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Profile hi rezI want you to meet my friend and fellow blogger in ministry at The Better Mom,  Ruth Simons.

It’s only by the grace of God that Ruth considers motherhood to 6 young boys a high and worthy calling. She’s been married almost 16 years to her headmaster husband, who was formerly a pastor for 10 years.Ruth educates her children at home part-time, through a Classical Christian school they were part of founding in Albuquerque, NM. She is an artist, foodie, and writer who shares her heart at her blog, GraceLaced. There, you will find her writing about the everyday moments in which the Gospel intersects the beautiful and the banal as a wife, mom, and child of the King.

While she has been blogging for the last 7 years, the GraceLace Shoppe has only been open since November 2013. Ruth is so grateful for this new season in her life where she is able to create and point to the Master Artist with her artwork. Visit her blog and shoppe at GraceLaced, and connect with her, behind the scenes, on Facebook and Instagram.

Here are some of Ruth’s gorgeous products PERFECT for Mother’s Day. {Please order by midnight Monday, May 5th for delivery by Mother’s Day. Ships to US and Canada only}

Pink Peonies WM

Aren’t they lovely? As a woman who can barely draw a stick figure, I am so in awe of her talent!

Now, for her giveaway. To enter, simply head over and “Like” Ruth’s Facebook page. {click here to find it} Then, come back here and tell us you did and which of the two prints she is giving away is your favorite. You may enter until 7:00 am Monday morning. Winners announced Monday.

Here are the two prints she is generously giving away, both based on verses from Proverbs 31:

Call Her Blessed WM8×10 of “Call Her Blessed”
-reproduction of an original watercolor with hand lettering, professionally printed on heavyweight, linen-textured paper
8×10 “Clothed With Strength and Dignity”
-reproduction of an original watercolor with hand lettering, professionally printed on heavyweight, linen-textured paper


Have a wonderful weekend!


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  3. I liked the Better Mom’s FB page and I love the print of Rise Up and Call Her Blessed. She is so talented!!

  4. Just FYI, at least for me, the link here : (To enter, simply head over and “Like” Ruth’s Facebook page. {click here to find it} ) does not work… but I was still able to find her page :)

    Both prints are beautiful – if I had to choose, I prefer the “strength and dignity” one.

  5. I liked Ruth’s page. I love both prints, but Clothed with Strength and Dignity is my favorite. Beautiful!!

  6. Liked Ruth’s FB page. This artwork is just beautiful! My favorite is “Call her Blessed”. This is how I feel; God has blessed me with a wonderful family! Happy Mothers Day to all!

  7. Both, but I really like Clothed with Strength and Dignity. Very pretty! Love you work! Happy Mother’s Day to both of you lovely ladies! :)

  8. Liked her Facebook page, went to her website and love her picturs, very peaceful. My favorite is “they call her blessed.”

  9. I loved her website, and both pics are beautiful. My favorite one is “Call Her Blessed”.
    It is wonderful to see Godly women using their gifts to further the kingdom, and not the world. However, many in the world will be changed by her sharing.

  10. I like the print “Clothed with Strength and Dignity”. I have followed “The Better Mom” blog for quite some time now and have just ‘liked’ Better Mom on Facebook.

  11. ‘Liked’ the FB page. My favorite is ‘her children rise up and call her blessed’. When my three children lived at home (baby s now 34), their dad would have them stand up at the dinner table and call me ‘blessed’ at unexpected times. We always laughed and had fun around the table. We are now blessed to have six grands!!!

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