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Climbing the Mountain of Motherhood {& GIVEAWAY of #PressingPause Coffee Basket}

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Welcome to you joining by finding your way here from my Proverbs 31 Ministries devotion today called How to Climb the Mountain of Motherhood. {To read it, click here but be sure to come back for the giveaway!}

How to CLimb the Mountain of Motherhood #PressingPause to rest your soul in God. From karenehman.com

As promised in the devotion, I am giving away three gifts that include a copy of my new devotional for moms called Pressing Pause: 100 Quiet Moments for Moms to Meet with Jesus. AND…..a bag of a coffee that I love: Rwanda by Biggby Coffee. Farming and production of gourmet coffee has become a focus of efforts to rebuild Rwanda, devastated by civil war and genocide in 1994. Rwanda offers the ideal environment for growing coffee, producing beans that are smooth and rich, with a fruity note. This coffee is 100% Fair Trade.

GIVEAWAY!!! #PressingPause & a bag of Karen's favorite coffee at karenehman.com

To be entered to win, tell us what mountain in motherhood you are currently facing—laundry, dishes, paperwork, a special needs child, an unruly toddler, perplexing teen or aging parent. Remember, as the devotion said:

“Yes, my soul, find rest in God; my hope comes from him. Truly he is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will not be shaken” (Psalm 62:5-6).

When we carve out time to rest in God — taking a physical break and filling up our spirits — we gain hope and acquire strength to face the challenges of life. When God is our fortress, nothing can shake us.

Have you been trying to scale the mountain of motherhood at break-neck speed, rarely stopping to refresh and refuel? Maybe it’s time to adopt the “climb high — sleep low” strategy yourself. It will make a difference. Even if it is just stopping long enough to savor a cup of coffee with the Savior, drinking in deeply the truths from His Word.

When we pull back for a bit, we’re better positioned to return to our tasks with renewed strength and a fresh perspective.As you scale the mountain of motherhood, God will be with you in the highs. He’ll refresh you in the lows.

Press pause, and meet with Him today.

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  1. Love the excerpt from the book. Mountains include caregiver to husband who recently had knee surgery and can’t bear any weight for an extended amount of time, working full-time, raising 2 young girls, and all the tasks of running a household

  2. After reading about some of these mountains, I’m grateful that mine aren’t so steep after all, even though they feel insurmountable. Running ragged is a current mountain for me. Soccer, Errands, PTO, Church Leadership, Homework, Soccer, Soccer, making dinner, looking at the dust building up everywhere… Did I mention Soccer? But the heaviest burden on my heart is that I pray the Lord reaches and captures my girls’ hearts early. I pray they love Jesus and want to live their lives for Him. Their lives will be so much better if they can just trust in him. My 7yo has doubts already. I pray God eases her doubts quickly. Great devo. Thank you!

  3. I’m struggling with one child who has difficulty expressing their emotions and depending on day/time/situation either cries and runs off of gets sngry. Another child has been increasingly disrespectful. It’s hard to deal with this when I am in major pain due to a health condition that has flared up. I pray my children will want to do & say what’s right for God’s glory and not just because they are told to. I long to see my children have a passion for Jesus. The devotion was encouraging and High by is fabulous:) Blessings!

  4. Laundry, but I think I’m caught up….well one more load to fold in the dryer. Headed to MOPS this morning…excited to be surrounded by other Christian women on similar treks and pray for one another and grow closer to God…coming home refreshed bc of HIM.

  5. Motherhood Mountains…as a Momma of two very energetic little boys ages, 3.5 and 4.5 years old, a working Preschool teacher of 3 year olds, owner of 2 side businesses as well as the domestic engineer of our household. I can miss the mark daily on priorities with being wife, Momma, teacher and business owner. Before having children I remember long extended times with God….seeking His Word, in prayer and studying His ways. Like many other new Mommies out there, priorities got shifted and my time with God became less and less. Until I just couldn’t take the distance I was feeling along with who I was becoming since I wasn’t carving out small amounts of time to be with him daily. This message spoke volumes to me and am so grateful for you sharing your wisdom and heart!

