Help Me Jesus! I Have Nothing to Wear Giveaway with Shari Braendel

Ladies it is about that time to pull out the fun fall fashions {boots and scarves}!  And speaking of fashion……do I have a treat for you {and perhaps a fashion overhaul} My funny and fashionable friend, Shari Braendel.  I’m so excited Shari is joining us today for a Q & A segment as well as sharing her love for Faith and Fashion.

Be sure to leave a comment for a chance to win a copy of her book, Help Me Jesus! I have nothing to wear or sample color swatches {which Shari will personally choose!} picked by Shari}

Now meet my dear friend and fashion guru Shari. 

shariAs America’s #1 Christian Personal Style Coach, Shari Braendel inspires thousands of women each year to new levels of confidence at conferences around the globe. With an encouraging heart and vibrant effervescent spirit, she helps women see themselves the way God might. After receiving her degree in Fashion Merchandising, Shari began her career writing dress codes for corporations while overhauling wardrobes of female executives in Miami’s business district. She is the author of Help Me, Jesus, I Have Nothing to Wear and is the founder of the only Christian Image Consultant Certification Program in the country.

She recently launched Reveal Your Dignity, a JR Fashion Stylist Program for high school and college-age young women. God has given Shari a dream to flip the fashion industry right side up by teaching young women that how they dress reveals more than they realize. She desires to inspire girls of all ages to dress with dignity. Shari has been featured on Focus on the Family, The Total Christian Television Network, K-Love, and Moody Radio. She is the Beauty and Style Expert for Christian Mingle, the Style Editor for WHOA magazine and Brazilian Editorial Mezuza’.

She is the proud mother of Army West Point basketball player Luke Morrison and triplet stepdaughters, Kim, Carly and Jessica. She resides in Charlotte, NC with her husband David, three lazy cats and her 102 pound yellow lab.

Drum roll…and now for our interview with Shari.

1. What prompted you to write, Help Me Jesus, I Have Nothing to Wear!?

This book is a re-launch of ‘Good Girls Don’t Have to Dress Bad’. Because it is a fashion book, it’s important that we keep up with trends so it doesn’t become ‘dated’. Zondervan thought it best to retitle and recover the book along with updating photos and shopping guides. I’m especially excited about the new title because we found that it is a fabulous book to give as a gift. Women were hesitant to give ‘Good Girls Don’t Have to Dress Bad’ as a gift because their friends may think they dressed bad! The new title is a phrase we all might catch ourselves saying from time to time, ‘Help Me Jesus, I Have Nothing to Wear! I’ve heard from many women that they’re giving the book to friends now and we’re all very excited about that!

2. What do you hope this book does for Christian women today when it comes to fashion?

The goal behind this book is to help Christian women have some guidelines when it comes to dressing. Most of us don’t have a clue where to start when it comes to looking our very best in clothes. Through no fault of their own, women are left to the mercy of fashion magazines and store displays to show them how to dress and most of us just don’t look like those models so how can we expect to look like that in clothes?

Shari doing her thing at our She Speaks conference, pointing out how this woman wears her right colors and styles for her uniquely beautiful self. Shari’s book can help you know what looks good on YOUR uniquely beautiful self too! And by the way…the woman is Sandy from Zondervan who is both mine and Shari’s editor. Or is it “both Shari and my editor?” YIKES I’m probably gonna get corrected for improper grammar. And that, folks, is why we have editors!

My heartfelt prayer is to give women direction on how to look remarkable while representing Jesus well. Yes, rules are made to be broken when it comes to clothing but until we know the rules, we don’t even know we’re breaking them! I also believe that if I can free up a woman to feel confident in what she wears, then she can be freed up to pursue the passions that God has given her. So many women never pursue what God has for them because they aren’t confident in their outer appearance. My book helps them gain insight into being a self-assured woman by learning how to dress to reflect their best self.

3. What do you hope this book teaches them about faith and how it relates to fashion?

I hope it reminds women they are beautiful (Psalm 45:11) exactly as they are and that God did NOT make a mistake with them. Whether a woman is thin or fluffy (we don’t call it fat around here!) I hope they realize that beauty is God’s idea and instead of hiding under sloppy clothes or revealing too much of their body with skimpy skirts and low cut tops, Jesus girls can be confident wearing clothes that fit and flatter.

4. You have a fabulous giveaway, tell us about it!

I am giving away one copy of my new book and a set of color swatches!

