Oops! Forgot To Name These Winners!

Hey! Sorry life has been crazy lately and I have forgotten to announce winners of the past several giveaways. They are listed below and if you are one of them please email Haley at [email protected]!

31 Days Giveaway

Cheryl Hanson– June 5, 8:32 am

Felicia– June 4, 3:37 pm

5 Ways to Scatter Kindness

Claudia– May 26, 9:21 am

Hope and Healing Giveaway

Janet Haigler– June 11, 9:15 am

Kathy– June 11, 9:25 am

Jamie Tobin– June 11, 11:06 am

Amanda– June 11, 2:18 pm

Donna– June 11, 6:09 pm


  1. A good reminder to visit my 90-yr old neighbor who sits on her porch right across the street every day, just waiting for someone to visit. I do know her already, but I need to make the time in my busy day – it just doesn’t happen if I’m not intentional. And I will pray that I can also be intentional about verbally sharing God’s love with her.

  2. Seems I needed this story. I have been too wrapped up in myself. Since my husband passed away I don’t feel connected to any one/any place. I love to cook but leftovers last a month so I throw them out. Now is a perfect time to take those left overs and desserts and get to know my neightbors better. Thanks for the inspiration.

  3. LOVE the ‘Just 9 Doors Down’ story, such a timely story for the busy world we live in. A year ago I was on the other end a similar scenario. My fiance died suddenly, unexpectedly (not by his own hand), and made me kenly aware of how I had withdrawn from my own neighbors, centering my focus on my own household up to that point. My faith was solid, but once word spread and even the smallest gestures began, it was such a comfort for me personally, and it has sparked some unexpected, wonderful openings to share my faith. Thank you for all of the inspiring, relateable words!

  4. A quality a mom has to have, of course, is unconditional love but that’s a given. A really great quality is sense of humor. So many times I have turned a grumpy boy into a laughing boy sometimes just by smirking at him trying to be angry and he would see how silly it is. Or I used to ask him what he did with my son, and give him back! Be blessed!

  5. I was certainly surprised to see that I won, because I usually don’t win anything. But I want to take this time to thank you so very much for the hope that you give each one of us through Jesus Christ our Lord! You ladies at Proverbs 21 are such an inspiration to me!!

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