Christmas in July {5 Fab Gifts to Buy Now}

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Get a jump start on Christmas with these great gift ideas! From karenehman.com

Ok. You know how it goes.

It is nearly Christmas–sleigh bells ringing, children singing, the tree lights twinkling on your tree. However, instead of drinking in the sights and sounds of the season—you are totally FREAKING OUT because you haven’t thought of a clever gift for Grandma. Or your best friend. Or a $5 gift for the teachers, the bus driver, or for that girlfriends’ gift exchange you’ve been invited to.

Well, don’t freak out…..plan ahead!

Here are 5 FAB gifts to buy now. {The last one is actually a whole slew of $5 gifts on clearance that are awesome deals–but going fast}

Click on any of the images to see more and purchase. Happy shopping! {NOTE: For added effect, crank out some Christmas carols on Pandora or Spotify while you shop!}


First, for Grandma. An apron that marks her grandkids’ growth. Oh….the cuteness!

Clever gift for grandma! Measure Me Grammy apron.

Next, a tricky little tool to bring back conversations around the family dinner table. Anyone remember the family dinner table?
Bring back the family dinner conversation time with this clever cup.

How about this one…..a lovely journal that doesn’t cost a fortune. You’re welcome.

 Wrap-up journal. Great gift idea from the Christmas in July sale at karenehman.comDid you know that coloring books aren’t just for kids? They are all the rage. And relaxing. (A friend of mine, who went through a tough time years back and was in therapy, said part of her treatment included coloring. Good for the soul!) This one illustrates Bible verses. DARLING! (And makes me not feel so bad when I see all these people free-hand illustrating in their Bibles, while I can barely draw a stick figure!)

Coloring books aren't just for kids! Great gift idea from the Christmas in July sale at karenehman.comAnd finally….a boatload of clearance gifts from Dayspring that are only $5 (although many have original prices much higher) Something for everyone–kitchen items, household decor’, books. etc…)

Great $5 gift ideas from the Christmas in July sale at karenehman.comGrab a glass of something cold to drink and knock off some of your Christmas list now.

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  1. I just love your books! You speak God’s word to me in a way that really makes it practical to apply. My small group is working through Keep It Shut and reading it again with the study guide is even better than the first time around. I have my sisters to hold me accountable.
    Let. It. Go. was the first book I read of yours that offered so much doable scripture.
    Now I have felt it in my heart to start blessing my neighbor, and am almost finished with A Life That Says Welcome. I hate entertaining, but realized I could love showing hospitality, thanks to you. My son invited a friend over yesterday (baby steps) and your Lemon-Herb Chicken was a hit! I ignored your advice of never making something new for guests; I felt I could trust you.
    I hadn’t put it all together that many of my favorite books are yours. Thank you for being a part of my life and changing it in so many ways. God’s kingdom (and everyone around me) has benefited as well.

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