A Giveaway & A Chance to Be in My Next Book!

Everday.Confetti.coverToday my wonderfully hospitable friend Sharon Sloan of Serendipity is giving away a copy of Everyday Confetti. Click here to head over to her place and enter.

And I am busy working on a survey about my next book KEEP IT SHUT. It is about all the ways we use our words–talking to others, about others, our words online, talking to God and what we say when we talk to ourselves.

If you’d like to help me by taking the short survey and providing any thoughts or stories I might be able to use in it, sign up to become one of my “Go-To Gals” by clicking on the image below. I’ll be sending them the survey soon and giving them a sneak peek at the cover.


Have a wonderful weekend!



  1. I too am a Go to Girl & am anxiously awaiting
    the surveys… When I first saw the name of your
    new book I thought to myself ‘ yup gotta b a Go to
    Girl as she will definitely b writing bout me’
    Blessings to all

  2. I am as well, but had some trouble clicking on the links on the last email post about Everyday Confetti. Looking forward to the survey!

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