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5 Ways to Scatter Kindness Giveaway

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Welcome to those of you who are joining us after reading my Proverbs 31 devotion entitled, No, After You. {If you haven’t read it yet, click here to do so.}

As mentioned in the devotion, here are five ways to scatter kindness and a giveaway based on my book A Life That Says Welcome: Simple Ways to Open Your Heart and Home to Others.


5 Ways to Scatter Kindness

1.Look within your own four walls.

Start with and those who are closest to you. Perhaps even in your very home. What could you do today to make them feel loved and to put them before yourself? Could you do a child’s chore for them? Could you whip up your husband favorite main dish or dessert for supper? Could you lighten someone’s load? Look for tangible ways to put someone in your home before yourself.

2. Look throughout your day.

As you go throughout the day, be on the lookout for people who could use a good dose of kindness. Especially since today is Memorial Day in America, could you bless a veteran? If you run into one at a parade or see one dining in a restaurant, go up and thank them for serving our country. But don’t just thank them, elaborate. Rather than just saying, “Thank you for serving our country” tell them what their service buys you. “Thank you for serving our country so my family and I can sleep in peace.” (or can enjoy a baseball game or worship where and how we want, etc…) Then, buy them something. Pay for their meal or slip them a ten dollar bill so that they can treat themselves and someone they love to ice cream today.

3. Peek into your past.

Is there someone from your past who helped you get to where you are in the present? Call or write to thank to them for the contribution they made to your life. Or post a picture of the two of you, along with a message of gratitude, on their Facebook wall. Be specific. Name a memory you have of what they did that encouraged you. Then encourage them in return.

4. Think about the future.

Is there someone you know who has hopes and dreams for the future? Your kind and encouraging words can help them reach their goal. Tell them you believe in them. Point out aspects of their personality and character qualities they possess that will perfectly position them to reach their dream. Then ask them if there is anything you can do to help and tell them you are going to commit to pray for them as they pursue future plans.

5. Notice the one who least expects to be noticed.

Is there a widow who lives on your street? A shy teenager who buses tables at the local restaurant where your family often eats? A single mom from your kids sports team who is barely making ends meet and rarely gets a day to herself? Surprise them with a gift card to a store, restaurant or business they’d enjoy. {I’ll bet it has been ages since that single mom treated herself to a pedicure!} Tuck it inside a note telling them that God sees them and loves them. Do not sign the card but give or send it anonymously. (If it is an employee, ask for the store’s manager and have then deliver it in secret)

Now for the giveaway:

photo-45Includes a retro apron from Alynn’s Aprons, some note cards, a cube of scrap paper, a five dollar Target gift card, some Bath and Bodyworks coconut lotion, some salted caramel coffee, and a copy of my book A Life That Says Welcome: Simple Ways to Open Your Heart and Home to Others.

Simply leave us a comment telling us someone you would like to sprinkle kindness on today.

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  2. i would like to sprinkle some kindness to my Dad and my two sons. My Dad has been going through severe depression for the last 5 years and he and my mother are having a really tough time dealing with it. Also, my two sons, ages 29 and 25 need spiritual guidance and a way to turn their lives around. They have both had a really hard time over the last several years. They all could use some kindness!

  3. I would like to “sprinkle” kindness to all four of my children. They are so awesome and I feel like I just am not enough for them most days. thx

  4. I would love to be able to do something special for my two friends, Pam and Marilyn. They have both been there for me through all my sadness and hardships. When my seventeen year old son died and when my husband walked out and left me with nothing. They both were there cryin, laughing, encouraging and helping me move forward.

  5. There are a lot of people I would like to show kindness to, but if I had to pick just one it would be my dear friend who lost her mom to cancer. The first anniversary of her passing is coming up next week. I would love to show her some extra kindness just so she has some extra love and strength to hold on to during what is going to be a very difficult day. If you would, please say a prayer for her comfort.

  6. My husbands 91 year old grandmother lives next door, I went in with some of her favorite snacks and tidied her place up a bit. And stay and visited and looked at old photos. (which is her favorite thing to do,) It’s hard making/taking the time to do these things.

  7. I’d like to show kindness to my cousin Janice who is always down on herself and her child-rearing skills. She feels that no one wants to be her friend. I just keep trying to encourage her.

