5 Ways to Tether Your Heart to God’s Word

d7.14If you have found your way here after reading my Proverbs 31 devotion entitled, Tethered or Tattered, Welcome!. {If you haven’t read it yet, click here to do so.}

Here are five ways I have found that help me to tether my heart to God’s word, especially during the trying times of life. I pray they help you too. {Don’t forget to enter today’s giveaway at the end of this post}

1. Google it. {well, sorta}

Is there a particular area of struggle you have where, in order to experience calm, you need to rub the truth of God’s word into your tattered heart? Hop on Bible Gateway and do a search. You can search for scripture verses by typing in a key word to the search bar. So, if fear of the future grips you, search for the words “fear” or “afraid. If you have a hard time trusting God, type in “trust”. Worry messing with your mind? You can search for verses about worry or faith. Then you can type or handwrite these verses and place them on notecards that you can display in prominent places where you are sure to see them often. {kitchen sink, dashboard of your vehicle, night stand, work desk, etc…} Or, you may want to use them along with this next idea:

2. Get it on your phone and into your heart.

Take the verses you have discovered and use an online free audio recorder such as audacity to record your self saying the verses out loud. Store them on your phone, if you have one, and then you can listen to the file with a pair of headphones as you go about doing housework or taking a walk around your neighborhood. Hearing the verses out loud in your own voice can help you to memorize them and then recall them in the future when your heart starts to fret.

3. Read the stories of courageous and trusting Christians of the past.

Get a hold of a book about brave and faithful Christians of the past who faced awful trials and hardships, yet somehow remained steadfast in their faith in God. Reading about these amazing brothers and sisters in Christ can help give us courage when we face tough times and trials too. {You might want to check out this book for starters}

4. Recruit a faithful friend.

Do you have a faithful friend that you can call when fear or dread start to overtake your heart? Having one such friend can be such an asset as week seek to settle our hearts. Of course you don’t want this person to be someone you run to instead of running to God, but they can be at times “Jesus with skin on” when you need someone to stop and pray with you or to talk you down off of an emotional ledge when you feel defeated or beaten down by life. If you don’t have such a friend yet, begin to pray that God will bring you one.

5. Write a book.

One of the absolute best ways I have found for remaining faithful and calm during trying periods in my life is to go back and read in my own handwriting about times that God took care of me or answered what I thought at the time was an impossible prayer. This doesn’t have to be an expensive and fancy journal, even a spiral notebook from the department store will do! Begin to write down the stories of when God answers prayers or meets your needs or encourages your heart through someone. Then, in the future when you begin to feel your heart get rattled, pick up the book and re-read about His faithfulness in your own journey. You can trust that he will once again come through.

I pray these tips will help you to tether your heart to the very words of God and keep it from becoming tattered instead.


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  1. I would love to “Write a book”. Journaling has always helped me in the past and I often wonder why I got away from it. Thank you for reminding me how important it is to take time to get into the word, write it down, and keep reading it for the encouragement I need so much every day.

  2. I really like bible gateway for helping to focus on a particular topic. Journaling is something I tend to do haphazardly but need to really start doing again. It is really encouraging and helpful in reminding me just how near God is in the everyday stuff of life.

  3. I loved the book A Lineage of Grace by Francine Rivers, proof that God’s Love is there for us before or without us knowing and willing to transform a willing soul to a place they could never imagine. I will try Writing a Book if only to Thank Him for the myriad of times he has protected me including right know when I have been ill for 3 months and lost 60 #’s, my FMLA ran out, my job remains intact- though our $$’s are minimal we are so very blessed . I will start recording His words to tether me closer and closer to my Precious Lord.

  4. Thank you so much for sharing these tips. Recently, I’ve found myself in a spiritual low. As I’m about to finish college, I’ve been way too focused on my own plans and worrying about the future when I should be trusting God. He always provides and protects me, but I’ve been way too selfish lately to remember all that He’s done for me. I love the idea of recording myself speaking a verse to help memorize it. Sometimes I forget that equipping ourselves with the word of God is truly powerful. I also love the idea of writing down how the good Lord is always faithful to me. At times, especially now, I just can’t see that God has everything planned out for me and that I shouldn’t worry and be afraid about what the future holds. Journaling my prayers and how God has answered them will be a good reminder for me.

    What I do to tether my heart to God is that I take a walk around my neighborhood and thank the Lord for everything I see. I thank Him for the strong legs to walk, for the warm sunshine, the beautiful colors. It’s a good reminder that nothing in my life would be possible without the Lord.

  5. I am going to read “50 people every Christian should know. I am struggling with prayer and finding quiet time with my bible. I was recently baptized and feel so inadequate as a Christian. I also am using Bible Gateway… thank you!

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