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5 Ways to Scatter Kindness Giveaway

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Welcome to those of you who are joining us after reading my Proverbs 31 devotion entitled, No, After You. {If you haven’t read it yet, click here to do so.}

As mentioned in the devotion, here are five ways to scatter kindness and a giveaway based on my book A Life That Says Welcome: Simple Ways to Open Your Heart and Home to Others.


5 Ways to Scatter Kindness

1.Look within your own four walls.

Start with and those who are closest to you. Perhaps even in your very home. What could you do today to make them feel loved and to put them before yourself? Could you do a child’s chore for them? Could you whip up your husband favorite main dish or dessert for supper? Could you lighten someone’s load? Look for tangible ways to put someone in your home before yourself.

2. Look throughout your day.

As you go throughout the day, be on the lookout for people who could use a good dose of kindness. Especially since today is Memorial Day in America, could you bless a veteran? If you run into one at a parade or see one dining in a restaurant, go up and thank them for serving our country. But don’t just thank them, elaborate. Rather than just saying, “Thank you for serving our country” tell them what their service buys you. “Thank you for serving our country so my family and I can sleep in peace.” (or can enjoy a baseball game or worship where and how we want, etc…) Then, buy them something. Pay for their meal or slip them a ten dollar bill so that they can treat themselves and someone they love to ice cream today.

3. Peek into your past.

Is there someone from your past who helped you get to where you are in the present? Call or write to thank to them for the contribution they made to your life. Or post a picture of the two of you, along with a message of gratitude, on their Facebook wall. Be specific. Name a memory you have of what they did that encouraged you. Then encourage them in return.

4. Think about the future.

Is there someone you know who has hopes and dreams for the future? Your kind and encouraging words can help them reach their goal. Tell them you believe in them. Point out aspects of their personality and character qualities they possess that will perfectly position them to reach their dream. Then ask them if there is anything you can do to help and tell them you are going to commit to pray for them as they pursue future plans.

5. Notice the one who least expects to be noticed.

Is there a widow who lives on your street? A shy teenager who buses tables at the local restaurant where your family often eats? A single mom from your kids sports team who is barely making ends meet and rarely gets a day to herself? Surprise them with a gift card to a store, restaurant or business they’d enjoy. {I’ll bet it has been ages since that single mom treated herself to a pedicure!} Tuck it inside a note telling them that God sees them and loves them. Do not sign the card but give or send it anonymously. (If it is an employee, ask for the store’s manager and have then deliver it in secret)

Now for the giveaway:

photo-45Includes a retro apron from Alynn’s Aprons, some note cards, a cube of scrap paper, a five dollar Target gift card, some Bath and Bodyworks coconut lotion, some salted caramel coffee, and a copy of my book A Life That Says Welcome: Simple Ways to Open Your Heart and Home to Others.

Simply leave us a comment telling us someone you would like to sprinkle kindness on today.

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  1. I REALLY need to be kinder within my 4 walls. I guess because I feel so secure in my own home, I let my family have the brunt of my stress. I would also like to show a co-worker some kindsness today. His mother passed away suddenly last week and I know he’s troubled.

  2. Thank you very much, Karen, for the inspiration to be kind-er to people.
    First and foremost, I will try to be nicer within the ‘4 walls’ (your suggestion #1). Be quick to listen but slower to speak my mind, as at times everyone wants to lead and not really everyone wants to compromise, so I’ll try to be the softer one.- such a tough one to have self-control over, and I know you’ve addressed it in your posts a number of times.
    Also, in the neighbourhood where I live there are several homeless, so I’ll try to think of something to them…or even a smile when I pass them, as most of the people just act as they are invisible- I guess we all are uncomfortable with this sad reality.

  3. I am going to shower my wonderful hubby with love and kindness today! His parents just visited us from Iowa this past weekend and we had an amazing time with them. That made saying goodbye today really hard on him. We don’t get to see them as often as we would like to, which makes goodbyes extra hard. Today is also his birthday so it is my priority and goal to do everything I can to make him feel loved and appreciated today. Thank you for your blog and for inspiring me!! :)

  4. I think I will sprinkle some kindness on my husband today! Some Tuesday’s I have to work late and we usually keep our grand kids on Tuesday’s. So that he can enjoy some time with them tonight – I am going home at lunch and put something in the crock pot for them for dinner and set the table with paper place mats for the kids to color and put out a movie for them to watch together when they come inside from playing. I may even try to think of a scavenger hunt for them to do together! Thanks for making this a possibility!

