Where are you?

I’m curious. Where do you spend your time online? Do you have a Facebook page? Twitter account? Do you snap pictures and post them to Instagram? Do you like to spend time pinning on Pinterest?

While social media for sure can be a black hole causing us to waste time and neglect real life, it can also be a place to connect with other Christians for friendship and encouragement. {Just set a timer and don’t allow the hours to get away from you!}

I like to post pictures on Instagram like this one I took during my morning time with God:


I enjoy creating graphics like these for Pinterest:


I love getting a chuckle out of images like this on Facebook:


Here are a few of my recent tweets:


Now, leave a comment below telling us where YOU like to hang out online. I’ve also included the links to all of my social media accounts. I would love to connect with you there so follow me or “like” my page.

ALifeThatSaysWelcome_largeTwo winners will be chosen at random from among the comments to win a signed copy of my book A Life That Says Welcome: Simple Ways to Open Your Heart and Home to Others and a $10 Target card.

Just tell us which form of social media you like to use, if you use any. ANd tell me if you connect with me on any social media.

I am here on Facebook.

Karen_Ehman on Twitter.

Here on Pinterest.

And my Instagram is karenehman.

Enjoy your day!


  1. Following you on twitter. I need to find you on Facebook too! You are very inspiring! I heard your interview on Made to Crave online Bible study & I can totally relate to you! I’ve been going back to weight watchers off & on for years…hoping this time my mind will be set to live for a God’s glory & keep my focus as I take this long road again.

  2. I follow you on twitter. I’ve just started using twitter,
    so you are one of a handful of people I follow on it. I also use FB and pinterest. Your book cover looks so beautiful!

  3. I love social media!!! Every. Single. One. I twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Pinterest! I follow you on twitter and Facebook, as soon as I hit post I’m going to follow you on Pinterest and Instagram too!!!

  4. I love Instagram…. Easy to see things that are important without wading through a bunch of other stuff.

  5. I keep up with family mostly on Instagram and although I have a Twitter account and connect to and read daily encouragement from there, I rarely post any tweets and rarer would be any personal photos!

  6. Well, I am the one who is not on any of the social-media things. I do read blogs like your as well as a few others’ each day. Thx

  7. Facebook and Pinterest are my online time-stealers. I follow you on both, though I must admit I haven’t figured out what it means to follow someone on Pinterest because I never get any notices from Pinterest that you’ve pinned something.

  8. I am on FB and follow you. I haven’t signed up for any other social media as FB takes a lot of my time already!

  9. I have a list of blogs that I pop on and read, a lot of those I get in my email too. But I did just start following you on Facebook.

  10. I use Pinterest the most…I enjoy Facebook sometimes. Instagram…I haven’t mastered this media like my teenager…

  11. I use Facebook & Pinterest too much :) and Instagram only a little. I connect with you on FB and in my inbox.

  12. Hi, I connect via email and Facebook with you. I use Facebook and Instagram… Instagram mainly on weekends or special holidays. Facebook in the early mornings and late evenings…. Sometimes I comment on posts during the day as time permits.. I am involved in several women groups were I encourage woman and they encourage me… These groups have been a blessing to me. And that includes your page too!!

  13. Hi Karen, I have connected with you on Facebook. It is always fun to see a random update from you alongside all my other friends there. I first encountered you at a Hearts at Home conference way back when your Homespun Gifts book was new. I found my way to Pro. 31 Ministries’ website after enjoying their short pieces on K-Love Radio and was delighted to find you there. I have enjoyed the exposure to and encouragement from other ladies’ websites and blogs you have introduced me to through your guest posting and your webpage about who you are following. Thanks for being YOU!

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