I will personally analyze the winner of the color swatches by having her send me a headshot so I can determine what colors are best for her. The best colors for someone are based on their hair, skin and eye color. For your readers who want a color analysis, they can get an online analysis at or visit me at

As a special bonus, I’d like to invite anyone who comments here to join us for a special webinar on Tuesday, September 16th at 9pm EST, where we’ll be discussing fashion tips for Fall and also have a special guest on inner beauty. If you’d like to join us, please email [email protected] we’d love to have you join us!

Some final words from the fashion guru herself, Shari…

Hi beauties, I’m thrilled to be here on the ONE AND ONLY amazing Karen Ehman’s blog to bring you information on fashion and faith! I appreciate Karen for allowing me the opportunity to speak into the lives of her readers about the sometimes delicate topic of fashion in regard to Jesus girls.

When God first gave me the idea of speaking on the topic of fashion and faith I prayed about it for seven years…yes, you heard me right…SEVEN YEARS! Though I was a little slow in acting on what I knew God told me to do, I wanted to make sure I didn’t hear Him wrong. Fashion and FAITH? Why yes, ladies, that’s what I get to speak and write about. And almost 10 years later, He’s still directing me on the same path.  

To help you understand a little better about what I do, I’m the one who gets to speak at women’s conferences and tell ladies that they might need a new bra because the one they have just isn’t working any longer (cause they’re hanging just a little too low!)

I also get to teach middle school and high school girls that how they dress reveals so much more than their bodies…it reveals their character. I also give guidance to women with low body confidence and instruct them on this sensitive issue by providing tips on dressing that change the way they see themselves.

The world can be a harsh place because people judge us simply by what we’re wearing, without us ever saying a word, so by teaching women to feel confident in how they dress can actually change the way others perceive us AND change the way WE see ourselves.

I hope you’ll visit me at

Shari Braendel

Now for the giveaway.

shari's book


shari color swatches

Don’t miss your chance at these fabulous giveaways!  Leave a comment below on why you’d like to win Shari’s book Help Me Jesus, I Have Nothing to Wear! or why you’d like the color swatches.




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  4. I am so intrigued to read your book! I recently went through an extended time of illness and my body has changed a bit… That coupled with aging means I need to freshen / revamp my wardrobe to find sizes that fit, flattering styles , etc. I’m no fashion expert — my husband and in laws did their own version of What Not to Wear on me about ten years ago, as I modeled my entire closet and they put most of ot in a giveaway bag for Goodwill! Also I am a mom of four, including fashion-conscious twin Tweens, and I’m very eager to impart to them these concepts of which you speak — dignity, confidence, etc.


  5. Would love this book – I feel like I am in the in-between age or maybe I’m past it and already in old, but I do not want to look frumpy. Shopping is hard work for me, because of what is out there to purchase. Also, I’d love to find a way to influence or teach my nieces in/about their choices. Thanks so much. Definitely going to spend time on your website Shari!

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  7. FINALLY, someone is putting out what I’ve talked about & discussed with so many! Thank you for putting this together. I know it will help daughter of Christ everywhere.

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  9. Thank you, Shari, for sharing the gift God’s given you. So many women today struggle with what’s best to wear. I’d love to win your book. I work in the fashion industry (I’m a jewelry consultant) but I’ve been cursed with absolutely no fashion sense! When I go shopping, I just buy what the store employees put on the mannequins. I’d love to learn how best to dress for my shape and be a confident disciple of God.
    Blessings :-)

  10. I would love some advice about how to dress fashionably as a Christian woman! I am currently looking for work and could use some encouragement. Thanks so much!

  11. As always I struggled with what to wear today. As a believer in Christ, I try to dress with the thought in mind that I want others to see Christ in me, in my outfit and my actions. Style has always been struggle, but shopping these days with the latest styles is harder. I would love to read this book………….

  12. I have been following Shari for a while and I love her approach to making sense of fashion. She doesn’t write on her blog as I would like her to, though. I would love for her to analyze me and to send the book and swatches! What fun. Thanks for the giveaway.

  13. Loved her first book and look forward to reading this one as well! Color swatches would be such a wonderful tool to have! I’ve been a stay at home mom for the past twenty years. Sometimes I lack confidence in picking out new things!

  14. I have learnt slowly over the years to care more about how I look and Shari has been part of that journey. I would love to get her book but it is the olour swatches and analysis I would be really interested in. As a redhead I have always been told I am “autumn” colours but then someone told me with blue eyes I was a “spring”. I am a bit confused.

  15. I would love the color swatches. I am sure I will be purchasing your book soon. I intend to share this with my daughter and our youth at church. Modesty and dressing appropriately is a lost art in this generation. With a little guidance and a walking, talking role model, I believe that will get the message across!

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