The 5th Day of Christmas with Courtney DeFeo

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get-attachment-9.aspxWelcome to the 5th Day of Christmas with my guest Courtney DeFeo.

Courtney DeFeo is the founder of this Lil Light O’ Mine blog ( and believes our kids can light up the world. As a former marketing professional, she lives in a constant brainstorm with herself and suspects it’s the route of her migraines.

Her favorite topics to spin are “bringing faith to life in the home” and “empowering moms” and “teaching virtues in a fun way.” She wants her little light to shine so that her family knows Jesus intimately and others might see His love in the process. And now, here she is for our 5th Day of Christmas!


I used to circle one toy on every page in the JCPenney catalog. Now, my two little girls open up the American Girl catalog and circle one of everything. One small problem, we did not win the lottery last weekend.

I certainly LOVE to delight and surprise my girls with their hearts’ desires. However, I have to keep reminding myself how quickly the “stuff” gets tossed aside. In a matter of weeks, all of the toys and things are forgotten and the money seems wasted.

Don’t get me wrong – mine will definitely get a few of the circled things. I am just on a constant mission to target their little hearts. I want them to always be thinking more about GIVING not GETTING. Two years ago, I started Light ‘Em Up – a program to equip families to light up their communities with kindness. It has thrilled my heart to watch kids grasp the concept of generosity. Join us!


Here are TWO TIPS for shopping with little hearts in mind.

  • Shop to Connect: Think about experiences over things. Give the gift of time – a sleepover with grandparents, a date night with Daddy, a manicure with mom or a promised game night with the family. These can be more affordable (in the form of coupons) or you can give a gift that coordinates with the experience – the sleeping bag, the new game or a telescope for moon watching! If you think back to your childhood, do you remember your favorite toy more? Or the moments and time you had together with your family?



  • Shop to Train Hearts: I believe we all share a common goal – for our kids to fall in love with Jesus and follow Him. What if our Christmas morning reflected this priority? Can we give a new devotional? or new bible? I absolutely love Jesus Storybook Bible, Jesus Calling for Kids and of course my ABC Scripture Cards.


  • One “free” way to train hearts – is to wrap up gifts to God. Have each family member write down what they want to give to God for the year. A kind heart? A sharing spirit? Self-control?



cardsI am a crazy huge fan of Karen Ehman! She has encouraged me and lifted me up. And I love all of her amazing books. I’d love to treat TWO of you to a set of ABC Scripture Cards for your family.


… commenting on how you shop with little hearts in mind. I like to purchase gifts that teach, encourage kids to create or are consumable. How about you?


  1. I love to give whatever they are into that given year. My niece is a big Minnie fan. My son is into guitars. Books are a favorite to instill a love of reading early on.

  2. I buy copious amounts of books. I started that with my niece. Now she is 15 and scored a perfect on her English portion of her ACT. For our family reading is a bonding time.

  3. I don’t have any small children in my family that I buy for, however, I try to buy for children in need every year. When buying for them I think about what would make their faces light up and also what they might really need. It is the highlight of the Christmas season for me.

  4. It’s hard to find boy gifts that don’t have skulls or wrestlers all over them. I love shopping at my local Christian store that has wholesome gifts without all the gore that being a boy brings.

  5. I love to shop for books or toys that reflect the child’s personality and encourage creativity. This isn’t always easy but I shop with them in mind and pray for God’s help.

  6. I love to shop for movies, Christmas and otherwise, because that’s something that our whole family loves to do, watch movies together. We also enjoy board games, so there are always fun things to do.

  7. Now that my kids are older, we buy them things that they need and anything to do with sports, but for my little niece and nephew I buy books. Everyone should love to read!

  8. I love to buy books and at least 1 ornament each year. My kids have quite the collection when they go out on their own!

  9. I love the gift of memories too. I really don’t like giving gift cards. I like to give a gift that can have a memory attached to it.

  10. Before I married, I was a missionary teacher. I still find myself purchasing gifts that teach for my nephews…especially those that teach about Jesus. And, that are tangible. It’s so important for little ones to work with their fingers, connections are made in the brain, that help them to learn and develop. I make felt Jesse Tree Ornaments that a great for teaching about Jesus and very tactile. It is well into Advent 2013, however, celebrating Advent with a Jesse Tree is a very special tradition for this year and the years to come, as we await our Savior’s return.

    Pink Scissors Design on Etsy
    pinkscissorsdesign @gmail .com

  11. When shopping for the ‘littles’ in our family, I usually try to look for fun, educational items. I stay away from the SuperHero or latest fad toys. I like to buy things like Legos, Lincoln logs, Marble works, books or good games. Merry Christmas!

  12. We really focus on giving art supplies and gifts that encourage littles to use their imagination. Very FEW bells and whistles here!

  13. Our daughter just turned two, so I’m just learning how to go about this. I enjoyed reading through the comments for ideas. We did buy her a little play kitchen this year. I’ve also started bringing her with me when I drop off donations anywhere to try to instill the importance of giving early on.

  14. I loved this!! I make the “mistake” of giving my kids way too much every year. I am trying to move toward giving experience gifts that will create memories for them. I am hoping these memories will last a lifetime.

  15. I love to to get something that will encourage them … it’s not just gifts that they open during Christmas but something that will make them think and appreciate the giver.

  16. We enjoy buying games to play as a family as well and also when finding amazing deals, if finances allow, pick up an extra or two to give away to a less fortunate famly

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