Update on the Bargerons

IMG_4607 (2)A while back I ran a post on the young newlywed couple that was in a horrible car accident the day after Christmas. It left the husband, Lane, with a traumatic brain injury and unable to move. You can see their story in the video below. (If you are getting this via email, click on the post title to get to the video)


Many of you have asked how the Bargeron’s are doing these days. They are now the proud parents of a baby girl, Nyra. Mom Emily is working as a nurse and Lane continues to work hard in therapy. Through it all, they remain an amazing example of a family who glorifies God in the midst of hard circumstances. (You can keep updated with them by reading their blog here)

Currently some folks who love the Bargerons like crazy have kicked off a campaign to raise money so they can get out of their apartment and into a home that will be accessible to Lane and his needs including his wheel chair. I would be so thrilled if you would consider giving even a small gift of money to help in this quest. Even skipping a latte or a dinner out and sending them the money would be such a huge blessing to them….and to me. If you do, please leave a message letting them know how you heard about them. I’d love to see your name over on the site. You can get all the details by clicking here.

Thank you so much for considering this request.

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