Fun Fall Reads {Complete with Activities & Recipes}

Our oldest daughter Kenna, was home for a week recently from her home in North Carolina. I loved watching my nearly grown kids (now 23, 19 & 16) talk, laugh and reminisce. It took me back to falls when they were little shavers. We loved to sit under a tree in the yard, read a fun fall-themed book and then do an activity associated with the book.

So I thought, for those of you with small children in your life, I’d tell you about a few of our family’s favorite fun fall read alouds. (My kids loved these books when they were young!)  There are a few suggested activities to go along with them, too. These books also make a great fall-time just-because-I-was-thinking-about-you gift for a family with children.

I also want to share with you our favorite simple fall snack to munch on as a family or with company if you are having others over. Enjoy! {Read the rest at For The Family}

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