  8. I would like to sprinkle some kindness on my big sister. She had never been as talented or skilled as our younger sister and me, so she felt very insecure growing up. Nevertheless, she worked very hard to try to meet our parents’ expectations and I still see that determination and diligence today. I love her so much <3

  9. I would like to sprinkle a little kindness on my friend, B. She is always doing things for others, whether it’s sending a card just to say she cares, gifting something fun that she knows the recipient would enjoy, or just being a good listener.

  10. My brother just took his medial exams and he is awaiting the results. I think I’ll drop him a note of encouragement.

  11. I would like to do something for a co-worker who is very overwhelmed right now.


  12. I think I’m going to sprinkle some kindness on my co-workers today. We’re swamped at work and everyone is really working hard. I think I’ll bring in a sweet treat for everyone after lunch today! This was a really great post, thanks for writing it!

  13. I would love to sprinkle kindness on my cousin’s wife and 2 young daughters. My cousin moved back to Wisconsin for work and left his family in Idaho to get the house ready to rent out and for his oldest to finish kindergarten. His wife is on an emotional roller coaster right now. She’s dreading saying goodbye to friends, but is pulling her daughter from school early and moving 2 weeks sooner than planned because she can’t stand their family not feeling whole.

  14. I would love to sprinkle kindness on my older daughter. Her husband is overseas again, and she is home with our 8 year old grandson. We are 4 hours away, but her and I talk everyday. There are days of cheer and days of tears, on the days of tears I wish I could just put my arms through the phone lines and hold her. I feel joy in my heart though because I know our Savior is holding and protecting all three of them.
    Thank you for this devotion.
    Blessings Anna

  15. thank you for the ideas! wow! to be able to sprinkle something good upon someone who needs it and God knows who. so with that, I hope to be obedient to Him.

  16. I would LOVE to share this with a young mom and wife in my small group who is struggling with a strong-willed child while her husband is deployed.

  17. I would like ot sprinkle kindness on my mom, now widowed 1 1/2 years. She devotes herself to her son and nephew who are autistic and helps me so so much with my children, She does all this while holding a full time job. I just LOVE her. <3

  18. I would love to bless my family… as we get busy with spring shores and to-do lists, I want them to know I love them so much.

  19. I am in charge of my Aunt who doesn’t have any children and she has recently been put in a nursing home. I visit her weekly and there is a little lady that is very shy but who faithfully does her job that I’ve noticed and would like to reach out to. Love this idea!!!

  20. My husband…I have not been in the best of moods lately due to pregnancy. My pregnancy is going extremely great this time around, but I’m not sleeping well and my body hurts and I just get aggravated easily because I still have to work full time and work a 12 hour day (including my commute) and keep up with groceries, house cleaning, our 7-year-old, etc. anyway, I know I can be nicer to him, so I will!!

  21. I would like to show extra kindness to my Dad who is going through recovery after a knee replacement.

  22. I would like to share a big helping of kindness to a daughter who is battling that overwhelming feeling of having too much to deal with. She already gives more of herself to everyone, from her husband who is battling cancer, to her patients who often are battling end-of-life diseases, to her kids that she always puts first anyway, to other family members that she would love to see turn their lives around, and to me, for whom she has always found special ways to show her love for me. She is a perfect example of someone who gives kindness to others unselfishly.

  23. I’ve always been one to keep to myself in my neighborhood. I want to meet all of my neighbors an be friends with them but I just end up keeping to myself. in the last couple of months I have made a stronger effort in getting out of my comfort zone and introducing myself to a few of my neighbors. With some of your ideas I will make even a stronger in effort in reaching out to my neighbors and people I come across wherever I may be.

  24. This weekend my daughter was selfless and “laid down her life”. Even though she has a couple papers and a presentation due for school this week, she helped clean the garage and pool cover, make dinner and plant flowers,vacuum the pool and did her usual chores. Some of it she did without being asked and she did it all with a good attitude! Her love language is gifts so I’m going to buy her earrings when I’m at the store today and also put a vase of flowers in her room.

    Thanks, Karen, for the ideas and the reminder to model Christ in this way :)

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