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Finding Your Family’s Groove {and a great soup recipe!}

Get in the groove with these tips for a smooth weekly routine.Does feeding your family energize you or stress you out?

I’d have to say they do a little of both for me. While I love to cook, if I haven’t taken time to plan ahead, it can cause me to freak out slightly.

Okay. Freak out a lot.

If I fail to plan, I’m planning to fail. (That old adage is SO very true!) So here are some tips I’ve gathered along the way. And a great busy day recipe for soup using leftover roast beef. (Hint: if you plan now to make a roast for next Sunday’s supper, you can make this on Monday. For you gals who are away from home during the day, it works well in a crock pot too!) Read more at For The Family.

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