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Welcome to those of you who read my Proverbs 31 devotion called Home Shaping. {If you haven’t read it yet, click here to catch up with the rest of us}

As mentioned in the devotion, I am giving away a bracelet from Fashion and Compassion.

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We at Proverbs 31 Ministries are partnering with Fashion & Compassion to support at-risk women and youth, while offering a unique handmade product.

Semi-precious gemstone beads have been hand-strung using dark brown leather cords, while a stunning hammered brass button featuring the words “Psalm 62:7″ completes the bracelet. The button is handmade and is the centerpiece of this trendy, wrap-style bracelet. The bracelet includes two adjustable closures measuring 14″ and 15” in length.

Fashion & Compassion is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping women overcome poverty and injustice through Christ-centered economic empowerment. This bracelet was made by exploited and at-risk women and youth in Charlotte, NC and Mexico. A portion of the proceeds benefit programs fighting sex-trafficking and serving at-risk youth in Charlotte, NC.

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A tag with the product story, autographed by the artisan, is attached to the bracelet. Please join us in prayer for these artisans in their struggle to find salvation, refuge and freedom in our Mighty God.

If you’d like to purchase this bracelet, click here for ordering instructions. And if you would like to enter to win a free one I am giving away, leave a comment here telling us your favorite piece of jewelry you own and why. Winner announced Wednesday.

On God rests my salvation and my glory; my mighty rock, my refuge is in God. Psalm 62:7


  1. I have a heart charm that is lined with little cubic zirconia chips on one side and has my two babies birth stones on the other. It was the last gift my husband gave me before I found out he was having an affair… It is a reminder for me that, even though my world, at times, feels as though it is falling apart, there is always something to be thankful for!

  2. Our 13 year old daughter was killed in a car accident awhile back. On what would have been Malorie’s 16th Birthday,I bought my other daughter and I a silver band with the inside engraved 1 Thes. 4:13, which is the verse about God wiping away all tears and us being together again one day. I think this and my wedding ring are my faves.

  3. My favorite piece of jewelry is a pair of silver cross earrings. I have lost one of these earrings on two different occasions and found them in the oddest of places. It makes me think that even though we feel lost in this world sometimes, God’s love always brings us safely back to Him.

  4. My favorite peice of jewelry is a plain and simple silver cross. I have other crosses that I love also and those are from my husband. But this cross was my first cross ever and before me, it was my mothers. It was given to her when she was baptized by her mom. It was given to me as a teenager even though I was not baptized until i was 28. But that cross, though simple and plain reminds me that God’s love is plain and simple and he gives it regardless of what we do. It’s not the most expensive jewelry I own, and I don’t wear it often, but it serves as a reminder all the same and it means a lot to me.

  5. My favorite piece of jewelry is a glass pink ribbon necklace. It reminds me of my grandmother, Laura Mae. I was named after her as I came along while she was in the end stages of losing her fight with breast cancer.

  6. I have two favorite pieces of jewelry. The first is my wedding ring (we will celebrate 31 years of marriage in May). My husband bought us matching wedding bands while stationed in Turkey right after I had lost the diamond in my original engagement ring. I had been shopping at a mall and when I looked at my hand while driving, I saw the diamond was gone. I went back, but was not able to find it. The rings he purchased were white gold engraved with interlocked circles with yellow gold bands on both sides. The other piece is also a ring. My two daughters and I were shopping for my youngest’s purity ring (we had purchased each child one when they turned 16) and they bought me a beautiful opal ring with pink sapphires. I had admired it, but couldn’t get it for myself, so they went together and bought it for me.

  7. My favorite piece of jewelry is a gift I just received from my husband on my birthday. He bought me a charm necklace. It is similar to a locket, but instead of pictures, you fill it with floating charms. More important than the necklace is the care he took in choosing charms that would mean something to me. I love the time and effort he took in making it just right.

  8. Every Christmas I wear these enormous night weight Christmas tree earrings. They are painted bright green and the cheap ear wires make my ears sore. But I wear them anyway. Every year on Christmas Eve. Do people stare. Yes. Do they comment. Sometimes. But they were a gift from my son when he was very little, maybe six or seven. I love them and it embarrases him when I wear them today as he married and has a child of his own. I always tell folks to not judge a woman’s jewelry because there is nearly always a story behind it.

