Half Past Eight {How They Grow Up in a Blink}

half.past_.eight_.clock_I’m over at The Better Mom today with a post about how our kids grow up in a blink. But then, you knew that already didn’t you?

Click here to read my piece of prose called Half Past Eight.


  1. Karen, this post reminded me of simpler times…my daughters are now 30 and 34. My son is 25. I am Mimi to my three beautiful grandchildren, 20 months, 2 and 5. Life is full of love but so much busier. Reflecting on where the time has gone but cherishing the memories and looking to the future with hop of many more!

  2. I cried because of the very truth of the whole thing. My 5 blessings range from 19-23 months. And time is going faster than ever. Oh how I wish I could stop it, if only for a bit. To capture, and relish these precious times before our children start to leave the nest. Thank you so much to help me focus today on time, and the importance of it. Dishes can wait, as can the dirty laundry. But these blessings, they cannot, I must go now, before another minute passes. Thank you again.

  3. I too had tears while reading your wonderful article. My daughter is now 41, my son is 38, my grandson is 9 and my granddaughter is 7. I am now in the winter season of life and time has passed so quickly. I have experienced many of the things you have written. Now I am getting to experience them once again with my grandchildren. I thank God for these blessings.

  4. How beautifully written, Karen! I think every mother can relate to this-how fast the time goes and once it’s gone you can never get it back again. Young mom’s cherish this time, it goes so quickly and you never know what tomorrow will bring. :)

  5. Karen, this is beautiful. Made me cry first thing!!!! Would you allow me to use this, authored by you, of course, in my daughter’s scrapbook? She just turned 24, has a son of her own now and I’m still working on her childhood scrapbook!!! It just says everything my heart feels and I certainly don’t have the talent with “words” that you do. I would be so grateful.

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