Embrace the Wait with Jeff Goins

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Welcome to those who are here via my Proverbs 31 devotion Embrace the Wait. {Not read it? Click here to catch up}

goins11  I’m thrilled to have author, speaker and difference-maker Jeff Goins here today for a short interview on his new book The In-Between: Embracing the Tension Between Now and the Next Big Thing.   Jeff helps people tell better stories and make a difference in the world. He and his family live outside of Nashville, TN. Follow him on TwitterFacebook, or Google Plus.

Today, on this Labor Day of rest, I want you to hear from him and he wants to hear from you about YOUR in-between, waiting time.  And he has a great freebie for you—a 5-day challenge that will hep you to embrace the wait.

Now for our interview:

Jeff, tell us about your life now as a husband and dad. What is going on at the Goins’ place this time of year?

It’s definitely not dull. Our son, Aiden, is on the brink of walking, which is both exciting and scary. Every day, we realize how many things in our house aren’t “baby proof.” He is definitely getting acquainted with the word “ah-ah-ah” and we as parents are learning how to be more patient.

This time of year for our family is full of lots of walks through the park, meals together, and the occasional movie night. My wife is trying to get me into the show, Friday Night Lights. I’m also just now on the other side of a book launch, which means I’ve got a little room to breathe before starting the next book.

Soon, it’ll be fall, which is my favorite time of year in Tennessee. But for now, it’s a good time to pause and enjoy life.

Your new book, The In-Between, tackles the topic of waiting. What prompted you to write it?The-In-Between3D

Becoming a father made me appreciate the “in-between” times in life — those small, seemingly insignificant moments that we can either miss or relish. When I miss a day with my son (which I occasionally do because of work), I miss a lot. He’s helped me realize that every day, every moment, every tiny time when we’re waiting for something to happen, is an opportunity to savor all life has to offer

I wrote the book to share some of the lessons I’ve learned in embracing the present instead of rushing on to the next big thing.

What do you hope readers of The In-Between gain from reading it? 

I hope it helps folks find meaning in the times that make the least sense, learn how to live more in the moment, and experience the joy that comes with embracing the less-than-spectacular (because it’s actually pretty amazing in its own way).

  slow-down-570x378You recently launched a free 5-day challenge on this topic to help people learn to embrace the wait. Tell us about it and how we can sign up. 

This season of life has taught me more about slowing down than any other. I’m learning to appreciate what’s right in front of me, and I want to share what I’ve learned with others. You can join the challenge, which will help you live with greater intentionality, have better focus, and develop deeper relationships, here: http://goinswriter.com/slow-down/

You are offering a giveaway to a few readers today. What is it and what do they need to do to enter? 

I’d love to hear what your personal in-between is. How are you learning to slow down and appreciate where you are? Share your answer in the comments, and one random winner will get a copy of my new book, The In-Between.

Thanks for taking time today to visit with us, Jeff! 

You bet! Thank you, Karen!


  1. Thank you for this book. I have been through a long season of waiting. Waiting to see what happens as my family has fallen apart. Waiting to see what happens as I go through an extended state of unemployment and job hunting. Waiting, waiting, and more waiting. Your book offers hope for those of us who are in-between and feeling like we have to be making the future happen. I am trying to appreciate each day for what it offers. It isn’t easy after so many years of conditioning but it has helped me start the process. I’m recommending your book on my blog. Thanks again.

  2. My husband And I began trying for children 6 years ago last month. This has truly been one of the most trying times of my life; however, through this time, God has shown us how to wait on His timing, how He can be trusted, and how He will honor His promises. We are still waiting for our promise of a child to be fulfilled, but trusting God through it. Our blog about our promise and our journey: sassamanfamilypromisesofgod.blogspot.com

  3. I have had many in-between times, which seem to have built in intensity and range. This one that I am currently in is by far the most challenging. I have always been the one to do the footwork and make things happen- the one who would relentlessly pursue answers and solutions, and push through. I am now at a time with my health where I cannot do that. I have a combination of health conditions, including a newly diagnosed rare condition that are going to take time to get all the answers, bring it together and recover. There is no supplement or alternative additional treatment that will speed it up. Meanwhile, I am about to transition onto long term disability and do not know if and when I will work again. At the same time, my husband, a college professor, has been informed that after this school year, he will not have a job.

    So my in-between time leaves me with not knowing where we will be living, whether or what kind of job I will have, what my health will be. What I do know is that there was a time of weeping and sadness, and now I have entered a time of calm and peace, one which has no explanation. I truly feel that this may be the “peace that surpasses all understanding.” Through all of this, I have drawn closer and closer to my Lord. The huge, crashing waves have become ripples. I am learning what rest and one day at a time really are. I asked God to help me become who He wants me to be, and I really feel that he is using these extremes in my life to transform me, and I am not fighting it. Praise Him!

