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Moms! Pressing Pause Devotion Releases Today {Giving Away 5 Copies!}

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Welcome to you joining by finding your way here from my Proverbs 31 Ministries devotion today called Where Does a Mom Go to Resign? {To read it, click here but be sure to come back for the giveaway!}

MOMS! Pressing Pause devotion now available! By Karen Ehman & Ruth Schwenk

I am so excited to be releasing my 9th book today! Pressing Pause: 100 Quiet Moments for Moms to Meet with Jesus is a devotional book for moms. Once upon a time, just last spring, this is what the idea looked like:

The original page from my writing idea notebook.
The original page from my writing idea notebook where I began to sketch out the verses for the devotions in the book.

I coauthored this book with my friend Ruth Schwenk from The Better Mom. Here is the description:


Kids bickering? Schedule jam-packed? Dishes and laundry both piled up high? Perhaps it’s time you pressed pause.

Whether you’re juggling a career, kids’ schedules, and church commitments or you’re covered in spit-up and anxious about what the next eighteen years might hold, you can carve out a few quiet moments to rejuvenate your spirit.

Pressing Pause offers you a calm way to start your day, to refresh yourself in Jesus and drink deeply of His presence so that you are ready to pour out love, time, and energy into the people who matter most to you.

These 100 encouraging devotions for moms will help you begin each day with scripture, drawing on God’s power, ingesting His Word, and learning practical ways to love and serve more like His son.

Just a few minutes each day can help you center your heart and mind on what God has for you as His beloved daughter. So resist the rush. Halt the hustle. Press pause and find some calm in the chaos.


Moms! Pressing Pause: 100 Quiet Moments for Moms to Meet with Jesus now available!

To celebrate the release of Pressing PauseI am giving away 5 copies!!

Winners will be chosen from among those who comment on this post. Leave us a comment letting us know what your life as a mom looks like. How many kids? Ages? Are you a stay-at-home mom, work outside the home or have a home business? {Winners chosen 4/5)

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  1. I am a single mom of a 17 year old daughter and 16 year old son. After being married for 14 1/2 years it was quite a shock to start all over again as a family of three! God has been faithful to always provide but it hasn’t always been an easy road. Teenagers are challenging enough with both parents involved but it is stressful and even more challenging to be the sole provider for them (with the exception of a small monthly child support). As my oldest will turn 18 this summer and be going to college (7 miles away) this fall I am soon going to be facing a new challenge. Empty nest (whether she lives in the dorms or continues to live at home) it will be different as she embarks on this new phase of her life. Exciting and a little scary for us both! I could really use this book as a daily phase button in my life!
    I enjoy your blogs and daily devotionals! Continue to encourage women as God leads you!

  2. I have a daughter-in-law………… with 5 children………..youngest 7 months……..
    I think she would love it!

  3. Thank you for the encouragement, I’m passing it along to my daughter. I would love to have the devotional & coffee to give to my daughter; she is a stay at home mother of a 7 year old son and 2 year old daughter. It is very overwhelming at times, and I don’t live close enough to help her. The little girl is very active, and fearless. I think this would be very uplifting.

  4. Keep up the encouragement for all the moms out here. Even though my daughter is grown, I still find a need for encouragement for myself or to pass on to young moms.

  5. I’m a mom of an adorable, energetic 7 year old girl. I love her dearly and she is very affectionate. Sometimes though when she is too exited or a little difficult and I am stressed and upset about something, I lose my patience and let lose my anger which hurts her. Sometimes its the other way around when I try to explain something for her good and she doesn’t want to listen, she can be difficult and trying. We have had a lot of issues since she was born and I can see now how God is slowly bonding us back together. I pray that if anything else in my life, I want to be the best mom I can be, led and controlled by the holy spirit and who can be the example Jesus wants her to follow and learn from. I also work full time and only get to see her for a few hours in the evening after work and before she goes to bed. Pray much for us.

  6. I am a mom of an adorable, energetic and sometimes trying 7 year old girl. I love her with all my heart but I have a patience that runs out fast and end up yelling at her even when there’s no need to or she tests me to my limits when I am highly stressed and try to keep it together but lose it in the end. We have had a lot of issues since she was born and now God is slowly bonding us again. I don’t want to blow it and lose her again. Pray for patience and wisdom to deal with and speak to her the right things in love and the Lord’s leading. I also work full time and only have time with her in the evening after I get back from work. I’m praying to be the best mom I can be if not anything else, an example of Jesus to my girl.

  7. Nonprofit Super Hero by day, busy mom by night. Tasks seem insurmountable and the only way to survive is to refuel with the Jesus. In our home is one sweet husband, an 11 year old daughter and a 9 year old boy. As I seek to solve the worlds problems by day, they often try to steal my own ” mountain” at home by night. Often the accountability of sweet Christian ladies reminds me I sometimes may have not stopped often enough to refuel. Your book sounds like a lovely reminder to hit pause more often.

  8. I am a newly now single mom of three children! Two boys, 9 and 15, and a daughter who is 21! I work full time and now my mountain consists of being both mom and dad along with choufer, teacher, cook, maid… This blog today really hit home with the reality of my daily unsermountable tasks that i need to take my sleep low moments to recharge so I can climb high! A daily devotional guide would be such a blessing as I continue my climb!

  9. I’m a first time mom to a very energetic but completely lovable 17 month old girl. I work from home, but I have family nearby as sitters during my work day. The recent work change has been a blessing because I can be near her and maintain full time work. Motherhood is a whirlwind for me because I didn’t have children in mind before I got married. Even after I got married, it was a far off idea. And I waited until 34 to start a family and was pretty set in my own routine. So I’m figuring it out as I go. And have no time to stop and breathe! One child feels like a very full plate!

  10. I just found out about the giveaway. I am a praying homeschooling, work wherever and try to get it done, newly dating, with 2 older children and 1 younger child, field trip planning, dancing; community theater, budgeting, researching, bible digging, wanna write, while working on building a ministry and creating streams of income, while doing the lord’s work, preparing to learn how to lead bible fellowship, clean eating, keeping my family healthy while working out mentally, physically, and spiritually, with a little chaos type mom, trying to find peace at times!

  11. I have 3 boys…17, 13 and 10. I also have a home day care so I’m able to be home when my kids get home from school. Every day is something different from scouts to church activities. My days start early and end late….often with one or both of my teens up later than me.

  12. I have two boys both age 3…they are 6 weeks apart…;) foster care adoption. I work full-time and feel like I never get a second to myself to pause. I wake at 530 each day to try to get some time with Jesus to hope my days glorify him and remain kingdom focused. I recently recommitted my life to Him and my hubby was just saved last year. I would love this book …daughter of the King, wife, momma, foster momma, caseworker.

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