Proverbs 31 Online Bible Studies Retreat Scholarship {& how you can win it}

P31_LOGO1I pinch myself everyday that I get to do ministry as part of the Proverbs 31 Ministries team.

I get to write online devotions and coach writers (and wanna-be-writers) through our COMPEL membership site. We have a conference each summer. We pray for prayer requests that come in each week. And while we are participating in these activities, the dozens of speakers, staff, and board members get to do life together daily, desperately trying not to make a name for ourselves, but to glorify God.

One of my most favorite parts of P31 is our Online Bible Studies. Melissa Taylor and her team lead tens of thousands of women online helping them to grow in their relationship with Jesus. Their commitment, energy, and creativity never cease to wow the socks of me.

Check out this short video from our P31OBS coordinator, the fabulous Nicki Koziarz with some super exciting news.  If you can’t see the video, click here.

Yes folks, this year, P31 Online Bible Studies is holding a getaway retreat September 19-21 in Asheville, NC at The Cove in the Billy Graham Training Center. {Click here for details} I so badly wanted to go but it is homecoming weekend that weekend for our youngest son, a junior in high school. And since I want to live my priorities, my priority that weekend will be to stay home and cook a fancy-pants dinner for my son and about seven of his friends who will be all gussied up and ready to go to the homecoming shin-dig.

Sooooooo……since I can’t go, I’m sending one of you instead! {Please note that the scholarship does not include airfare or transportation to the retreat. You’ll need to get your sweet little self there.}

Now, to win this scholarship, or to win it for someone else, please leave a comment here telling us why you would like to be chosen. And please make sure first that it is possible for you to attend the retreat so the scholarship doesn’t go unused!

You have until Friday at 8 a.m. EST to enter when the winner will be announced both here on my blog and on my Facebook page.

Ok… why should you—or someone you know—-be chosen to attend the P31OBS retreat?



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  2. I have been walking through a season of challenge over this past year…one that has brought me to a place I never thought I would be in. I know my creator is faithful and offers me His unmerited and unlimited favor and mercies each day but I am struggling to be connected to Him the way I always have in the past. I had surgery last October from which I’ve never truly recovered – physically, emotionally or spiritually. I feel as though I will never again be the Woman After God’s Own Heart that I have always strived to be. Realizing He is a God of promises who will never leave them unmet, I have to know it is something within me that is causing this new and so terribly uncomfortable disconnect in our relationship. I pray with groanings that the Holy Spirit will articulate the depth of my pain at no longer being the me He created me to be. I believe attending this retreat may possibly be a beginning of finding my way back…to be among other women longing to be the wives, mothers, grandmother’s, servants, teachers…that God would have us be could be the light and warmth I so desperately need in this time of cold & lonliness I am living.
    Thank you for considering me for this scholarship as I prayfully submit my application for your very consideration.
    In Christ, Mary

  3. I have participated in two online Bible studies and am waiting for the Best Yes to start so i can do my third. Proverbs 31 has become my online family. I love getting on here and reading all your thoughts. It has helped me grow so much. Since beginning these studies I have grown closer to the Lord who has shown me various things, one of which is to purse a Masters in Biblical Counseling at Bob Jones University. I am thrilled to say I just recently started.

    I am a mom to 6, I am full time in the Army, part time in school, and looking forward to the next study.. I am not in a position to afford this retreat and if I were to win it, I would use it not only for the weekend, but for the rest of my life. I have many areas that I will be able to tuck some of these nuggets away for later use.

    Blessings! Debbi

  4. God is calling and I am available. I have asked God to “send me.” Send me to where He wants me. To send me to speak to the hearts of women and the hurting, the suffering, the sick, and the called. I know God has a plan. I have wanted to go to this conference but have spent my conference money this year on going to the She Speaks Conference. I am hungry for more of God. I am seeking the heart of God. I live only an hr and 15 mins from the Cove and I have signed up to lead the online Bible study #thebestyes and I feel this will better equip me for what Proverbs 31 is looking for in a leader. I love you all and what you are doing. I remember years ago a Bible study hearing, “Look where God is working and join Him.” I see God is working through P31 and I want to join. Have a joy-filled day. Love you all! Thank you. Brenda

  5. The first time I heard of P31OSB was a few months ago. As I looked into it, I saw the retreat. I’ve never gone to one and never wanted to. Yet, I feel compelled to go to this one. Yes, I have some things going on in my life but that’s not the reason. I literally feel convicted. I knew I didn’t have the money so I sort of felt, oh well God, I don’t know what you want me to do about it. But every time I see a posting about the retreat I feel convicted. I don’t know why or what to do. I don’t know a single person going and it would be a good 10 hour drive for me. Even though I’m not clear on why God is having this weigh on my mind, if God does want me to go then he’ll be the one to provide the way. Maybe through this contest or maybe not. The important thing is that God has led you to bless someone. That is a beautiful thing.

