let’s talk classic make-up. For the make up gather these supplies:

  • Tinted moisturizer
  • Gel eyeliner in black. Make sure it has a firm brush. For a department store brand Loreal makes a good one.
  • A tube of lipstick in as bright of red as you’d like :)
  • Blush in a soft rose shade
  • Mascara
  • A soft, sheer color of eye shadow that is opaque and almost not there. Think of the color of an opal stone. (Modern salon uses Aveda colors Illumination or Opal)

First, simply base your face with some tinted moisturizer, blending well.

For the liner you start at the outside corner of the eye slightly above the corner of the eye, bringing it to the center of the lash line. Then, continue to go over your line until it is as thick as desired. If you want you can bring the line out a bit more, thinning as you go, for a more dramatic look.

Make sure to continue the line to the inside corner of your eye but just very thin. Do not put liner on the bottom of your eye.

For the lips, use a brush instead of putting it straight on your lips from the tube. Start at the top of your lips making sure get the top corners before lining the rest of the lip. Fill in the lips and your lips are done!

Take some soft rose blush and place it just on the cheek bones.

Then, if desired, place some sheer shadow on your eyelids.

Finish with a coat of mascara.


There!  You are all set for a Vintage party with all your gal pals!

urlTODAY’S  GIVEAWAY: A bottle of Aveda Light Elements Smoothing Fluid. Value: $24

To be entered to win this giveaway, leave a comment here about your hair and make-up routine {or lack thereof} Do you have a favorite product? A tip? A frustration? Let us know!

To be entered in the grand prize drawing for the $50 gift certificate to Proverbs 31, Just grab a Tweet, Facebook status or Pin below and then tell me by clicking here and commenting that you did so. If you share one way, you’ll be entered once. Share two ways? Twice. All three? {You get the picture}

Here are two tweets to copy & paste into Twitter:

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Homemaking need some fresh new ideas? Well…….how about some old-fashioned ones instead? It is Vintage Homemaking Week at Over a dozen bloggers & awesome prizes! Baking, canning, freezing, gardening, cleaning and organizing strategies, re-furnishing furniture, throwing a vintage party, retro-hair & make-up and other old-fashioned how-tos! It will spark your creativity and re-energize your home, marriage and mothering. Join us!!!


Well, this is the final day in our vintage series! Be sure to hop back around to any days you may have missed to enter the giveaways. All winners announced Tuesday. Thanks for joining us!!

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  1. Just forgot to tell you THANK YOU for such a fantastic week…I have loved everything I have read here and there…I think I was born at the wrong time. I have strong love for vintage…

    Have a super blessed evening!

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Robin :)

  2. I really need to learn how to do hair and make up. I was a Tomboy growing up and never learned how to do all those type of things and now I have a big interest, but I don’t know where to start. I recently one some primer from Smashbox and I love using it! I can really tell the difference in applying my make up.

  3. I must admit that I really don’t have a routine for make up…I don’t wear any at all. I have only worn make up three times in my life…my wedding, my sisters wedding, my friends wedding. I don’t do much to my hair as I am busy, busy…I run after children all day. I teach preschool. When I take the time to try and fix my hair it turns frizzy and I get frustrated. So I have just given up… Any help for my hair would be great. Loved this post…pretty.

    Smiles & Blessings,
    Robin :)

  4. I personally have given up on my hair. When I went grey, I went from straight shiny hair to a curly, frizzy bush. I confess, I color my hair, but even the conditioning color doesn’t do much to make it look better. So I just pull it back and wear a pretty Cicely from Garlands of Grace. My daughter, on the other hand, has great hair, but it takes a lot of work. She is ethnically Guatemalan, so her hair is super thick and coarse. When it’s well conditioned and clean, it shines like liquid ebony. But only one day without washing will make it rough and dull. If she washes it every day, it becomes dry and damaged, so we’re always looking for ways to keep it shiny without over-washing. She’s a little young for the gorgeous hairstyle in this post, but I’m definitely going to keep the instructions for when she is older. It would look great on her.

  5. the make-up routine I got down and under control (basic for the eyes and lips). But the hair routine is what I struggle with. I have mid-length…and lately my hair turned into being a bit dry and no longer silky and thick…so that bums me out :(…and because I do not want to display it that way, I usually put it up and fix it with a hair clip…not so fun :(…but I am always on a look out for some quick-and-easy fixes that I could try even for everyday living, not only those rare special occasions :) Thank you for sharing how to make these classy waves…I shall try to too an hope to succeed :)

  6. My biggest makeup frustration is having ultra-blonde eyebrows. Every day I have to sketch them on with a brush and powdered eyebrow makeup. Now that i have nearly used up my product, I can’t find the powdered type.

    1. Try just using a medium brown Eye shadow! Get your brush wet first and then fill it in, follow by using a disposable mascara wand or eyebrow brush combing everything from the arch of your brow in to the nose up and from the arch of the brow to the outside corner of your eyes out following the natural hair pattern! Hope that helps!

