KEEP IT SHUT Release! Win a Kindle Fire {and MORE!}

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Welcome to those of you who made your way here after reading my Proverbs 31 Ministries devotion today entitled When To Weigh Your Words. {If you haven’t read this devotion, click here to so.}


Today is the release day of my latest book KEEP IT SHUT: What to Say, How to Say It & When to Say Nothing at All. It includes a six-week DVD Bible study with a Bible study workbook designed for individual or group use.

This book was both painful and exciting for me to write.

Painful because my mouth has gotten me in so much trouble over the years.

And exciting because I have seen how God has used His Word to change my words and allowed me to suffer from foot-in-mouth disease so let’s often!

So, in honor of the release…………WE’VE GOT GIVEAWAYS!!!!

But first….I am MOST excited about this:

Keep It Shut helps our lips….and theirs……

SPLogo_Lg5% of all the profits from KEEP IT SHUT will be donated to Samaritans Purse for their cleft lip repair ministry.

13107SD-I-154-cleft-lip-donateIn South Sudan, children who are born with a cleft lip are often shunned by society because of the false belief that they are possessed by evil.  The money donated will help volunteer medical teams to perform cleft lip and palate surgeries for patients of all ages. As we learn to use our lips for good and not evil, we can help these sweet children be rid of this horrible stigma in their society.

Now….for the giveaways….

First, as promised in the devotion….I am giving away a KEEP IT SHUT bundle that includes a Kindle Fire!




Yes in-deedy….  one winner will get:

* The book KEEP IT SHUT

*The six-session DVD of KEEP IT SHUT

*One Bible study guide of KEEP IT SHUT

* A Kindle Fire HD 6 valued at $99!

Total package value: Over $150!!

To be entered to win, simply grab one of the tweets, Facebook statuses, pins, or Instagram images at the link below. Then, post it using the hashtag #keepitshutbook {The more places you post, the more likely you are to win}

I’ll be nosing around by searching the hashtag and choosing a winner who will be announced here on January 27.

BUT WAIT…there’s more!

I have tons of fabulous blogger friends who are also giving away copies of the book and more. I’ll keep you posted as to who and where. {For starters, Courtney DeFeo is giving away one today!}

And Beki over at The Rusted Chain crafted a necklace based on the book and one of its key verses Proverbs 16:24:

rusted chain necklaceGracious words are a honeycomb,
    sweet to the soul and healing to the bones. Proverbs 16:24

Is’t it adorable?!?!

I’ll be giving away a few of these over the next few weeks, as will a couple other bloggers.

So…..stay tuned!!! {You may want to sign up to get my blog posts in your email in the box in the sidebar or by clicking here so you don’t miss a thing!}

Ok…will you help spread the word about how we should–and should NOT–use our words and to raise some money for the cleft lip repair project at Samaritans Purse?

Click here to grab some tweets, pins, images and Facebook statuses and don’t forget to use the hashtag #keepitshutbook

Thanks friends!!!!

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  1. My harsh words are affecting my relationship with my son. He is mirroring me in some ways. I feel like I may be losing him and its too late to somehow erase all the pain I have caused him. In the moment it’s hard to control. Then it’s over, we are in our seperate areas and I regret every word! It’s causing both os us pain.

  2. I have trouble with speaking too harshly to my husband. I tend to think I can say whatever I want to say, and he should just love me anyway and think I am his precious sweetheart. Sometimes my words are far from sweet and cut deep to his heart. I definitely need to keep it shut. HELP!

  3. It is hardest for me to speak sweetly with my family when I’m under pressure. Would love to win a copy of this. Thank you for the opportunity.

  4. I need this book. I am working on thinking more before I speak. I know that words are so powerful. Thank you for writing this book. I know it will be a blessing to many!

  5. This book would be great to win in a giveaway!! My challenge is being sweet to my husband when he doesn’t hear me the first time I say something. He has ringing in his ears and that makes it hard for him but I should be more understanding!! I can think of other reasons to read this book, too–a valuable resource to learn from!!

  6. I definitely need this book. Being a mother of 5 boys my patience is tried often. There are times they correct me or I have to go back and apologize.

  7. Oh, I have loves your posts and look forward to your book. Thanks for the opportunity to win something pretty.

  8. Wow! Would love to read this, I find myself saying things that are not good or even my tone is not right. Don’t know about tweet, instagram, or hashtag – kind of behind! Anyways, would love to read & share with my family.
    Thank you.

  9. I make the poppyseed bread to give as gifts, yours in a little different and will try it. A tree full of lemons just going to waste if I don’t use them.

  10. I would love to win the book!!! My mouth is my constant challenge daily. I give my words to the Lord and ask for the Spirit to guide my words not my words to guide me.

  11. I would love to win your KEEP IT SHUT bundle. It sounds like it was written for me. I need it. Thanks for your ministry.

  12. I can’t wait to read your book. I know that my mouth gets me into a lot of trouble. I come from a long line of “gossips.” I hated to even admit that but it is true. I hope God will speak to me through your book and give me some insight on how to help myself and other family members.

  13. I was about 9 or 10 years old when I was watching our family cow pet grazing in the fields. This teenager boy was keeping himself busy by digging in the ground finding field mice nests. As i approached him, I asked with curiosity, what are you going to do with these mice eat them? Well, he looked at me with this humble, meek and lowly look that I can’t still forget and said nothing. In acornedss, I realized right away that since diging for mice nests was his entairtaninment for that time, was none of my business to be so nosy and mean. Even though I was so much younger then him, i realized my mouth shouldn’t run freely and I needed to be in control of my own words and attitude. I’m excited and looking forward to read your book!!!

  14. I don’t tweet, instagram or hashtag (call me a little behind), but I would love to win a book teaching me ways to keep my mouth shut. :-) Thanks.

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