5 Ways to Tether Your Heart to God’s Word

d7.14If you have found your way here after reading my Proverbs 31 devotion entitled, Tethered or Tattered, Welcome!. {If you haven’t read it yet, click here to do so.}

Here are five ways I have found that help me to tether my heart to God’s word, especially during the trying times of life. I pray they help you too. {Don’t forget to enter today’s giveaway at the end of this post}

1. Google it. {well, sorta}

Is there a particular area of struggle you have where, in order to experience calm, you need to rub the truth of God’s word into your tattered heart? Hop on Bible Gateway and do a search. You can search for scripture verses by typing in a key word to the search bar. So, if fear of the future grips you, search for the words “fear” or “afraid. If you have a hard time trusting God, type in “trust”. Worry messing with your mind? You can search for verses about worry or faith. Then you can type or handwrite these verses and place them on notecards that you can display in prominent places where you are sure to see them often. {kitchen sink, dashboard of your vehicle, night stand, work desk, etc…} Or, you may want to use them along with this next idea:

2. Get it on your phone and into your heart.

Take the verses you have discovered and use an online free audio recorder such as audacity to record your self saying the verses out loud. Store them on your phone, if you have one, and then you can listen to the file with a pair of headphones as you go about doing housework or taking a walk around your neighborhood. Hearing the verses out loud in your own voice can help you to memorize them and then recall them in the future when your heart starts to fret.

3. Read the stories of courageous and trusting Christians of the past.

Get a hold of a book about brave and faithful Christians of the past who faced awful trials and hardships, yet somehow remained steadfast in their faith in God. Reading about these amazing brothers and sisters in Christ can help give us courage when we face tough times and trials too. {You might want to check out this book for starters}

4. Recruit a faithful friend.

Do you have a faithful friend that you can call when fear or dread start to overtake your heart? Having one such friend can be such an asset as week seek to settle our hearts. Of course you don’t want this person to be someone you run to instead of running to God, but they can be at times “Jesus with skin on” when you need someone to stop and pray with you or to talk you down off of an emotional ledge when you feel defeated or beaten down by life. If you don’t have such a friend yet, begin to pray that God will bring you one.

5. Write a book.

One of the absolute best ways I have found for remaining faithful and calm during trying periods in my life is to go back and read in my own handwriting about times that God took care of me or answered what I thought at the time was an impossible prayer. This doesn’t have to be an expensive and fancy journal, even a spiral notebook from the department store will do! Begin to write down the stories of when God answers prayers or meets your needs or encourages your heart through someone. Then, in the future when you begin to feel your heart get rattled, pick up the book and re-read about His faithfulness in your own journey. You can trust that he will once again come through.

I pray these tips will help you to tether your heart to the very words of God and keep it from becoming tattered instead.


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  1. I want to use the write a book suggestion. I think writing down the ways I see God moving in my life will be helpful. There are times I feel God is not doing anything in my life. I feel this would be a way to see that I am wrong, because God is always working in my life. Whether I think He is or not.

  2. I really loved the Psalm 28:7 verse. It has helped me get through a very difficult time. Thank you for putting that in your blog because I truly needed it today.

  3. I love the idea of tethering God’s Word to my heart. My favorite way is to recall stories of God’s previous faithfulness. As I remember how He has seen me through in the past, I feel peace God will see me through this too. And as I read the words in my own handwriting, I am reminded how God is faithful and I can have peace in the middle of whatever life brings my way : )

  4. I often go back through my Bible and read the highlighted Scriptures. Since they are underlined because they spoke to me once, they often help me when I reread them. I also have several friends I can call when I need to talk to someone. Love this post!!

  5. Great devotional! I needed those reminders. Especially # 3. Read the stories of courageous and trusting Christians of the past, and #5 Write a book. The stories from the Bible are so encourging to situations we are going through, and then when we look back in a journal to remind us what God has done for us. It builds my faith, and I need all those reminders, especially when I am in the middle of a trial.

  6. I love to read books about others and how their faith has sustained them. Thank you for this opportunity to win the study bible.

  7. I already do some of these, but I like the idea of reading further about courageous and trusting Christians of the past.

  8. Why didn’t I think of the recording the verse to my phone?! That would be very useful in many instances. My worries have been so great the past few days. This blog today helped so much. Love how God uses you to touch lives.

  9. I like all of them but #5 is a big one. After my husband and mom died in less than 6 months I really felt God tell me to write it all down and after I did that I had so much peace. Now when I go back and reread those words it reminds me of how God healed me and brought me through. Blessings, Angela

  10. Hi there. That was a brilliant devotional. Many thanks.
    I’ve already started making a note of verses that really encourage me not to be afraid and to trust God steadfastly. Using Biblegateway to search for key verses was a great suggestion too, so I’ll definitely be doing that as well now. The next step will then be to write my favourite verses down on colourful paper and stick them all over my bedroom door.

  11. I use the biblegateway already. I read someone else’s comment about a bible app. I need to look into that. I like the idea of the voice recording. I have one on my phone and have used it to create reminder when I’m driving in the car and can’t write things down. That would be a great thing for me to listen to on my way to work in the morning to get my day started off with God.

  12. I just started using Bible Gateway and keeping a Prayer Journal this summer. I also like the idea of recording a verse to play back later.

  13. Write a book! I recently started journaling at the encouragement of a friend. It’s been great, and I am intent on spending more time writing. Thank you. I enjoyed your post.

  14. I like the idea of writing a book. I LOVE to write and I have many journals recounting the trials and the triumphs God has walked me through. Thank you for this message. It was quite timely.

  15. I use the online post it notes on my HP for work. I will go back and do this more. It really grounds me. Thank you for reminding me to stay close. It is do easy to get busy and stray.

  16. Recently we were asked in a Bible study what treasure from this earth would we take if we say were in a fire, etc. My friend replied that she would take her prayer journals from the last 20 years. I was convicted. It’s time for me to start writing down my prayers/thoughts in a book.

  17. I have never Googled it before – I found that every interesting and something I can do at work during trying moments! I like that one alot!

  18. Love them all! I use some of them but I’m going to try to do more. Going through health problems as well as unemployment so He is my rock more than ever!!! ?? My favorite thing to do is listen to contemporary Christian music. It always lifts my spirit!

  19. Write a book is the one that I would be interested in doing. I have a notebook and pen, now I just need to get busy writing. Thank you for all the wonderful ideas.

  20. I am going to try and google verses that really speak to me and my burdens. Writing them in my own hand and posting for me to see seems like a very personal and constant reminder of God’s protection and constant presence.

  21. I have a notebook (a cheap spiral one) that I write scriptures in. I also use it to write down pieces of Proverbs 31 daily devotions that really touch my heart. I read a few pages out of it everyday. I title each page: faith, trust, God’s word, worry, thoughts, etc so I can flip through and find a certain topic if I am struggling with it. I love my notebook and use it daily to help me grow closer to God.

  22. I like your audacity idea! I might have to use that. I’ve journaled a lot in the past but as a mom of preschoolers, very little. Verses committed to memory earlier, or my favorites underlined have been very comforting to me.

  23. I love the idea of “Read the stories of courageous and trusting Christians of the past”. What a great way to put the issues of life into perspective!

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