  9. My favorite jewelry would have to be a pair of white gold and diamond earrings that my son gave to me 8 years ago- he was murdered 6 years ago at the age of 24. I wear these earrings everyday.

  10. My favorite piece of jewelry is a wooden cross on a string of beads that was handmade by a woman in Zambia South Africa. I purchased the necklace in exchange for my worn socks and an ink pen. That is what the woman asked for. I was in Zambia helping with the building of an orphanage. The necklace was not all that I bought but it is so special to me. God sent me on that trip and I wasn’t sure why. But I was trying to be obedient so I went. It is becoming very clear now why I was sent, but that is another story. The necklace symbolizes many things for me. The people of Zambia where I was located only had to look forward to meeting The Lord . They had to walk for hours everyday just to get water.their hope and their future was when they meet their Savior. So, my necklace is a reminder to me of just what is the most important thing in life. You can see pictures of the orphanage at Agapevillagefoundation. It’s an amazing story.

  11. My most priced jewellery is my wedding band which signifies God’s grace, mercies and favour for our union and this year will mark the tenth anniversary of our marriage. 2014 the year of perfection.

  12. My fav piece of jewelry would have to be a toss up between my engagement ring and my daughters ring. They both mean so much to me. F2both symbols of love and who I love the most, my engagement ring means so much to me because I know i will be marrying a man of God God and get to spend the rest of my life with him.

  13. My favorite piece of jewellery is a ring that I have received at my last birthday. I saw it, I laved it and somebody saw me trying it and told my husband that I loved it. He bought it and gave it to me, it was such a big and nice surprise.

  14. My favourite piece of jewellery is my engagement ring. When we got engaged we did not have money to purchase a ring so my Mother gave me my Grandmother’s engagement ring. I feel very blessed and ever since I received the ring I have been looking for a piece of jewellery to give to my Mother as a thank you. I know that she would love the bracelet because of what it symbolizes.
    Thank you Karen for the blessings I have received from your book’s and contribution to Prov 31. Bless you heaps

  15. My favorite piece of jewelry is my great-grandmother’s wedding ring that was given to me by my grandmother. I wouldn’t sell it for any amount of money. My great-grandparents were married on January 1, 1905, It is a little worn from being worn my a woman who worked very hard to raise her children back over a hundred years ago. It symbolizes to me a generation who worked so hard to overcome many obstacles to raise their family and raise them as Christians which has passed down to each generation since then. I am going to give the ring to my daughter for her 40th birthday in May.

  16. The ring my grandfather gave my grandmother on their 50th wedding anniversary. I received it when she died. I broke my wrist last year, and my wedding band is now too small to wear, so I wear my Grandmother’s ring in it’s place.

  17. I love wearing my pink rubber bracelet. It looks like nothing more than a thick pink rubber band.. I wear it to show my love and support tor soooooo many women (and one gentleman friend) I know who have survived breast cancer. Very few lost the battle. This is my favorite piece to wear around my arm.

  18. My favorite piece of jewelry is a pearl necklace my mother gave me years ago. It means more to me now that she is gone. Yesterday was her one year anniversary that she has departed from us. My mom was a treasure just like the pearls are. She was 96 yrs. young when she passed. It doesn’t matter that you’ve had them here on earth for a long while, you still miss your loved ones. I will treasure this necklace forever its a reminder of her love for us. I will pass it on to my daughter that I love a lot.

  19. My favorite piece of jewelry (other than my wedding ring) is my cross necklace. It is simple and plain like me. However, it is a door opener for conversation about my faith and the love I have for Jesus. May you have a blessed day!

    Smiles & Blessings, Robin :)

  20. The first thing, when you say favorite, is my grandmothers gold love knot earrings, she loved those things and wore them all the time, always very simple in her jewelry. As she got older it was hard for her to put them in and I was one of the only few that could do it for her. She passed on my birthday, 2yrs ago. She was a women of God, not afraid to tell you and asked me every Sunday, when she’d see me for lunch, did y’all go to church today. :) Memories cherished! I love those earrings, always did, now I get to wear them, very simple.

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