Raising Passionate, Not Perfect, Kids


Do you ever wish you had a sure-fire way to guarantee that your children followed God? Some magical prayer you could pray, or a striking statement you could utter in their presence that would make the light bulb go on and cause them to think, “I want to live my life for Christ and stay far, far away from sin each and every moment.”

That would be really nice.

And easy.

And convenient.

Nearly a quarter-century of parenting, while searching for such a prayer or statement, has convinced me such supernatural expressions don’t exist. However, I have learned a few truths about raising kids who love God. {read more}


  1. Excellent message, Karen! I emailed a copy of your post to my daughter who has 3 girls (11, 5, & 8mos). I know she is doing her best. I hope this helps avoid the perfectionism that plagued my life and then hers.


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