The 12th Day of Christmas with Beki Hastings – The Rusted Chain

Welcome to the 7th annual 12 Days of Christmas Giveaways!!!

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12 Days.

12 friends guest posting sharing a Christmas idea, recipe or favorite with you.

12 great giveaways for you to enter along with one GRAND PRIZE for someone who comments to enter all 12 days!!

Here we are at the last of the 12 Days of Christmas with the creative and talented Beki Hastings of The Rusted Chain.  I hope you have had as much fun as I have with all of the wonderful tips and suggestions for making your Christmas preparations memorable for years to come!

Beki Hastings is an entrepreneur, wife, and mom. She is the designer behind The Rusted Chain jewelry. She is also the founder of Kansas Barn Sale and Emma Creek Barn, a wedding venue in Kansas.  She’s been featured on various media outlets such as Wichita Family Magazine, Somerset, Holiday with Matthew Mead WABC-TV, KAKE-TV, and The Pioneer Woman.  She has an unnatural obsession with guacamole and is constantly looking forward to the next nap.Profile Picture

Please help me welcome, Beki.


We’re a very busy family, as most of you are. December is a particularly frazzled time with jewelry orders, normal Holiday craziness, and 2/3 of our children’s birthdays. So I love an easy recipe to put together for parties!

Hot Spinach Artichoke dip is just that. It’s extremely forgiving so use my recipe just as a loose guideline. It gets rave reviews every time I take it somewhere!

Ingredients: 1 cup sour cream

1 block cream cheese

1 cup mayonnaise

1 cup parmesan cheese

1 cup mozzarella cheese

1 can artichoke hearts, chopped

10 oz. package of frozen spinach

salt, pepper, garlic, and seasoning salt (we like Cavender’s)

bacon bits (optional, but oh so good)

In a microwaveable bowl or on the stove top, melt cream cheese. Stir in all other ingredients and heat through. Season to taste. (taste testing is required! You know you’ll do it anyway…) If it’s too thick, add another spoonful of mayonnaise or even a splash of milk. If it’s too thin, add more cheese.  Serve hot with crackers, fresh veggies, pretzels, etc.

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Now….today’s AWESOME giveaway…..Beki is offering a $50 gift certificate to The Rusted Chain!

Here are some of her awesome pieces:





For a chance to win a $50 shopping trip to Beki’s online store, The Rusted Chain, simply leave a comment on today’s post with your plans for the next 12 Days of Christmas preparation in your home.

Be sure to leave a comment {And remember, if you comment on all 12 posts, you might win the Grand Prize!} 


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  1. For the next 12 days I will be wrapping, cooking, baking, and taking some just ahhh time to relax with family

  2. I’ll be wrapping presents and finding good recipes for Christmas. I can’t ever succeed at cookies cuz I “sample” too much dough!????

  3. I still need to bake more cookies, wrap several remaining gifts and send out Christmas cards. Thanks so much for sharing a great dip recipe!

  4. My plan for the next 12 days of Christmas is to simply wait in expectation. I love this season and every year seems to go faster and faster, so I’m hoping to slow down and enjoy it!

  5. Finished our Christmas shopping yesterday. Started baking today and doubling dinners to take to one of our young couples in church who is on bedrest until February or baby arrives.Will start wrapping tomorrow and delivering dinners.

  6. Spent the date on a date with my two oldest to finish up Christmas shopping! We’ll be prepping for cookie making and watching our favorite movies tonight!

  7. This sounds delicious. I’m all about keeping it simple when I’m busy. And I’m trying not to procrastinate too much.

  8. My next 12 days will be spent working 3 of my 4 jobs, in between spending time with family, trying to bake/make a few goodies for sharing, Christmas shopping with little $ (I LOVE the idea someone posted of a letter…might be the gift of choice this year :) ) having a son recover from surgery right before Christmas and celebrate my daughters 16th birthday (born on Dec. 24th)….I am sure I have forgotten something…oh the business of the season. Why do we rush so…Just to spend time with the real reason of the season should be enough….

    Merry CHRISTmas

  9. Starting baking today. Need to decorate. Trying to keep head above water as deal with difficult family situations including informally raising 2 and 5 year old grandsons.

  10. We’ve got the tree up, but need to get busy decorating it. All of our church concerts end this weekend, so next weekend it’s down to work for my family!!!

  11. My husband has been working out-of-state since Labor Day, so when he frts home this wee we are going to bake cookies!

  12. Love the CHRISTmas season.
    Love the Christmas program at church, my grand kids come to it and they even sing in the program, which I love. Love going to Christmas Eve service at their church where we have candlelight Lord’s supper.
    The recipe thanks for sharing.
    The giveaway I would love to win, such pretty stuff.

  13. The next 12 days of Christmas we will be attending our church’s kids Christmas play, finishing shopping, I am hosting our Ladies Ministry Christmas Party, we are going to Bethlehem Town at the Creation Museum, traveling to my in laws to celebrate, and shopping for a girl we are blessing for Christmas. But most of all we are making tons of memories! I try to get all the tedious things done before our daughter is on Christmas break so we have lots of time for fun things….baking, ice skating, etc.

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