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DIY – Organize that Jewelry!

Organize your jewelry! #LoveYourLifeFriday at karenehman.com

Hi! It’s Lynn Cowell popping in to share on Karen’s DIY Day!

In 9th grade, my best friend Suzie gave me the cutest little jewelry bag to keep my precious (although cheap) jewelry safe in.

Fast forward 15 years. My family was moving into a new house and what jewelry I had was still wrapped up in that pretty, little bag … and it was a tangled mess! I had to figure out a new plan.

This idea came to me the day we were installing my husband’s tie rack in our closet. What worked for him could work for me!

I just had two problems:

  1. Where could I put my rack?
  2. I didn’t want it out in the open.

Our closet had no more free wall space, but our water closet did! So I found a little cupboard at the home improvement store, hung it above our stool and put the tie rack inside.

Cabinet for necklace rack Turn a tie rack into a necklace rack!

You might not feel like you need to take the extra step to put it in a cabinet, but my husband and I often have our guests use our bedroom, so I wanted it out of sight.

Now what about my earrings?

For this solution, I simply cut a 18 count egg carton in half:

Egg carton becomes earring holder

(Thanks to you, it got a bit more organized today!)

Now the problem is … what do I do with my bracelets?


Today, I’m giving away a cute set of pearl earrings. To enter, simply say, “I’m in!” or if you have an idea on what I can do with this jumbled up mess of bracelets and watches share it! I’ll have Karen announce the winner next week and I’ll get them shipped right out to you!

Pearl earring give away

I hope you’ll stop by my blog at Wise Women … Wise Daughters and say hello! It’s where we help one another become wise women and in turn impact the next generation of women to be wiser still!

Lynn_Cowell_HeadshotHiResLynn Cowell is a Proverbs 31 speaker and the author of several books including “Magnetic: Becoming the Girl He Wants”.

Lynn helps set women of all ages on the path toward wise choices by leading them to the only love that can fill the love gap in their hearts.

Her husband and their three children (all in college) live in North Carolina where they love hiking, rafting and anything combining chocolate and peanut butter.


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  1. Is there a way to get emailed updates to a post you’re following? It would make it an easy and fun way to follow, and see everyone’s comments. Was the winner ever announced?

  2. I’m in. All very good ideas so far :). I have a jewelry drawer in my dresser and to organize the little I have, I bought a couple if jewelry organizers with compartments of various sizes.

  3. Great ideas! I have an jewlery armoire, but still need more organization! Love the ideas of the clear egg tray and rolling pins!:)

  4. I’m in! I use a basket for my bangle-type bracelets. For chain-style bracelets, I have a jewelry holder my grandfather made for me; a mug tree would be almost identical to what I have and works wonderfully for them!

  5. Love all the ideas as my jewelry is a bit of a jumble too at times. I do use a hanging shoe rack- the kind with plastic pockets- on the back of my closet door and have my jewelry in the pockets. I keep bracelets in their own little plastic “sandwich” bag or some other small bag I “find” somewhere. Some jewelry in boxes that fit nicely in the “shoe pocket.” Scarves and belts also fit nicely in these plastic shoe pockets and are out of the way hanging on the back of the closet door.

    1. I gave my daughters those jewelry organizers for Christmas. They work great for them since they are always on the go, they can scoop them up and throw them in their bag. I ordered them from Amazon.

  6. I have the perfect thing!!! I saw it displayed at an antique flea market fair and fell in love. Go to Hobby Lobby (or maybe you have one anyway) and buy a tall slender pretty colored bottle that tapers from neck to full at bottom. Slide your bracelets on it and put on your vanity. So pretty! Each of my daughters and I have one. We don’t have many bracelets though so I guess you could buy a couple of bottles if you have more. But an inexpensive fix.

  7. You could slip the bracelets over a standing paper towel holder. Or hand them on a coat rack – add extra pegs as needed.

  8. I just this week tried to solve this same problem! I ordered a ‘bracelet rack’ that looks like three rolling pins on a small gun rack…..I know this sounds scary, but it looks good. the ‘rolling pins’ are covered in black velvet as well as the entire rack. You can display your larger bracelets so they are easy to find and also use the ends of the ‘pins’ to hand smaller bracelets. You can either hand this on the wall or sit on the dresser. Hope this helps…..now if I will just put the bracelets where they belong and not leave them all over the house! I am not sure there is a cure for that….just self discipline.

  9. The necklace solution is terrific! The bracelets/watches: how about a wooden (or otherwise) rolling pin hung on the wall with cute wrought iron brackets? The ends of the rolling pin would sit in the brackets, and the rolling pin could be lifted out to get or put back the bracelet!

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