Cinnamon Cappuccino Muffins {& How They Might Help Change the World}

NOTE: The winners of Wendy Blight’s book Living So That are Missy Sheffield and Morgan Massey. The winners of Fawn Weaver’s book Happy Wives Club are Luz, Julie Wilson and Amy Jewell. You will receive and email from my assistant Amy at the email address you left when you commented. Please resound to that email with your mailing address and what it is that you won. Congrats!tbm.cinnamon.muffinsSometimes the problems of the world rattle me. On the news, the Internet, the street corner–everywhere, there is talk of war and famine; sex-trafficking and hate. As a Christian and a mom, I not only want to pray about these problems, but help physically and financially doing what I can to help irradicate them.  I also want to model for my children what it means to be a committed Christian engaged in the culture, reflecting Jesus as I do.

Should we talk with our kids about the world? Let them pray with us, give some of their money to these causes as well?


But sometimes, we can model reaching out to others to our offspring who are watching by simply whipping up a batch of muffins. {read more at The Better Mom}

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