The Easiest & Most Delicious Dessert EVER!

The easiest dessert ever! From #LoveYourLifeFriday at karenehman.comAre you ready for the easiest dessert ever? And not only easy….delicious! Seriously. Each time I take this people ask for the recipe.

I first found this dish when my son came home from his friend’s house saying, “Mom! You have got to get the recipe for Miss KC’s dessert! We couldn’t stop eating it!”

The football team at our team dinner before our second playoff game. These boys can eat!
The football team at our team dinner before our second playoff game. These boys can eat!

This dish is so easy to whip together. It makes it perfect for those times that you need a dish to pass in a hurry. Or your child informs you that he or she volunteered for you to take food to a school or sports function and the function is in two hours! My son’s football player friends cannot get enough of this dish. Are you ready for the easy recipe?


First, dip Chips Ahoy cookies, one by one, in whole milk and layer them in a pan.

Second, spread Extra Creamy Cool Whip on top.

Third, topped with crushed Heath bars, mini chocolate chips, mini M&Ms, toasted coconut, chopped peanuts, anything goes!


Seal with foil and refrigerate for 2 hours.

Watch it disappear!

My pan after the team potluck.
My pan after the team potluck.

What’s your favorite cookie recipe? I’d love to hear! Don’t have one? Check out the ideas in this brand-new Favorite Cookies recipe book that looks amazing!

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  1. I made this following the instructions. The two regular packages covered the pan with one layer; and there were about 10 cookies left over that I just scattered over the single layer. That was NOT nearly enough cookies for all that Cool Whip. It ended up making a Cool Whip dessert with an extremely thin crust. This recipe really needs FOUR packages of cookies if you want your dessert to taste like more than just plain Cool Whip.

  2. Hi, quick question…do you dip the whole cookie in the milk or 1/2 of it? I didn’t see that part & I need full direction. I never make sweets, I would rather cook dinner than make any desert. :)

  3. I made this for a crowd for New Year’s Eve. I’m in the UK so no Cool Whip for us so tried birds Dream Topping.
    I used (almost) 2 packs of Maryland cookies, 1 pack of Oreo cookies, 2 birds dream topping packets, and a few crushed Twix bars on top.
    Absolute winner, dish completely cleared and the easiest, inexpensive dish ever!
    Thank you for the recipe!!

  4. Will this last in the fridge overnight? I’m a teacher and I want to make this for my school’s holiday lunch- the kids would love it!!

    1. Yes, you can store it overnight. I make this for every family function since I don’t cook. I always make it the night before. The leftovers (if any) are also good for a few days afterward.

  5. Karen thank you for sharing your recipe. I made the recipe to share at a Women’s Ministry dinner and the ladies loved it! I took a liberty and added chocolate pudding in between the layers because honestly who doesn’t love chocolate?! It was a huge hit abs I’ll be making this often. Thanks again!

  6. A bit more info such as pan size, type and number of cookies, what size Cool Whip would be very helpful. I virtually never buy prepackaged cookies, so I have no concept of how large they are, how many are in a pack, etc.

    Thank you

    1. If you scroll up it has the amounts but few different suggestions i believe 9×13 pan. Most have said 2 regular packages and 2 containers cool whip

  7. Made this today and it is so easy and delicious. Awesome dessert to take to a family dinner or potluck. I used regular cookies and topped with mini chocolate chips…Absolutely perfect!!

  8. This was one of my kids favorite desserts. I do two layers of cookes (dipped in milk) with whip cream between, then too with whip cream and crumbled cookies. I think 2 pkgs of regular cookies and whip cream. And YES it can be made the day before. I always tried to do that.

  9. Um, am I missing where it lists how much milk? I notice comments, people are saying 2 packages of cookies, 2 containers of cool whip. But nothing in regards to milk.

  10. I would also like to know if I can make the night before or if it’s recommended to eat it closer to the 2 hour chill time.

  11. Looks delish and easy. What is the consistency when it is done? Is it like a pudding? Any pictures after it has been dished out?

  12. This sounds so easy but so yummy! How many packages of cookies do you usually use and how much of the whipped topping? I can’t wait to make this!

  13. What type of cookies , the chewy or the regular cookies ?
    Looks great can’t wait to send to a high school event .

    1. I’m wondering about the cookie type as well, and about how many packages to fill a 9×13? It looks yummy, thanks!

      1. I made this last night and a 9×13 took a family sized pkg (I did regular) and two regular sized packages (I did one chewy and one regular). And it took almost 2 containers of cool whip (regular size). We eat it tonight at a Christmas party – hoping it turns out great!

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