  6. Mountain of 4 boys, 1 of them about to start kindergarten and thinks he doesn’t need his momma, and he’s the oldest! Tons to get done in the house but I time to do it.. Extreme emotional mountain as I’ve had custody of my nephew for a year now and everytime it seems his parents take a step forward, the end up 5 steps backwards..

  7. Hello Karen,

    I NEEDED the devotional on the mountain of motherhood. As a teacher I conquered mountains everyday and left with a clean desk, but bags full of work to do at home. Each day I beat down piles of papers to grade, piles of names of parents to email or call, and piles of resources to make to help my students. Having been a successful teacher for six years I thought being a stay-at-home would be a breeze.

    It has been two and a half years since I decided to be a stay-at-home mom. Everyday seems to be harder. My two and a half year old son is beautiful, smart, and strong-willed. Everyday I manage mountains of challenges and tests from a strong-willed toddler. There are always mountains of laundry, bills, cleaning, story times, and at sometimes working from home as an online teacher.

    I have struggled to climb the daily mountains of motherhood, despite my over-confidence in the beginning. Now I have a new mountain to climb. In October my husband and I will be welcoming our second child. As my body has been working hard to create this little human, I have faced a mountain of guilt for being too tired to run with my son or being too tired to make his favorite foods.

    The devotional you shared on proverbs31 helped me realize it is ok to take a break and rest in God. I don’t have to be supermom, because God is a super God. It is ok to climb as high as I can up the mountain of motherhood, but it is ok and good for my soul and family if I climb back down and rest in the lord and his word.

    -Jessica Robey

  8. My mountain is that I had my children each far apart. Now I’m simultaneously experiencing tween drama, teen drama and the emptying nest heartache that my eldest daughter’s college graduation and moving out on her own left. Additionally, my elderly mother moved in with us so I’m negotiating the ever-changing landscape of our relationship.

  9. My 5 year old daughter loves to be dramatic. I have a very low tolerance for drama. Her behavior tests my patience on a daily basis.

  10. Dealing with a new diagnosis of autism for my son. He’s 10 and was diagnosed 7 months ago (he was 9 at the time). My daughter is dealing with the repercussions of my son’s behaviour towards her. I’m now a stay at home mom, as a result. My husband is working far too much so I can stay home.

  11. Yes it’s busyness and daily to dos piling up. It’s my son with autism and his needs that affect the entire home, it’s my depression kicking in and the training of a therapy puppy for my son. All the while trying. To protect my marriage and soul from satan. It’s exhausting and the cup of coffee with God each morning doesn’t always seem to fill me up. I’m trying to lay things down and make space for the one whole matters most.

  12. My current mommy mountain is guilt….. guilt overy not bring able to be at everything or be everything for my kiddos. Work, my scool, the kids school, being a mom, wife, daughter, sister, and friend. I just can’t do it all.

  13. Mountains of everything. For some reason, the verse, Delight yourself in the LORD, keep crossing my path for the last couple of weeks! I know I need to get over the mountain of everything to get back to delighting in the LORD. I know it’s possible. I know it’s attainable; however, I let the mountains be “bigger” than our God.

  14. My mountain is being a mom when my heart is shattered because I just learned my husband of 28 years had been having an affair.

  15. I read this when it first came out and realized it was the encouragement I needed. Lately my mountain is feeling so inadequate in my mothering abilities. My 14yr old son has been sick off and on for several months now and it’s hard to know if he’s truly sick, or just trying to avoid facing some of his anxiety at school. When I send him to school he makes me feel so guilty, and yet when I keep him home I’m not sure I’m doing the right thing either. Additionally, my 10yr old daughter has been having constant headaches for over two weeks now. I’m at a loss for what to do to help her as well. She just feels so miserable every day.

