Beyond Burgers & Brats: 5 Out-of-the-Ordinary Ideas for the Grill


Do you know I have a second website? It is based on my latest book Everyday Confetti: Your Go-To Guide for Year-Round Celebrations. Today on that site we are featuring some unique grilling ideas just in time for Father’s Day. Fire up that grill. Then? Click here to take a peek.

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  1. Karen

    I like the idea Take Something. I enjoy making baskets for people in the hospital. I put a vary of things such as Kleenex, peppermint, a diary, crackers, candy etc. I take it to them and sit with them for a while. I also enjoy doing small things for the residents at a nursing home where my mother lives. It appears that some of them do not seem to have visitors very often. So my husband and I will take them ice cream, candy, lap throw. I love to see there face light up when someone shows them a little attention.

    God Bless you!

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