  5. Sending out 3 cards today. One birthday and 2 thinking of you. I like to get surprises in my mail sometimes. I hope they feel extra loved.

  6. I would like to sprinkle kindness on a friend who is always giving of her time, love, kindness and she does it unselfishly. She is now going through a rough time with a family member’s recent diagnosis of cancer. I’ve thought about writing her a little note to let her know her acts do not go unnoticed by people around her, she and her family are in my thoughts and prayers. I thought Icould add a baked goody too. Thank you Karen for encouraging me to take the time to focus on others. I am new to your Facebook page and am looking forward to your devotionals and watching your videos too.

  7. My best friend could really use a pick me up! She and her husband are struggling with adult children who are addicted to drugs and are causing lots of problems! We keep them in our prayers and try to spend at least one night a week with them just so they can get things off their chests.

  8. There’s a younger kid that I know, he has three kids and is going through a divorce. He is keeping the kids. I know it takes a lot for him to make ends meet, but he’s making his children his priority. He doesn’t know Christ, but I’d love to find a way to show him that Jesus loves him and that he’s doing the right thing!

  9. Pam and I have been friends for years now. Even though there is a huge age gap (I am the same age as her youngest daughter, 32), she is not only like a mother to me, but a dear friend. I can tell her anything and she will listen and not even give advice unless I ask her. She was with me through my first marriage and through my year as a single mom and has been a great friend to me and my second husband. She loves my children as though they were her grandchildren. But lately she has been very sick. So I intend to write her a note and send a gift card to her to let her know how much she means to me and my family. I know that it will at least put a smile on her face.

  10. A 3 year old that I babysit. I know how hard it is for her mama to leave her everyday, and I want her to rest assured knowing I treat her baby with the same loving kindness that I treat my own babies.

  11. I would like to do something kind within my four walls for my husband who has been feeling stressed lately with too many outside commitments. He is working on paring back and I want him to feel supported by me instead of the frustration I sometimes communicate.

  12. This is a terrific reminder to be selfless and live out Christ’s love every day. I’d like to bless the international students at my church. Many of them are in our city for only a couple of years and once they receive their degrees, they move on to other cities/countries. They come to church with reservations but I pray that they’ll change as they receive God’s love. Many do grow to be bold Christians, even in the face of unrelenting families, friends, and significant others. But God’s love is worth it and I just pray that I can demonstrate that to them each and every day.

  13. Thank you for this post. I will be seeking out ways to spread kindness all day to everyone I come in contact with and I hope to continue it every day!

  14. My son’s ex-biology teacher! She quit her teaching position at his school, but has continued to work with the students to help them pass their end-of-year tests! She takes times out of her day and doesn’t ask for anything in return. She deserves a great reward!!

  15. My pastors wife. He has been pastoring 2 churches….his own and filling in at ours until we find a new pastor. She’s very gracious and I appreciate them both.

  16. I need to focus more on kindness within my home. After giving kindess to all of my patients and all coworkers and everyone else I encounter throughout the workday I often find myself exhausted, short on patience and at times less than kind to my family.

  17. I’d like to sprinkle kindness on my friend,church friend who is going through cancer & pneumonia , she is homebound & I’d like to be her friend that is close at this time

  18. I’d like to sprinkle some kindness on my co-leader in our community group at (in)courage.

  19. There are so many wonderful stories here. I would love to help send a special package to someone else here. Is there a way for me to send to someone who has been mentioned in this comment section? Please email me directly to let me know where I can contribute? Thank you!

  20. I would love for this gift basket to go to my friend, a loving and supportive single mother, who is about to see her last child graduate from high school and go off to college (only by courtesy of their mostly absent father who has not helped her one step of the way except to contribute to their college tuition). She has had no financial assistance from her ex-husband who left them when the children were young and fled the country to avoid child support. She has held down 2 jobs and simultaneously fought to become a US citizen so she could provide a good life for them here in the US. On top of it all, she completed her teaching certification in special education and goes to work everyday caring for children who often don’t have a good home environment. And though she sometimes doesn’t like what she sees or hears, she smiles and continues to love unconditionally those that are entrusted to her care, both in school and at church, where she has served for 10+ years. I love her dearly for her devotion to humanity and to God!

  21. I would like to sprinkle kindness to a neighbor who has a daycare, two small children of her own and is 17 weeks pregnant. I’m thinking to gove her some break or a time just for her and her husband (like a date night).I believe she will be delighted.

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