  4. My “in between” waiting time is right now. I was supposed to begin my new career path on the 12th but because of a “hold up” in the PSIP investigation/clearance I haven’t started yet. I quit my previous job on the 11th because I expected to actually start on the 12th. Once I found out my start date was held up I tried to talk my boss into letting me stay on with my current position but she explained to me that it would be too difficult to get my paperwork back from HR. This new job has been “a long time in waiting.” I have been waiting for a job in career field as a teacher for 11 1/2 years. I am struggling right now with this “wait time” because I’ve waited so long for this. I can see my career dreams so close to coming true BUT I so wish I knew what my “start date” is. I know it will eventually all work out but it sure is hard to wait.

  5. My in between time is waiting for god to bring a godly husband into my life! I know the plans god has for me are good and not to harm me, and he knows the inner most desires of my heart! So right now I am trying to focus on trusting in The Lord and finding out what he wants to focus on in the meantime. God is faithful to reward those who trust in him and follow his commands. :)

  6. Transitioning from a stay at home mom to getting my Masters in Professional Counseling at Liberty University (used to be a graphic designer). It’s hard when you have an only child and are transitioning so much earlier to a career than those having babies around you. I get to cradle text books and papers and they get soft, cuddly, babies.

  7. Wow…how timely! I am In-Between at the moment…single mom and laid off from my job of 7 years about 2 weeks ago. I’m relishing the “in-between” as the Lord has enabled me the time to get “caught up” on all the things that have been pulling me down. And this time also allows me more time to spend with Him in His Word to help me figure out what the next big thing is! I’m trying not to worry (much) and put my trust in Him as he leads me in a new direction. I’ve been forced to slow down and get off the “crazy wheel” that we so often get on. I’m no longer feeling like a hamster going in circles, and only God could have pulled off these circumstances so beautifully! :-)

  8. I haven’t embraced my wait, but cancer has slowed me down. I am a survivor but all the physical issues from the treatment have made me feel quite useless in God’s world. For a brief period He had me speaking to ladies’ groups. Now I am a good bit homebound and frustrated with my lack of usefulness. However, His Word to me this morning was Romans 5:3-4, I am clinging to these words.

  9. My husband just preached about “rest” yesterday. And this summer in many post, messages and emails I have been challenged to ” enjoy the present”. As my friend says to me ” carpe diem” -seize the day. I have a tendency to look and race off to the goal and not enjoy the present and in between moments. Need to work on this.

  10. Oh, the Lord is having me wait on so many things right now — change in financial situation, friendship problems for one of my children, and a dating relationship for another child. But I remember that none of these things have taken God by surprise and He has me just where he wants me to be — dependent on Him! My youngest child will be graduating from high school this May and we are enjoying exercising together most days, talking, planning for upcoming school events, and having a Bible study for her friends in our home. This helps me to remember how blessed I am, to really cherish her life right now and to be in the moment while the rest of things fall into place in the Lord’s timing.

  11. I’ve been in the ‘inbetween’ period or what surely feels like it for a few years now. I am looking forward to seeing one day (hopefully) what it will amount to and why it had to be (what feels like in human terms at least) for sooo long :) Before I even heard of this book by Jeff I’ve bene consciously trying to embrace each period, but sometimes it just feels too long and I am ready for the next thing, but it’s just not coming … hmmm

  12. I am currently waiting for my husband’s workload to slow down. Previously I was waiting for school to start. Prior to that, the start (and end) of vacation. I’m realizing that I am always waiting for something and it is holding me back from living fully. This book is very enticing!

  13. I am waiting, waiting to meet the person who may be added to my family. I am almost 45, and the odds are so low in man’s mind that I can become a Mom again. We really have very little money to adopt. But, I know God is faithful, and hears my prayers, as well as those of my 4 year old son.

    While I am waiting, I am learning to bless my family by using baby steps to make our home more organized and more beautiful. I am relishing reading books with, and dancing with, playing and walking with my son–he is a great blessing, even when he isn’t listening for the 20th time today!! :)I am joining with other sisters in participating in online Bible studies that teach me about God and myself. I am intentionally making time in the mornings before I start my day to ask for His help and thank Him. It isn’t always a long time–many mornings it is only a few minutes–but I do believe He is faithful in taking my little and making it much. I find a few minutes of quiet to just sit in His presence during my busy days at work.

    Waiting is not my favorite thing, but I know that He is working on me during the wait.

    Carissa in eastern Iowa

  14. My husband and I are in an in-between time and have been for five years. We were both laid off our jobs a year apart at 59 and in the next three years – we lost three of our four parents after going though a lot of sickness and pain. We kept waiting for new employment but it has not materialized and at our ages, no one wants to hire. But we have had time to spend with our parents before their passing, we have had time together to talk and cry and laugh together and to witness the birth of three of our four grandchildren. We know God has a reason for everything and He alone sees our “big picture”. He has provided for us and my husband is trying to begin a new business venture – the Lord is so good to us all!

  15. I am in my own in-between right now as I am 18 weeks along expecting our first child. :) I’m realizing already I need to enjoy and not take for granted the private time I have to spend with my husband because it won’t always be as easy as it is now to just sit and talk for hours.

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