  6. Where do I even begin? God is good and He is over and abundantly awesome. Winning this retreat would be the proverbial icing on the cake for me and my quest to live in obedience to Him. Over a year ago, God began to urge me to write. Write what? For who? I tried to convince Him that He had the wrong gal, but He has continued to prompt me. I did begin a book, but I have procrastinated and whined like a toddler and the book has been an on going project. I do want to be obedient to His calling, I just need more direction. This event may just be what I need to understand my calling. God bless and thank you for opening up this wonderful opportunity for someone.

  7. A minute past the deadline… Eeek! Hopefully my plight will still be heard. I would love to elect my best friend Sara Winchester (although it would be even more fantastic for the two of us to be in attendance together). Friends since childhood and reconnected as Christ-following adults, Sara has been my biggest encourager to run after The Lord wholeheartedly. She and I have both bore a dream to do great work for our amazing Savior. Real life keeps us states apart but Christ keeps us connected at the heart. If we were to be able to attend this retreat (a blessing neither of us could afford on our own) we would have the ability to press in together to what God has called us to do in this season of our lives: to reflect Christ in our daily tasks as wives, mothers, and the many other hats we wear. Thank you for your ministry. It encourages us to keep waiting on The Lord for He is faithful!

  8. I would love to go. It has been a rough few months. My husband had surgery this summer so no family vacation. Lots of taking care of others and a season of loneliness craving Christian fellowship. Feeling pretty isolated because of some relationship struggles. I have been praying for some time away to recharge and regroup.

  9. Good morning. I feel so blessed to be part of this amazing community of godly women at Proverbs 31 ministries. I have had an amazing year of transformation and restoration and Lysa TerKeurst has played a major part in that. God has been calling me into women’s ministry for awhile now and this spring I was finally able to start a ladies bible study at my church based on Made to Crave. It was fantastic. I really feel that this retreat would be another piece in Gods plan that would help me help others in their journey and walk with The Lord. I thank you for the opportunity and pray that the right woman is chosen for this wonderful gift :) God bless you all.

  10. Proverbs 31 has been life changing for me. I most recently lost my job and separation from my husband, but proverbs 31 emails have kept me going. I feel things are starting to get back on track and this would just be icing on the cake. This would be a dream come true. Everyone in this organization is amazing and I feel it would be a true blessing to get to experience this retreat. I hope you pick me, but if not so happy for whomever is chosen. Will be life changing!

  11. I would love to go! On-line Bible Studies and P31 have been a lifeline for me over the last year. My husband was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer last September and we fought together until he was called home in December. I have spent the year juggling my grief and my son’s sadness as well as figuring out our new normal. Through it all I have been a participant in every study…sometimes wholeheartedly and sometimes on the periphery, but always blessed by the videos and posts from Melissa and Nikki. So I’d love to have a girls weekend with ladies who’ve supported me even though we’ve never met! And I know I’d get to laugh, which is great medicine. But most of all, I am sure my spirit would be renewed for the approaching anniversary time that could be very difficult if I let it.

  12. I am a stay at home wife and homeschool mom to 4 children (oldest graduated last May, YIPPEE!). Among other things, I had an extremely busy summer, and am NOT ready to jump back into the school year yet. My husband changed jobs about a year ago, and became a teaching elder in our church home. There have been several things over the years that have put me in barren land spiritually. I have never wavered in my faith; but have had many dry times during that period. Mostly, an illness that ate several years of my life away. Those issues have been resolved praise God! But I feel like I still can’t get past some of the pain. Attending the retreat would give me a opportunity for a fresh start, a few days to clear my mind and relax so I could give my sweet, precious family everything I desire as a wife and mother. We have been unable to afford for me to have a get away for several years.. If I win, my amazing husband will find the funds so I can travel; as a bonus. I would also be able to visit my family in E TN on the way home from the retreat:)

  13. Hi Karen! First off thank you for this opportunity. I am at the end of one of my seasons and honestly feel a little lost. I’m not sure what’s next. The opportunity to get away from my busy life for a weekend and connect with other women would be awesome. :)

  14. I live in NC (at the beach), and would love a chance to hang out in fellowship with P31OBS group. Been struggling through a difficult professional & personal year, so the community sounds so refreshing to me right now. Thank you for consideration.