  7. During most days my hair and makeup routine consists of washing my hair, letting it air dry, and putting on some blush and maybe some mascara and lipstick/gloss. However, I do SO love makeup and getting all dolled up to go somewhere! It’s just that on “regular” days, I usually don’t bring out all the stops! My hair is highlighted blonde, so with that a little extra moisturization keeps it smooth and healthy. I also have very straight hair and getting it to hold a curl can be difficult.

  8. I have natural curly hair. So everyday is a new hairstyle. I can never get it to look the same. I really don’t have a favorite hair product because I have not found one that I absolutely love. I know it is out there, just have not found it. I would love to try new things with my hair, but really nervous about it. The makeup is very natural. I am a stay-at-home mommy, so needless to say I don’t spend a lot of time on myself. Would not have it any other way though. I loved the vintage hair and make-up. I might have to venture out and try it for date night with the hubby!! Thanks for doing this post and giveaway.

  9. i am a hairstylist so I have to try to look trendy and put together when i leave the house. I love the hairstyles of the early sixties so i enjoyed this post. My favorite shampoo is Redken cleansing cream to remove product buildup. It brings your hair to life again!

  10. I’ve fallen in love with clinique’s cc cream. I hadn’t worn makeup in a really long time, but then I realized I should still try to look nice for the hubs most days. Clinique got me going again with the all in one cream. It is wonderful and a fun lip color too. I don’t do much with my hair though. It doesn’t stay how I want it unless it’s covered in hairspray which I hate.

  11. My favorite and only consistent makeup routine is a daily layer of a really good untainted moisturizer. It helps dry skin in winter and protects from sunburned and sweaty skin in the summer it prevents blackheads and blemishes too. Its my go to

  12. I don’t style my hair much during the summer due to it’s natural curly that just turns to frizz even with product due to the humidity. I wear eyeliner almost daily, but will have to try the gel liner. I use a moisturizer and then will use a powder on top. I’m still searching for the right blush color. I plan on using these tips soon!

  13. I would love to try this!!! I’m a little afraid of the red lips but I never know, it might look good on me…. I am going to try the hair for sure! I’m also not sure if I can get the eye liner to work… I’m not very good with eye liner lol. Thanks for the tips!

  14. Yes! Frizzy hair is annoying! I’ve tried dozens of products and nothing seems to smooth my fine hair to my liking! Drying my hair with a round brush has been the best tool, so far, to combat the heat and humidity.

  15. I do not have much of a morning routine, as I am more of a wash and go kind of girl. Blow dryer, hairspray, and eyeliner and mascara are about as complicated as I get. I have recently become fond of a lavender gray liner that I love to use.

  16. Thank you for sharing,can you show how to create great eyebrows that is something I struggle with lastly I Facebook’s and pinned

  17. I’m growing my hair. Need I say more?

    I have worn my hair short for years and thought, before I get TOO old, maybe I’ll try a mid-length style. I’m blessed with good hair. It really doesn’t give me a lot of grief. I have a natural wave and my hair normally does what is asked of it (unless I ask it to spike!). Since I’m trying to let it get a bit longer…it’s been a bit more challenging. My rule with my stylist has always been “As long as I can go from wet to out-the-door in five minutes, do whatever you want!”. Obviously, that five minutes won’t cut it with longer hair…but I’m not much of a fuss-er.

    I also have color-treated hair (Read…”I have white hair that prefers to be red”). Of course, red is a challenge too. I start out with this lovely dark reddish brown and, four weeks later, return as a strawberry blonde!

  18. My make-up routine is very simple and basic. I’m always nervous about trying new things or anything too dramatic. My favorite product is my Mary Kay mineral powder. It took me all through high school and college before I found a foundation that worked for my skin type. It’s my one essential.

  19. My frustration is also the humidity. I have naturally curly hair, so on humid days, like today, it looks like a hot mess. I’m constantly struggling to keep it styled.

    I do wear makeup on a daily basis, but not sure I could pull off those red lips! Beautiful though!!!

  20. My frustration is fighting humidity, and I live in Florida. When I wear my hair down (that sock bun tutorial is going to help me out for the other days), I’m happy with the results in the mirror. But five minutes outside on a humid day, and my hair starts getting bigger and turning wavy. Some products help better than others, but it’s a continual struggle. Loved the vintage hair :)

    1. Try just going with the “Natural look” it’s totally in right now and if you let your hair air dry then use some smoothing fluid it will tame the frizz, shape the curl, and help with the messy feel! The whole line of “Smooth Infusion” by Aveda would be great for you from what it sounds like!

  21. I don’t do much to my hair on the mornings that I work, just blow dry it and put a barrett in it to keep it out of my face. I would love to try this vintage look as my husband has a couple of classic cars that this look would be great for a fun photo shoot.

  22. I love the vintage hair and make-up session. I love the eye liner but I can never get it to go on smooth and look flawless.

    1. The reason it’s not going on smooth is because you need to use a gel liner with a firm brush (one that doesn’t have bristles sticking out) hope that helps! Try it, you’ll be surpassed how much better it is!

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