There’s Always Someone {And How You Can Help The Sandy Hook Elementary Families}

Growing up, sometimes I got down.

I compared my  things to others’.

A lot.

My looks. My house. My lack of fancy things. My life.

My wise mama (who, by the way, turns 80 today and still works full-time 40 hours on her feet as a hospital cook!) used to always tell me this, “No matter how bad off you think you are, there is always someone who has things worse than you do. Be thankful for what you do have.”

My mom’s amazing perspective, through a lot of hard knocks of life, has always been an inspiration to me. It has {sometimes–not always} kept me from throwing myself a big ol’ pity with myself as the only guest.

Today, when I feel those “poor me” thoughts begin to seep into my heart and mind, I try to remember mama’s advice. And then?

I go look for that someone……

The one who has no home {when I have just been complaining about the small size of mine}.

The one with a life-threatening or terminal disease  {when I’m so sure I can’t bear my awful sinus infection one day longer}.

The recent widow {when I am upset my husband has to work late three nights this week and can’t help with the running around of kids}.

The person who has lost a loved one {when I have the blues because my adult daughter lives 12 hours from me}.

Sandy-Hook-TNToday you and I can reach out and help one of these “someones”. Please visit Take Them a Meal today to see how you can help a family of the Sandy Hook Elementary shootings with a meal and encouragment. My friend Courtney Joseph and I are pitching in today to help by offering giveaways of some of our books. Will you join us?

It will cost you $5 and take you less than 5 minutes.

Remember…there is always someone……..

Click here for more information.



  1. Thank you, Karen, for your kind support of the Sandy Hook Campaign! Many more meal sponsorships came in today, and we’re almost to our goal. Yeah!

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