7 Ways to Slow Down & Love on Your Family {with Family Night Recipes too!}

slowdownMore and more I see how in today’s culture it is easy to get pulled in a gazillion different directions. Many of these directions are in fierce competition with spending time with our husbands and families.

We don’t eat dinner together as families like we once did. Or, if we are gathered around the table, a few unwelcome electronic gadgets are beeping and buzzing for our attention.

Or maybe we are over-committed with activities or even church responsibilities. {Yes, there is such a thing as being at church too much! Don’t mistake a relationship with God with doing things for God.}

Been there. Nearly had a break-down!

This week I double-dog-dare you {and me!} to block out the noise and the activity and just focus on our families, even if it is in a small way. Or a simple way that just says, “I was thinking of you. I love you.’

Try these ideas on for size…..{read more at Time Warp Wife}



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