The Best Yes Webcast Viewing Party {Or are you within driving distance of Mid-Michigan?}

Unrush me Lord……

Do you live with the stress of an overwhelmed schedule and ache with the sadness of an underwhelmed soul? Are there times you dread saying yes but feel powerless to say no? You are not alone!

Hey friend, are you with in driving distance of  Mid-Michigan? If so, I would love to have you join me at my home church August 12th for a viewing party of the live webcast for New York Times best-selling author Lysa TerKeurst’s upcoming book The Best Yes.  {The event is free but you must RSVP. Details below}

Lysa is learning that there is a big difference between saying yes to everyone and saying yes to God. That is why she wrote this latest book {my absolute favorite of her’s so far!} Join us for The Best Yes Webcast Viewing Party as together we sisters learn to live the unrushed life, making wise decisions in the midst of endless demands. {Check out more}


The Best Yes Webcast Viewing Party at Northpointe Community Church

505 E. Webb Drive, DeWitt, MI (Just north of Lansing)

Tuesday, August 12th. Doors open at 5:45 pm.

Live one-hour webcast begins at 6:15 pm

Door Prizes         Light Refreshments        Coffee and Chocolate              

Live Webcast    Details on The Best Yes Bible study coming soon

book_sm-2Yes! There will also be a follow-up invite to attend the 6-week video Bible study of The Best Yes book being held this fall at Northpointe.

To RSVP, either head to the Facebook event invite and respond by clicking here or you may email the fabulous and organized Amy at [email protected] Please put “The Best Yes” in the subject line.

I hope to see you there!!! And feel free to share it from the Facebook page or tweet, pin and post about it. We’d love to meet your friends, family, in-laws and outlaws. ;-)

Together we can learn to live the unrushed life.


  1. Do I need this webcast or what? I read this post as the invitation it was meant to be…and immediately checked driving directions to see if there’s any possible way for me to make it! I live in Central NY…and I KNOW that MI is many hours’ drive (I now know that it’s about 8 hours). I also know that 8/12 is a Tuesday…a work day. I was all ready to say…”Okay…I’ll make it work! Sign me up.” Clearly I have issues.

    I have the book waiting to be read (among the shelves of other books waiting to be read). Evidently, I need to make this one a priority!


    1. Ellen,
      It would be great if you could attend but that is an awful long drive. Do you know that you can watch it live online at home or with a group of friends too if you wish at Might save you time and gas money. Either way, you’ll be blessed!

      1. Thanks Karen…I had already signed up to do that. I just got swept up in the excitement of watching with some “sisters”. I’ll be there with you in spirit!


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