3 Phrases That Show Your Husband Respect {& How to Stop Hubby-Bashing}

3 Phrases That Show Your Husband Respect

Although I am not a big television sitcom watcher, occasionally when I do catch an episode, I am horrified at the way the actresses that portray the wives speak to and about their on-screen husbands.

They nag. Belittle. Insult their intelligence. Or they joke with the kids about how incompetent they are. And usually they also call their men an assortment of derogatory nicknames of which “Stupid” and “Idiot” are among the most kind.

Other times, I find myself out and about doing life: In the grocery store line. In the dentist office waiting room. Parked in the baseball bleachers or even standing in the foyer at church. Or I might log onto my computer and decide to take a peek at what folks are saying on Facebook. It is there I also witness my fellow married females speak badly about or to their men.

Their husbands are pea-brains. Passive. Can’t make a decision. Or they are portrayed as unromantic. Forgetful. Less-than-stellar on the “Amazing Husband” scale.

Sometimes this husband-bashing is outright. Sometimes more subtle. The wives might seem intent to vent. At other times they appear to be half-joking.

Do you know how much I ABSOLUTELY HATE hearing this kind of talk coming from the mouths of wives, especially from those who claim the name of Christ? And do you know something else?

Sometimes {oh this is painful} I must honestly admit to you that……..


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