  15. What a great opportunity. Thank you Karen. I have been a member of OBS FOR A YEAR THANKS TO MY COUSIN far Floyd. I do not drive I take care oft 89 year old mother. I have found a new family in all of you and would love to meet you and grow deeper in Our Lord. I am blessed just to communicate with all
    Of you. I would love a break and especially this one to renew my spirit. Thank you Karen for the chance to go. God Bless you;)

  16. I remember the day I learned about the OBS Retreat. I was sitting on the couch with my little boy playing at my feet. From the convenience of my cell phone, I read the details about the retreat and was filled with excitement immediately. I wanted to attend! Over the next couple of days I planned how I would prepare for the needs of my husband and son in my absence. My excitement continued to build. Then I started considering the needs of my family and the seemingly endless list of projects needing attention around the house – all requiring funds and my spirit started to grow dim. How could I justify mommy attending a retreat when my family had so many needs requiring our already compromised finances?

    I ceased thinking about the retreat, and a few months passed.

    I am a relatively new mom (my little boy turns 2 on Sunday). I’ve been in ministry for approximately 12 years – in both the church setting and as a teacher in a Christian school. Ministry excites me! Seeing others fall deeply in love with the Savior excites me! Planning ministry events and meeting the needs of others excites me! But in the past two years, my enthusiasm and momentum has waned. Mommy hood took me by surprise, and while I wouldn’t trade a moment of my experiences for the world, I’ve come to realize deep in my heart I need time to soak in the Lord’s presence, time to rejuvenate my God-given dreams and desires.

    A few weeks ago I found myself lying before the Lord in complete tears – circumstances surrounding me had left me feeling defeated and heartbroken. I knew I needed to get away with the Lord. The OBS retreat reentered my mind again, and I felt hope. I contemplated our family finances again, and again, I knew there was no way I could financially justify my attendance. But God! Finally, knowing this was impossible for me to accomplish, I turned it all over to the Lord and prayed, “God, I have no clue how this could work out, but You are God of the impossible, and You are in control of all things.”
    My story has no significant elements of tragedy or loss. I’m just a momma needing a fresh vision from the Lord. If given the opportunity to attend the OBS retreat, I would know it was from the Lord. It would be difficult to leave my little boy for the first time, but I would leave knowing this was about God and me. And, when that relationship is right, then everything else will fall into place.

  17. I would love to go to this retreat…mostly to be there with my best friend and sister in Christ, Judy. She has taken a huge lead of faith to register to go and is constantly fighting off the enemy’s whispers that she shouldn’t go. She’s nervous about leaving her husband for so long, since she is his primary caregiver, and about going to the retreat alone. So, I would like to win so that I could be her support and encourager.

  18. It looks as if this would be a wonderful time of worship and fellowship. Every woman needs the chance to experience this time with God and other women. It would be an amazing experience. The past couple of years have been a trying time for our family. As a mother of teens, we have experienced emotional highs and lows. { My teens are truly a blessing to me and my husband.} We are still learning how to trust God with everything. This has been a process. However, my God has proven to be my everything. He has sustained us thru it all. It would be a wonderful to be chosen for this event.

  19. I would like to nominate Suzanne San Dack I know how she fills I would love to go but transportation would be a problem this has also been a bad year for me. I lost my house My mom passed away and my sister will not talk to me so I know how Suzanne feels. Good luck Suzanne. Suzanne and I are from G23

  20. Getting to attend the retreat would be just what I have been praying for. My family and I have had a tough year financially, emotionally and spiritually but in the midst of all of it God has carried us through and been by our side the whole time. During this time I have not made time for myself or spending time with the Lord. This would be a wonderful opportunity. May God bless you and your team.

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