WIll You Help Us Go To Her?

august-ask-give-buttonToday in my Proverbs 31 devotion I wrote about the ways that our ministry is able, through God’s power, to reach women and help bring about change in their lives. And so I wanted to write about one such woman here today on my blog. There is just one problem.

I couldn’t narrow it down to one woman!

I think of the woman at one of my events in Michigan who was so convicted about her attitude toward her husband after reading one of our devotions that she cleaned out his entire closet and made him his favorite dinner. Then, she asked for his forgiveness for her rotten attitude.

Or then there is the woman I met at a Texas event who decided to see being a mother as an honor and a service to God rather than resenting it becasue it was holding her back in her career.

Or I think of the two friends that were so convicted by a message by one of our speakers that they decided to lead their study group through a study of the Bible verse by verse. Three and a half years later they are still going strong.

It isn’t just women in the USA who are affected by Proverbs 31. We hear reports of women in developing countries who run off our devotions and walk them several miles to a village without internet. Then, they read them out loud to the women of the village as they gather round to absorb God’s word.

You can help us reach these women. Even a small financial gift can help us fund our daily devotions, man our phones where women call in with dire needs and stock our resource room with books and products that will enable today’s women to live godly lives.

With the click of your mouse you can help change the world. Will you join us?

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  1. I actually have three main areas that really need to be de-cluttered and organized:
    1) Garage; 2) Former Home Office; 3) Photos, books, craft items…

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