31 Days to Becoming a Happy Mom Giveaway with Arlene Pellicane

Today I’m super excited to introduce my friend, Arlene and she is guest posting on becoming a happy mom.

{Be sure to leave a comment today’s post for a chance to win one of two giveaway books.}

And guess what? Arlene interviewed many moms for her book including my friend Ruth Schwenk (co-author of Hoodwinked) and me!

Now meet my friend Arlene.

imageArlene Pellicane is a speaker and author of 31 Days to Becoming a Happy Mom. She and her husband live in Southern California with their three children (ages 5, 8 and 10). You can learn more about Arlene and find free resources to make your home happier at www.ArlenePellicane.com


When my son Ethan was in first grade, we had this little talk after he received an academic award. “I’m so proud that you are well-behaved at school,” I said beaming. “Oh yes,” Ethan replied. “I’m very well behaved at school. I’m much worse at home because I fight with Noelle!”

Isn’t it true we can be well-behaved and pleasant with others but we have a much harder time acting happy and agreeable with family members? As a mom, you know how it feels to start the day like Mary Poppins and go to bed as Cruella De Vil.

Why are moms today stressed out, pooped out, and overwhelmed much of the time? Part of the answer lies in this quote from Erma Bombeck:

Do you know what you call those who use towels and never wash them, eat meals and never do the dishes, sit in rooms they never clean, and are entertained till they drop? If you have just answered, “A house guest,” you’re wrong because I have just described my kids.
If that scenario sounds familiar, get ready for a change! You are not running a hotel; you are managing a home. You don’t have guests to cater to; you have children to raise. We can easily get caught up in the mommy culture around us where the roles have been hijacked. Kids are calling the shots and moms are taking the orders. When that happens, unhappiness reigns supreme, not just for moms, but for kids too.

It’s time to put more “happy” in your home by getting our roles straight!

imageNow for the giveaway.
Two fabulous people will win a copy of Arlene’s book, 31 Days to Becoming a Happy Mom.

Leave a comment about why you could use some encouragement as a mom today. Can you relate to having a harder time acting agreeable at home as opposed to with others?

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  1. I have 2 girls 4 and 8 yrs old. Somedays I feel like I am not a Happy Mom and I hate that to show that to my girls. Sure we all have bad days, but lately with working full time, and trying to take care of everything and everyone at home it feels like most days I am frustrated, irritated and impatient. This is not how I want my girls to think of their mom. Their childhood needs to be a memorable one.

  2. Even though my kids are grown they are still in and out all the time and so many times I feel like I am running a motel/maid service. I am grateful though that they still enjoy wanting to come home.

  3. I could use some encouragement because there are times where I do so much for my kids but never feel appreciated. I strive to be the best mom I can be but let’s face it that in itself is a tough job and I am definitely not a perfect mom. I need to let God guide me in this journey of motherhood not myself.

  4. I have one daughter. I had a stroke when she was 6 1/2 wks. old and it was recommended to me not to have any more children! :( Whenever we tried to talk about adoption, something major seemed to happen! :( I feel like I am trying so hard sometimes so make things “perfect” for her that she’s not actually seeing a happy mom! I want to enjoy her and for her to remember a happy childhood with happy parents when she looks back! I know everything won’t be perfect, but, I need to learn that’s ok!

  5. I could definately use some encouragement! That and maybe someone to smack me whenever I head the wrong direction! My days seem to follow a not so nice pattern most of the time- getting everyone up for school, fights over no clean uniforms or lost socks, yelling from everyone, sometimes tears & lectures. Then at work all day, I’m fine. I’ve been told that no one can be that happy all the time and I have never yelled at a co-worker. Then at 3:30, my two girls (13 & 9) get home from school. The fights begin there and I spend the next hour and a half diffusing them by phone since I am still at work. Once I get home, it’s helping with homework, reminding them of chores that didn’t get done after school, fighting over music practice and showers. The evening is a replay of the morning and we are all at our wit’s end before Dad even gets home from work! The person I am in public with other people is a night and day difference from who I am at home with the people that I love the most. My 13 year old has picked up on so many of my attitudes and my sarcastic irritated tone of voice too. It’s enough to make me want to go hide, but prayer in the bathroom (the only place I can be alone!) is what it takes to get through most nights. I need help!

  6. I sure could use this book! I have fallen into the habit of treating my kids 17,13 and 11 as houseguests and haven’t done a good job at all of preparing them for real life. These past two months, I’ve been hit by some pretty significant health challenges and am unable to do most of the things I previously took for granted. This has really opened my eyes to the fact that had I done a better job of preparing my children previously, I wouldn’t have to coach them nearly so much to accomplish everyday tasks.

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