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Love Your Life Friday: Inspirational Wood Blocks

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Love Your Life Friday at Karen Ehman.com

Are you looking for a way to decorate your home that also inspires and encourages you? Try these easy-to-make inspirational wood blocks! I used “Pray Often”, but you can choose any saying that you prefer.

Love Your Life Friday at Karen Ehman.com

First, you want to get the right number and size blocks based upon which saying you choose. You can get these at any home supply store, or find them for free like I did. There is a company down the road from my house that throws out a lot of scrap wood. My husband contacted them, and they gave permission to take the wood whenever it’s there. What a blessing!

Love Your Life Friday at Karen Ehman.com

Next, you’ll need to choose your paint color. I first started with a coat of brown, then I painted the next coat with red. I wanted to go for a faded & worn-out look to the blocks. So, immediately after I painted the red coat, I took an old rag and wiped each side a few times. Not only does this make it dry quickly, but it also gives it a weathered & faded look. Using the rag is optional–you can just paint it one solid color if that is your preference.

Love Your Life Friday at Karen Ehman.com

I already had some stencils, so I chose to use them for the letters. You can buy stencils at any craft store, or you can draw the letters by hand with a pencil first.

Love Your Life Friday at Karen Ehman.com

Choose your paint color for the letters. I used a mixture of cream & light gray and did two coats of paint.

Love Your Life Friday at Karen Ehman.com

If you use stencils, be careful pulling them off because they can tend to bleed. I used a small paintbrush to clean up the bleeding and to fill in the letters.

Love Your Life Friday at Karen Ehman.com

Optional: I had some extra burlap strings, so I tied them together and placed them on the end blocks.

I love walking by these blocks because it is such a great reminder to pray continually throughout the day {1 Thessalonians 5:17}!



Love Your Life Friday at Karen Ehman.comKatina Miller has been married 14 years to her wonderful husband.

Together they serve on their Marriage & Family Ministry team at their church.

She is a busy mom of a Jr. High son and homeschools her daughter in their home in northeastern Ohio.

She is also an Orthopoedic nurse at a local hospital.

In her free time she enjoys doing simple DIY crafts and sharing them with others.

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