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LAST DAY to Enter HOODWINKED Giveaways {including a Kitchen Aid Mixer!}

Last day to enter giveaways!

Enter to win giveaways for Hoodwinked launch week!

It is the last day to enter to win the fabulous prizes for the Hoodwinked launch week. And don’t forget to sign up for the online book study hosted by Candace Cameron Bure that begins November 16!!! Click here for details.
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  1. I love watching my kids grow and learn every day. Seeing them change and different personality traits come out and seeing things with fresh eyes and ideas every day. <3

  2. So many reasons I love being a mom…l love that God has entrusted me with the privilege of being a mom to an awesome teenager!!

  3. There are so many things I love about being a mom! One of the main things is having someone to love unconditionally that I can watch grow and learn, it’s the best feeling in the world!! The hugs, I love yous and the cuddles are the best! I am so thankful that I have a wonderful son and I get to be his mom!

  4. I love being a mom to my boys because they bring such joy in my heart! I truly learn more about my Father in heaven from the relationships I have with my children!

  5. Being a Mom has taught me about myself, God and has made me a better person. It forced me into overcoming challenges so I don’t cause issues for my children and it’s been humbling. I never feel like I know what I’m doing and without the help of the Holy Spirit and having a relationship with God, my perfect parent, I don’t think I would have the kids I have today who serve God too. I would love this book! It looks encouraging :)

  6. I just read your 11/5 post on proverbs 31 ministries and man oh man…it reminded me to have a tranquil heart. Be calm, trust God, stop with the comparing to other Mosaic Moms :-)

  7. I loved watching my kids grow. I am a bit sad that they are grown now. Being a mom was just who I was, I just loved being a stay at home mom. It wasn’t easy but there wasn’t anywhere else I wanted to be!!! :-)

  8. I love being mom because there is never a dull moment. My life is full of ups and downs and new adventures every day.

  9. I love being a mom because my kids are sweet, loving, caring individuals who already love Jesus with all their hearts!

  10. I love that my children look to me for wisdom. Even though, there are days when I question my being a mom and my insight and wish that I had my own mom to call upon for wisdom. I love that I have the opportunity to impart wisdom and pass on the knowledge of my own mom and how much I looked up to and adored her.

  11. I love being a mom because I get the opportunity to watch my children grow as individuals but also in Christ my two little boys Onyx and Jade are my everything and I’m so glad I get to spend every moment with them yeah there’s rough times and hard times and sleepless nights but it’s the little things that keep me going and there love for learning and nothing beats that! God is good ! ???????

  12. I love being a mom because they help me to grow in so many ways. I think that I got this mom thing figured out until they once again humble me, and show me how at every hour, every moment I need a Savior to make it through!

  13. I love being a mom I love the many changes in my children overtime as they develop personalities and become individuals who are working toward their mini and big goals. I love that I am apart of their lives and share everything with them.

  14. I love being a mom because I feel that is what I was called for. I definitely do not do it perfectly, but it makes me lean on God more. I love my kids! They are great at reminding me of Gods infinite mercy and grace.

  15. I love being a mom because I get to raise up Godly kids in a way I believe is honoring, love on little tiny people, & get cuddled! Some of my favorite things.

  16. I love being a mom because God has called me to it and there is nothing like holding your babies in your arms and telling them how much Jesus loves them. It’s the greatest ministry I could ever have.

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