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How to Set a Guard Over Your Mouth {& a KEEP IT SHUT bundle giveaway}


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******************************************************************************************unnamed-3Have you joined us after reading my Proverbs 31 devotion today “How to Keep Your Lips Zipped?” If not, please hop over to read it by clicking here. Then, come back here for the discussion and a giveaway!

KISDVDDid you read it? Good. Now tell us your thoughts to the questions below.

One person will be chosen at random to win a DVD and and study guide of my new book KEEP IT SHUT: What to Say, How to Say It and When to Say Nothing at All.

Now for the questions:

What are your thoughts about what my roommate said to the grip of girls in the dorm that day? Have you ever spoken up when others were gossiping, refusing to participate? If so, what happened? If not, have you ever wished you would?

Also, what do you think about what I did by texting my friend that I pledged to her not to talk to anyone other than God about the situation that happened in her life? Have you ever done something similar? How would you feel if someone made such a promise to you?

Do you have any other thoughts on the devotion?

I can’t wait to read your thoughts!


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  1. I have been in search of a good women’s bible study, but alas have not found one where gossip doesn’t rule. I have visited two women’s bible studies over the past few weeks, and both of them were filled with gossip. The last group I attended (which was led by the pastors wife) only spent 10-15 minutes actually studying the bible, and the other 90 minutes gossiping. I am very frustrated and disappointed in not being able to find a women’s bible study where this does not happen. I have been a Christian for over 30 years and I have yet to find a church or women’s bible study that does not include lots of gossip. I watched one friend have a nervous breakdown because of the gossip about her – which was begun by the pastors wife. I pray your book helps stop – or at least slow down – this trend towards gossip online, offline and in between. I guess I will continue to search for a women’s bible study that I am comfortable with – which is low on gossip. Please pray for my success. I look forward to reading you book.

  2. This is a great topic for devotionals. I have caught myself getting involved in office gossip at work. I pray daily to be more aware of what I say and to use my words for encouragement and uplifting rather than harmful gossip.

  3. This hits home with me so strongly right now. It took a lot for that college student to stay what she did to those girls that day and I only wish I had the courage and strength to do that. This is something I am working on so hard right now. I recently ended a friendship partially because gossip and plain mean spiritedness is all this person wanted to do. We have recent had to start hunting a new church because our church has become so overrun with gossip, even by the leaders. I found myself being right in the middle and am not proud of that! Just yesterday I was in the middle of a me a accusation because a “friend” had twisted my words and was saying mean things that supposedly came from me! It got straightened out, but was a big eye opener! I want to be the person that makes a promise and a commitment and stands up for friends and other people, not fees into the gossip. I want to be a great example to my children and show them that we build people up, not tear them down. Thank you for this giveaway!

  4. I’m not really the type to come out and tell my friends they’re gossiping, so I LOVE your suggestion, Karen! Promises are something I take very seriously and I never make a promise to someone unless I am sure I can keep that promise. If I make a promise to a friend, and seek help from the Lord, I think this will really work for me in stopping gossip. It’s also a gentle way to tell others that I’m not going to partake in the gossip. I liked this idea so much, I forwarded your blog to my 3 daughters. I continue to thoroughly enjoy your blog. You help me in my spiritual walk, Karen, and I appreciate you so much! I would love to read your book!

  5. Oh this would be such a blessing! I would share it with my Bible study group. Where is the line between asking for prayer and gossiping? Or just sharing news? Thank you for this devotional!

  6. Just what i needed today. I teach school and we are constantly
    Tempted to talk about other teachers and the students. I really like the idea of making a pledge or a commitment, not only to a friend but to our dearest friend, God. If i would only stop to think about the fact that each if us is Gods creation an d he loves us all equally, i might think twice before hurting him in such a careless way.

  7. I just “met” you via the Made to Crave Bible study when Lysa mentioned you and your blog…I wrote it down and am SO glad I found it!
    Yes what she did was right and what you did was wonderful, I will do this the next time a friend or family member is hit with a situation….thank you…

  8. Karen,

    I have just finished reading your “Keep It Shut” book and have enjoyed it So much. At first, for a good couple of weeks, I always said your chapter 1 prayer to start my day off in a godly way. I have noticed that I am far more intentional in my speech and actually say a lot less now! I have always been mindful of “sinful” gossip, but until reading you book I would have probably not classified everything I said about someone behind their back as gossip. I think I now realise the difference between talking about a situation or a person, and just gossiping about them. I have much still to learn about gracious words and being kind in what I say to my nearest and dearest. I’d like to think my two children have seen a difference in how I tell them off.mi certainly bite my tongue more with my husband and try to be very careful what I actually say. Thank you very much for writing such a inspirational book! Years ago a bought one of yours about de cluttering the house and that has been a favourite too…though I don’t think you’d be able to tell if you saw our home! With best wishes to you all the way from Sheffield, South Yorkshire, England, from me, Rachel C.

  9. I love that your roommate spoke up.I have never done that but now maybe I will.
    You letting your friend know you would not speak about but to her and God was a blessing to her I’m sure.
    monk5 at charter dot net

  10. I agree with what your roommate said. I don’t like to be involved in gossip because of what the Bible teaches about it & because of the damage it can cause. There have been times when I have gotten caught up in my emotions regarding situations I have been involved in & have said too much. I know I need to ask God to help me with this so that I don’t ever cross the line. There have also been times when I have spoken up when gossip was going on and have gotten different reactions depending on who it was I spoke up to.

    I love the commitment you made to your friend. I have done similar for friends who have confided very personal things to me. If a friend did that for me it would make me feel very secure and protected. Your devotional is a much needed reminder for me. Thank you!

  11. I have gotten caught up in gossip when I like to think of it as being concerned for another when in actuality it truly was just gossip. some good thoughts on how to avoid that in the future.

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