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On this fourth day of Christmas we are delighted to welcome my friend Darlene Schacht of the Time Warp Wife.

Darlene is well-known from her popular blog, Time Warp Wife where she encourages wives to put God first in their lives. She inspires women to love their husbands and children, and to be good keepers of the home. Her newest book, Messy Beautiful Love, is an incredible testimony that encourages wives toward a Christ-centered marriage.

And now….from Darlene…..


I don’t think Christmas would be complete without an annual turkey stuffing recipe, do you? This is a recipe that was passed down from my grandma to my mom and now to my sisters and their children.

Ask my husband what his favorite Christmas dish is–hands down he’ll say it’s my turkey stuffing. It’s a family favorite and a must-have at every Christmas and thanksgiving dinner!

I hope you enjoy it!

Mom’s Turkey Stuffing


1 lb. Pork sausage

Breadcrumbs from one loaf of bread (cube and toast in the oven)

1 Onion (diced)

1 pinch of ginger

1 T sage

Salt and Pepper to taste

1 diced Celery stalk

1 c turkey broth or water

*Don’t tell my mom, but I also add a box of chicken flavored Stove Top Stuffing to the mix, just to give it that extra kick of flavor. But it tastes amazing either way!

turkey dinner vegetable detailProcedure:

To make bread crumbs, cube a loaf of bread and toast them on a cookie sheet in the oven at 350 degrees for about 10-15 minutes. Check them often so they don’t over toast.

Mix ingredients together and press into baking pan. Add a little water if necessary to further moisten.

Bake at 350°F for 30 – 40 min.

Stuffing can either be baked separately or stuffed into a turkey or chicken for cooking, although I’ve always made it separately.

You are loved by an almighty God,

Darlene Schacht


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Darlene is giving away one Amazon gift card of $40.00 to the winner of today’s drawing. AmazonCardFor a chance to win, simply leave a comment on your memories of turkey stuffing. Perhaps you are not a fan of traditional ingredients, what do you prefer?  What is the most unique stuffing ingredient you have tasted? Do you have any glutten free recipes to share?

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  1. I am not a huge stuffing fan. However, my favorite story is my dad helping my mom make stuffing. She asked him to cut up a rib of celery and to add it to the mix – he cut up the entire stalk of celery. They told that story every time they made stuffing.

  2. My Mom’s stuffing was the best. The first time I ever made it I drove all the way across town at 9pm so she could taste it.

  3. I grew up absolutely hating stuffing!! I think it was the dryness and the amount of sage my mom used…I don’t know. Now, I’ve found there are some I like and some I just really don’t care for.

  4. I love my moms dressing. It’s my favorite at Thanksgiving. I have tried to make it but it never turns out quite like hers!
    monk5 at charter dot net

  5. Oh, stuffing!!! My mother-in-law makes the best “dressing” as we call it because she cooks it outside the turkey in a BIG pan (or two). Hers is homemade all the way with cornbread, etc. YUM!!! My mom always made Pepperidge Farm and we still love it at MY house!

  6. Not a fan of stuffing but Thanksgiving and Christmas is not the same without my Granny’s cornbread dressing.

  7. The last few years, my kids have made the stuffing. Basic recipe, stock, prepackaged stuffing mix (not stove top), celery, onions. I added dried cranberries last year, and wanted to add them again this year and maybe try some apples, but the kids reigned in the kitchen. (maybe for Christmas?
    I never cared for stuffing growing up. My mom would insist on making her stuffing with oysters. She would make a small non-oyster batch too. And she always put it inside the turkey. I don’t. I’ve always wanted to do it with cornbread or at least dry the bread out myself ahead of time. But just haven’t tried it. Just convenient enough to use the bread/stuffing cubes already packaged.

  8. My Texas mother would spend a couple of days getting the cornbread, hard-boiled eggs & chopped onions & celery ready for the cornbread dressing. Then she’d wait until the turkey had cooked long enough to have drippings so she could add that to the dressing mix before putting it in the oven. I had never had stuffing until we moved to North Dakota when I was a teenager & they made stuffing from cubed bread. I actually preferred it to my mother’s! As a busy minister’s wife, though, I have succumbed to the convenience of Stove Top.

  9. The stuffing we eat comes from a box. I’m not comfortable enough with my cooking skills to try and make it on my own.

  10. Well…we don’t usually have stuffing for Christmas. In fact my hubby and children are not fans of stuffing. When I was growing up my mom didn’t “do stuffing” we did “dressing”. She said dressing was what was cooked outside the turkey…she didn’t care for things stuffed in the turkey :) Anyway…she use to put water chestnuts in it for a little crunch…yummy! Thank you for bringing back some fun memories of my mom. Merry CHRISTmas!

  11. Apparently my grandma (who recently went home to Jesus) made the best dressing, but I don’t remember it. I never make it now as my family won’t eat it! I think my husband would be happy if I just served turkey, mashed potatoes & gravy!

  12. There were many years when I was young that all I wanted my mom. To make was Stove top Stuffing. Lol! But as I cooked my first Thanksgiving dinner at 21, I branched out to Bell’s. I always add celery and onion and prefer to cook so.e in the turkey and some out…mixing the two together before serving. Moist and crunchy! Everybody in my family loves it! (Really only because I made it)

  13. The most different ingredients I’ve ever had in stuffing were dried cranberries, and ham. Ham people. Unusual.,, Oh well.

  14. I use my mom’s stuffing recipe which is very simple…bread, onions, celery, and butter. I tried a cornbread sausage recipe one year. I thought it was good, but my family was not happy. We have gone back to the traditional!

  15. I’ve never stuffed a turkey or seen one stuffed. Mama made homemade dsg. I make stovetop! as that’s what my children like. Never tasted sausage dsg–bet it’s good/

  16. I didn’t really eat the stuffing when I was growing up, but I like it now. However, I have never tried to make it; either my mom or my mother-in-law always does and they are both great cooks! :)

  17. I love stuffing! I even order stuffing in the summer with meals in the Amish Country. I loved my mom’s and grandma’srecipes. I make an easy version for every day..prepare stovetop stuffing, place in baking pan with cream of mushroom soup, chicken breast cut into chunks, diced broccoli and corn, and a little sour cream. Mix together and bake at 400 for 25-30 minutes. Great comfort foot!

  18. Everyone always loved my mother-in-law’s traditional stuffing, but since she has passed away none of us can make it quite like she did! I have always wanted to try some new stuffing recipes and (gasp!) break tradition, and now I have one to try! Thanks for sharing!

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