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Two Fabulous Fall Challenges {One for Your Home~One For Your Health}

Don’t miss the giveaway near the end of this post!

I wanted to let you know about two fabulous challenges that are going on this fall. Both of them are being done by good friends of mine who are bloggers. We hang out online often, but only in person once a year or so. Here are some pics of our blogger gang at our retreat last summer at a villa in Ohio.

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The first challenge is for your home. Courtney from Women Living Well does an encouraging challenge each year called Making Your Home a Haven.

The 6th Annual Making a Home a Haven Challenge at WomenLivingWell.org

{Click on the image for details.}

Each week she will give you one practical tip and one spiritual tip that you can do to create a haven in your home.

And the second one is for your physical and spiritual health. My friend Clare Smith is doing a Living and Active health and fitness challenge over at her place.

Check out the Living and Active Challenge from Clare Smith

{Click on the image for details}

Her goal and passion is to get you into God’s Word which holds the keys to getting us Living & Active! There is both a body and soul element to this challenge.

41Szo5mo7HL-2Check out the Living and Active Challenge from Clare SmithNow…..I will be giving away two copies of Courtney’s book Women Living Well and two copies of Clare’s Living and Active Challenge guide (you don’t have to have the guide to do the challenge, by the way) to four readers who comment on this post.

So, leave a comment letting us know which challenge interest you and why. Winners announced tomorrow.

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  1. I started the inspiring “Making Your Home a Haven” challenge today. I did not know about the “Living & Active” challenge but, since it’s something I’ve been thinking about and, since it starts on my 49th birthday, I think the Lord may be telling me something… LOL! So I’m signing up! :)

  2. Thank you for telling us about these great challenges, and the wonderful giveaway! The Make Your Home a Haven challenge is what I’m interested it. In 2007 a tornado destroyed our town, and we spent 2 years in a FEMA trailer. We have had a hard time finding housing since then, because it’s very scarce in this area now. My husband and I live in a 27′ RV while our son has a bedroom in my mom’s home next door. Feeling “at home” and not just “in limbo” in this RV has been a challenge. I hope this might do something to help.

  3. While I would love to have either book…..right now the Living and Active Challenge guide is the one I could really use the most right now. I am trying very hard to loose weight and get healthy. It is a daily struggle. This book/guide would be very helpful. :)

  4. Women living well inerests me. I would like to grow closer to God and to minister to my hubby and kids better.

  5. The Make your Home a Haven challenge really excites me! I am ready to begin it and love that it mixes the practical with the spiritual with scriptures and tips for everyday! I would love to win her book because I’ve been eyeing it for a while!

  6. The idea of the fall home challenge sounds fabulous to me. I love my home to be a haven. I want it to be a place of retreat for my family and a place of invitation for others. This is my favorite time of year and I love to create a home that is warm and inviting.

  7. I am very interested in these challenges – in an attempt to balance all I have going on, I have a hard time fitting in taking care of myself – spiritually, emotionally and physically. I’ve recently started working out and adopted healthier eating habits, but am struggling now with daily time with God (not because of the working out, mind you…just “because”). It feels like a vicious circle – I don’t feel like I have to do everything perfectly, but I would like to put my wellness on the list somewhere :)

  8. I signed up for the Living and Active challenge. I love the idea of more purposefully connecting fitness/healthy living with scripture!

  9. Having broken my wrist this year and spending time in the hospital for a variety of illnesses that all hit at once, i find myself with little to no energy and no desire to get up and move. So the challenge of being active would be a great one to get me up and participating with life again. Thank you for all the hope and joy you offer to teach us each day.

  10. What a difficult choice! I think at this time I would pick the making your home a haven choice. It sounds like an excellent resource to help strengthen this area of my life and prepare our home for a cozy winter.

  11. Same for me. Both challenges sound wonderful. I need to manage my time more effectively, cut out the things that are not important in my life, focus more on God and lose weight – or at least get into shape. I feel that in one sense, I need the Living and Active just so that I could Make My Home a Haven. I want to be healthy both physically and spiritually to do what God has for my life.

  12. When reading 2 Timothy 1:7(thank you Nicki Koziarz)
    I realized I need more self discipline in the area of my health….one of my good friends has had a problem with her back and she also lacks self discipline. …we would love to win
    The Living and Active Challenge..

  13. Both challenges sound great but I need a lot more work on being ‘active’ so I just signed up for Clare’s – would love to win her book :)

  14. Well to be honest both, need to be more active/and actively seeking God, and love the idea of making home more “home” a place of rest/relax.

  15. I would say the Living and Active Challenge. I love that it combines everything into one, both spiritual and physical. With little ones at home, it’s hard to make the time for these things, but I know it’s so important.

  16. I’m interested in both challenges but won’t try to do both at once. The Making Your Home a Haven one really speaks to me because that is one of my goals in life — to make our home a haven for my husband and everyone else who enters our doors.

  17. I’d be interested in the Women Living Well Challenge. I need to get a grasp on my life and remember my relationship with God, husband, and children. Too often I get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life.

  18. The fitness challenge definitely interests me. I’ve let the fitness take a back seat recently and I could use all the motivation and inspiration I can find to get me moving again!

  19. I am interested in the fitness challenge. After having a baby, I am really wanting to get back to taking care of my body! I would love to give it a try!

  20. The fitness one really challenges me, I find consistency and motivation in this area extremely difficult. I’d love to read her guide and give it try!!?

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