  16. This really hit home with me. I have been battling my own mountains. I am 25, I have 4 kiddos all whom are 5 and under. 3 girls 1 boy, 5 yrs old, 3 yrs old, 1 yr old, and a 8 month old who is now crawling. 3 of the kiddos I stay home with and I truly love being a stay at home mom but sometime it get so discouraging when I clean and clean and clean, and the moment I turn around its all a mess again. Or trying to potty training I try to keep working with two of my girls yet one keeps back sliding, and is always having accidents,so that alone can make you feel like a failure as a mom. Between cleaning, helping oldest with homework, trying to potty train, having sassyness from lil girls and keep everyone satisfied. It can sometimes feel like a losing battle. I wanna learn to be closer to god and to lean on him in these times of need where, I just feel like I cant make it over this mountain. Thank you so much for sharing this with me, I feel like God had me read it at just the right time, cause this has been such a hard week for me and it has really gotten me down. God bless!!!

  17. I needed this post today. I have a 3.5 year old daughter, a 2 year old son, and a 6 month old son. I feel like my fuse is so short lately and I can’t stand it. I know God is giving me these opportunities to learn patience but it’s very hard.

  18. Oh, how I needed this today! Our family is in an extremely busy and overloaded season right now. In addition to the new challenges of teen girls, I am scaling all of the mountains you mentioned, as well as teaching, end of year activities, etc. While I know that many of these things are blessings, I still feel like I’m struggling to breathe! Thanks so much for the great analogy – it really struck a chord with me!

  19. If you would have asked me 6 weeks ago I would have said my mountain is my daughter. She is three years old and has had health issues since birth. Not many are obvious to the keen eye but if you hang with us you get to know all the symptoms. Well 6 weeks ago a group of women whom I trusted decided I was full of it and making it all up. In that moment I realized one of my greatest mountains is not listening when God talks. I knew the women were not good, flat out good as well as they for the “mean girl” clique. I never had the great group growing up so I know I changed my persona to fit in with them. Many times I knew I shouldn’t be a part of their gossip or their schemes. It was only when they turned on me that I turned to God. It has been the best 6 weeks in regards to my faith. But I know it can only get better if I be still and hear him. It is only by his grace that my daughter’s health and unknown future is not my biggest mountain because he has us. Sad but true I make my mountain when I can just be still an listen. I will continue to try and he will continue to take care of us and our sweet girl.

  20. My mountain is the overwhelming debt and the uncertainty of the immediate future for my family ( disabled husband and three beautiful boys ) Fear and shame, when I need to be trusting Him. Blessings.

  21. This is just what my heart needed today! I’ve been overwhelmed by motherhood lately and needed this reminder. I’m going to press on with God’s help to trek up my mountains that seemed impossible.

  22. My husband is deployed for the first time in his Army career so I guess you could say I’m facing lots of mountains! The main one is parenting our 4 year old son who is by my side 24/7 except during church. He misses his daddy terribly and I’m trying my hardest to parent peacefully while addressing his aggression. I thank God for His presence. I would not survive without Him.

  23. The mountain I am currently facing is one of an internal struggle.. the struggle between the desire to be selfless and the temptation to be selfish. I have three little girls who I truly want to pour into, but lately my flesh fights again that. I want more than anything to have victory over those things pull me away from my calling of motherhood, and to instead be a woman who embraces the God calling God has given her.

  24. My daughter is a senior and playing her last season of soccer. We have 3 games each week. Working full time as a teacher assistant, husband is a pastor and trying to enjoy and embrace this time watching her play but yet exhausted.

  25. I am a homeschool mother of 4 beautiful blessings (8, 5, 4 & 4 months). My mountains have been very high the last 3+ years with my husbands health and various other issues (which can make the endless mountains of laundry and housework seem so small), but I have learned to depend on my Father. In Him I find my hiding place and strength.

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