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The 4th Day of Christmas with Sharon Glasgow

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Welcome to the 4th day of Christmas (2013) guests and giveaway. Today you are in for a treat. My talented Proverbs 31 ministry partner Sharon Glasgow is joining us. She is a sought-after speaker, a blogger and a homemaking genius! She gardens, raises goats and chickens and makes many homemade foods and decor for her house. You will love her ideas here for homemade ornaments.

Now, here’s Sharon:

Homemade Ornaments-Simple and Pennies to Make

I love a tree filled with homemade Christmas ornaments. It’s nostalgic, warm, personal and brings back memories of the good ole days years later. Making them is a great way to spend family time together on Christmas break. Enjoy creating your own memories! Merry Christmas!

Wagon Wheel Snowflake Ornaments–Made with Wagon Wheel Pasta

Supplies needed- pasta, glue, cream paint and thread

Work on parchment paper or wax paper. Design small and large wagon wheel pasta pieces into ornament shape. Glue together with glue that dries clear. Use clear coat on top if you want to add glitter. Paint them and add glitter if you desire. I wanted cream paint and glitter (I didn’t have any glitter, maybe later).


After glued put string through for hanging.


It took minutes to make, the glue was fast drying. If you already have glue, you’ll only need to buy the pasta and one small paint. The most inexpensive ornament and beautiful.

Cinnamon Ornaments

1 cup cinnamon, 3/4 cup applesauce, 2 tablespoons glue- mix all ingredients, roll out and cut! Make sure you put a hole in top before you bake for string. Bake 200 degrees for 2 hours.

I made cinnamon ornaments for everyone on both sides of our family 8 years ago and they’re all in perfect condition. Cinnamon does cost money but these are worth making. Smells heavenly, even 8 years after making. I store them carefully.


Stir and knead



200 degrees- 2 hours-flip after first hour
Use puffy writer paint to write name and outline

Dried Fruit Christmas Ornament

Ingredients needed: fruit, craft varnish, thread

See this post for how to make: http://sharonglasgow.com/2012/12/making-dried-fruit-christmas-ornaments/;


Felt Snowman Ornament

1 piece of black, white and orange felt, thread to sew seams, ribbon for scarf and dryer lint for stuffing

Buy white, black and orange felt. Use pattern to draw front of snowman and snowman’s back. Draw the hat (2 identical pieces for hat) and buttons onto the black felt and cut out. Cut a triangle nose from orange felt. Sew buttons on. With black embroider thread sew black eyes and mouth. Sew nose one. Sew the back and front of snowman together. leave hole at bottom to fill with lint from your dryer. After you stuff it, sew bottom closed. Sew two pieces for hat together, you can add a tiny bit of lint into hat if it fits. Sew onto snowman, leaving flap over front of face and flap over in back of head. Red ribbon around neck, tie knot.

Here’s the Snowman pattern in inch squares.


Sandpaper Gingerbread People Supplies needed: Sandpaper,white paint in tube, festive thread

Use our pattern to draw your gingerbread boy or girl
Or use your own cookie cutter as a guide
Add festive string to top and decorate

Here’s the Gingerbread pattern in inch squares.

Decoupage Photo Ornament: Supplies needed-Photo, decoupage, glue, tinsel rope or ribbon, festive thread

Glue photo on top of cardboard piece, brush clear coat on top


Put holes on both sides and string festive thread or twine through. Put child’s name and age on back


Cross– Supplies needed-Popsicle sticks, aluminum foil and rubber band

Two Popsicle sticks wrapped with aluminum foil-held together with a rubber band


One of our daughters made this years ago- tin top with punched holes


Dale made this when he was a little boy
Ellie made this for a state fair when she was 8 years old with homemade dough baked





If you’re looking for our 2018 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways, click here.

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  1. My favourite Christmas ornament is “Anne” from Anne of Green Gables, given to me by my kindred spirit, Trudy! She is such a wonderful Godly friend. I am so blessed to call her friend.

  2. In the past years it has always been the ones my kids make at school with their sweet little faces in them. And although those still are at the top of my list, my mom just passed away this fall so this year when hanging ornaments, I was especially thankful to have all the ornaments she had given me as a child and to my children each year.

  3. Can’t say I have a favorite, but I enjoy finding unique ornaments from whatever country we are currently residing in that year!

  4. I like my two “baby’s first Christmas” ornaments. They are so special because they remind me of what a miracle my babies are, and what an even more awesome miracle Jesus has done for us!

  5. A few years ago all my Christmas storage bins were stolen and I lost all my favorite handmade and hand me down ornaments and special gifted ornaments. Since then I cherish every ornament given to me by family and friends. I can’t choose just one favorite as they all remind me of their love and generosity. I also adore the ornaments my kids have made the last couple years.

  6. my favorites are all the ornaments our kids have made… there’s a little swirly yarn one, I have no idea what it’s supposed to be, but it makes me smile every year.

  7. Growing up my favorite ornament was a Santa one. It was a red glass ornament with a face painted on it and a sparkly hat. Now I love the ones my kids have given over the years- little fingerprint snowmen on ornaments or homemade ones with pictures of them- always brings me treasured memories as we trim the tree!

  8. My favorite ornaments are ones with my kids pictures(photos) on them. Also, and angel a teacher gave me when I was little. thx

  9. My favorite ornament was one of the first given to me. Simple and classic. A red pipecleaner threaded wiith white lace, shapedinto a heart with a tiny red bow….

  10. My favorite ornaments are the brass ones the family of one of my former students gave me and the new ones I embroidered on my new sewing machine this year.

  11. I have several military inspired or patriotic ornaments but my favorite is an Army helmet. They remind me of when I bought them. My husband was in Iraq and bought ALL patriotic and Army ornaments and we had a very special tree that year to honor him.

  12. A girl sitting under a hair dryer with Santa peeking from the back. It was given to me when I was a hairdresser 30 years ago from a downs syndrome girl whose hair I did. 30 years later, I am working in special education and think of her often!

  13. Favorite ornament is a hideous black and orange painted mouse that one of us kids did a very long time ago… just reminds me that we were kids once, too.

  14. I like the ornaments that my children made when they were small, with their pictures on them and cute drawings. It’s fun to reminisce.

  15. Mine is two bears holding a string with 3 little bears. Which ironically was given as a gag gift at my bridal shower 21 years ago. But fits our family of 5 just perfectly. Who knew!

  16. Three years ago, we moved from our first home together to a home in the country. It had been our desire since our wedding to live in the country, and this was nothing short of God-ordained all along! His timing, not ours. A dear friend gave me a beautiful, ceramic ornament that year that says Our New Home. For me, it is a reminder of God’s love and care and that He does want to give us the desire of our hearts!

  17. It’s hard to choose a favorite! Anything the kids make is precious to me. I also have a sweet ornament that celebrates the short life of our son we lost last year. Also, just this year, my grandma let my kids pick out an ornament from her tree., which is the one I gathered send every Christmas… Seeing those brings sweet tears to my eyes!

  18. My absolute favorite ornament is my daughter’s “Baby’s First Christmas” ornament that I picked out for her. It’s silver pewter in the shape of a teddy bear with blocks that number the year (2011) and a big red heart. :)

  19. Mine are ALL of the ones my kids have ever made, I have 4, sons ages 22,16, twin daughters that turn 12 in Jan. & the things they put their touch points on, mean more to me than a 20 K ring could ever!!!!

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