12 Days of Christmas WINNERS!!

12 days graphicThanks to all who commented on our 12 Days of Christmas series.  If you see you name below, please email your home address AND what day and person’s gift you won to [email protected] so we can get your prizes out right away :-) (Gonna let you have the fun of looking up what your prize is!)

And now……here are the winners!

Day 1: Liz Lynn

Day 2: Lisa Briscoe

Day 3: Jaydnn

Day 4: DeeDee

Day 5: Flora G-R

Day 6: Crystal Storms

Day 7: Nancy Moritz

Day 8: Bridgette (the Bridgette who left her comment at 11:42 am on December 9)

Day 9: Sarah Travis

Day 10:  Melissa Barnes

Day 11:  Tracy Larson

Day 12:  Ellen Cole

GRAND PRIZE: Priscilla Childress

Congrats ladies!!!


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