Making Your Home a Haven Fall Challenge {& a candle giveaway}

Making-Your-Home-a-Haven-5-680x1024So, yesterday I told you about my friend Clare’s 5 week Living and Active challenge for body and soul.

Today, I want to inform you of another great challenge going on over at another friend’s blog. This one is for your home and soul.

Courtney at Women Living Well is holding her 5th annual Making Your Home a Haven challenge.

In her practical and inspirational book she writes:

“There’s simply no place like home.  Whether you have a one-bedroom apartment or a large farmhouse, home is where we rest, refuel, and build strong relationships with our loved ones.  No two homes are alike.  Home is a place where we express our individuality in the kitchen and on the walls.  

Whether you are a full-time homemaker or work full-time outside the home, we all have in common the desire to make our homes a haven.  Together let’s pursue peace and harmony.” ~ excerpt from the book, Women Living Well

pBBW1-19118854v850To find out all the details of this fun and creative challenge (the first thing you get to do is purchase a fall-scented candle to light in your home throughout the challenge!)

And, just to help a few or you out with the candle purchasing thing, leave a comment here on your favorite aspect of fall.

Two winners will be randomly chosen to receive a $15 gift card to Bath & Body Works to go buy yourself a candle.

They have tons of fall scents including my favorite: Leaves.


  1. I LOVE fall!! My favorite aspect of fall is absolutely everything: the weather, preparing for my favorite upcoming holidays, the colors, the leaves, pumpkin everything!!! ???

  2. I love seeing the golds and oranges and reds creep into the edges of the trees, then gradually spread inward throughout the entire tree. I also love pumpkin flavored coffee! I also love the smell of the home fores burning. Autumn is a feast for the senses!

  3. I love all the aromas that accompany the fall season. I also welcome the cooler temperatures which encourages me to be outside and take advantage of this brief time, before it is cold and I just want to stay warm inside. Most of all, I enjoy seeing how God is at work in nature with his magical paintbrush as the leaves and scenery changes before my eyes. How amazing how He has everything planned to the smallest details of when a tree will drop from a tree branch. I am continually in awe.

  4. There are several things about fall that I really enjoy including the colorful leaves and the coziness in the evenings.

  5. What I love about fall is the changing colors, it is just lovely how all the bright oranges and yellows paint such a gorgeous background. I love the cooler nights and very crisp fresh air. This time of years makes me think of family and the coming holidays. All the summer traffic has stopped and all the vacationers are gone home and it just makes life seem so calm and quiet. Great time for me to reflect on God and all the beauty that He has created.

  6. Fall…so many favorites: summer work coming to an end (I can lots), fall colors, longer nights, cooler evenings, nuts,..harvesting summer bounties,…ah I LOVE fall!!!

  7. October is my favorite month and it’s hard to just find one thing I love most about this beautiful season. I guess my #1 thing would have to be the leaves changing colors. Every tree shows different hues of autumn colors and as soon as I see the natural ombre beginning on the trees, I’m doing a little happy dance no matter where I’m at.

  8. Apples, colorful leaves, and pumpkins…what’s not to love about fall? And don’t forget the sunny days with cool breezes. Ahhhhhh….. smile :)

  9. My favorite thing about fall is the feeling of longing that we all experience to be at home. We pull out warm blankets, mugs of apple cider and spend more time snuggling together. My Air Force husband just returned home after a long training. Sadly he returned to the news that his mother died suddenly. Though it’s a bittersweet time there are now more reasons for us to cuddle closer and enjoy each moment together.

  10. I love the colors of Fall on front porches. I love walking into my home and smelling warm Fall scents. I love getting out the Halloween decorations. Plus, my daughter’s birthday is October 28, so Fall became more special after she was born.

  11. My favorite part of fall is EVERYTHING! I love to decorate for fall with my daughter! FOOTBALL, pumpkin everything, the cooler weather, the family memories, etc, etc, etc. :)

  12. My favorite part of fall is the exploding colors and the crisp air, the cool evenings with hot chocolate. Bundling up with my husband for a night of TV or talking.

  13. I love all the scents of fall and all the warm, deep flavors of pumpkin pie, chili, etc. God’s scenery is beautiful with the leaves turning colors. I just love it!

  14. cooler weather, sweaters,and scarfs. And best of all hurricane season is coming to an end. As for scents, the smells of pumpkin and spices make me happy.

  15. I love Fall for the beautiful sunsets over the Sandhills of Nebraska, the crisp snap of the leaves beneath my feet, the cool mornings and the warm days, the smells of cinnamon and cloves and nutmeg and bread baking in the oven and coffee or hot cider perking away! The glorious colors that God paints the trees, oh my, they are just breathtaking!

  16. I love the crisp chill in the air, with the sun still shining, too. It compels me to bake warm breads and cobblers and make soups and real hot chocolate. And I definitely enjoy curling up with a warm, soft blanket, hot beverage, good book, and maybe even a sweet child.

  17. My favorite thing about fall–the cooler weather mixed with the smell of cinnamon, and the beginning of the holiday season…

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