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#DIY Tin Can Utensil Holder

Looking for an easy and creative way to organize utensils for summer picnics & gatherings? Start saving those tin cans and create your own utensil holder!

You will need six tin cans and one block of wood (11″x 6″) to start off.

Choose a color and paint the wood block and the tin cans. I did not paint the inside of the cans so that the paint would not chip off on the eating utensils.

You will need to buy a handle to place on the top of the wood block. I purchased this one at Lowe’s.

I was going to have my husband teach me how to use the power drill for the next couple of steps, but we never found the time. So I pulled out the old-fashioned screwdriver & hammer and attached the handle and tin cans.

I made the holes in the cans & wood before attaching them to make sure they were lined up evenly.

Add your silverware and enjoy your new & creative utensil holder!




Love Your Life Friday at Karen Ehman.comKatina Miller has been married 14 years to her wonderful husband.

Together they serve on their Marriage & Family Ministry team at their church.

She is a busy mom of a Jr. High son and homeschools her daughter in their home in northeastern Ohio.

She is also an Orthopoedic nurse at a local hospital.

In her free time she enjoys doing simple DIY crafts and sharing them with others.

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