Sick of the snow? Me too.

But when I see it I am reminded of a God who controls the universe. Surely he can take care of whatever problems we are facing today.



  1. I’m having trouble focusing on God. I choose to ignore God because I’m afraid to give him control. I struggle to do devotions daily. When I pray my mind wanders and I’m constantly thinking of everything else that needs done. I like your comment about taking my to do list with me when I pray and praying that God will have control about what I do for the day!

  2. What distracts me… Usually the kids, extreme tiredness (unexplained insomnia &/or problems sleeping due to pain – so my sleep schedule is VERY messed up), and the daily pain I’ve been living with the past 16 years… I’m a sahm & my routine the last few years has been to get up (whatever time that may be, due to the problems mentioned above), turn on my pc, grab some breakfast/brunch, sit down at my pc & start reading the e-devotionals I receive on a daily basis (my favorite being “In Touch with Dr. Charles Stanley” from crosswalk). On the weekends it’s hard to keep up with that routine, as the kids often want to talk to me the moment I get up… LOL

    At the beginning of the year, as I was trying to come up with this year’s new year resolutions, I decided I needed to change things up. I decided that not only would I continue to focus on improving my health & decreasing my pain levels naturally, but to spend more time concentrating on the e-devotionals I receive. I feel like I’ve just been reading them, not really absorbing them… So now I spend more time looking at each one (not just reading quickly through it so I can get about my day), highlighting the important parts of each devotional that speaks to me that day. I then make a summary of each one, change the subject line to reflect that, and then save them & forward them to my teenager (as my desire is to get him thinking & more into the Word as well). While this has been helpful, deep down I feel like something is still missing (maybe I’m not spending enough time talking to & hearing from God?), so I’m hoping your offer might help me with that.

  3. If I don’t get my time in with the Lord first thing in the morning the day will fly by. I am a missionary nurse and once my door is opened I am busy till I close the door at 8 pm and then fall into bed! So it does mean being disciplined to go to be early so I can get up early. I also have learned to use the time on my stationary bike to pray for the world. I have loved using Proverbs 31 resources and follow the blogs when I have fast enough internet to do it. Looking forward to Home Assignment when I will have better chance to follow blogs etc.

  4. Hi Karen,

    The thing that distracts me most from spending quiet time with God is ME! I think about fitting him into my schedule all the time. Reading your “Scurrying or Seated”? today made me realize that I WANT to be more like Mary, right now I’m definitely a Martha. Thanks for the encouragement!!!

  5. I need a better morning routine. I wake up, lay in bed and think of all the things I have to do, then things i worry about . focus on them. I use to read your blog, I do start my day with prayer and continue to talk to God the whole day but I need to take time to read daily devotions. I do not have the internet all the time as I take care of my mother and there is no internet. When I’m home I use to do 1/2 devotional reading/prayer and then do 1/2 exercise and then start my day. I felt better . I just got out of the habit with the stress in my life. I know I should do it. I will add me to my prayer request. Would love to win something to give me a starting boost. Thanks

  6. Hi, Karen,
    The thing that distracts me most from spending quiet time with God is that I mostly don’t know where to start. I use a devotional but that doesn’t seem like enough and if I sit to contemplate what I’ve read my mind starts to wander to other things. Also sleeping in is a big problem, I sometimes can’t seem to get myself out of bed.

  7. I would love to win copies of you bible studies. I love to read your devotionals and would love to study your books

  8. Hi, Karen,
    Just thought you might like to know that although Chris Tomlin made “Indescribable” a big hit, it was actually written by Laura Story! I used this song (and that fact) last weekend at a women’s winter retreat that I led. Laura performs it beautifully, too. We used her version of it to sing along! :)

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