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7 Kitchen Tools I Can’t Live Without


7 great kitchen tools just can't live without! from karenehman.com

I’ve been posting lots of goodies lately as I bake up a storm for our youngest’s last day of school. His final baseball game. His last treats for his teachers. {Sniff,sniff! Someone hand me a hanky!} I thought now might be a great time for me to post some of my must-have kitchen gadgets I use over and over again.

You’re welcome.

This post contains affiliate links. I only recommend products that I love.


brush1. Can’t say enough about this silicone basting brush ! No more fibers in our barbecue chicken.


2. I use this pot strainer for pasta, potatoes, and so much more! I’ve had mine since 1986!


3. A useful tool in my favorite color!!! This colander can drain and strain or just look cute holding fruit on your counter.

apple slicer


4. So quick and easy. I used to use the apple slicer for my kids’ lunches. Then, to keep the apple from turning brown, I’d secure it with a rubber band!


5. I love an enamel dutch oven ! Like seriously love. For making soup, or oven beef stew or a huge pot of goulash.


6. No more tears when chopping onions with this handy food chopper. I have had one for five years and use it often. Cleans up in a snap!


7. I love how these measuring cups show you the amount from both the sides and the top. I use these all the time. Dishwasher safe.

A Life That Says Welcome:Simple Ways to Open Your Heart and Home to Others by Karen EhmanWhat is your favorite kitchen gadget you just can’t live without?

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  1. Fun list! My kids and I love our apple corer/peeler/slicer. It’s one of those things that is continuously interesting and handy.

  2. Hmmmm…. I love baking cookies (chocolate chip please) so my favorite gadget is my cookie scoop- perfect size and circle every time!

  3. Oh my, how to choose??? I’m with Diane N., though. I can’t live without my set of 3 different sized scoops. I have one that’s the perfect size for cookies, one for meatballs and mini-muffins, and one for muffins. I especially love the one for muffins. It makes filling the tin with the perfect amount of batter a breeze! Just scoop and dump and voila! Perfectly and consistently measured muffins!

  4. I’m in LOVE with these! I’ve never seen a pot strainer like that. What a useful little gadget! And I’m dying for a beautiful enamel dutch oven! A big pot of chili would go perfectly with that cornbread. ;-) I don’t have any favorite gadgets to add, but I do have a tip for keeping apples crisp and white. Soak them in salt water! Trust me — they won’t taste salty if you do it right … and they’ll keep from browning for DAYS! My kids turn their noses at brown apples – so this tip was a life saver for their school lunches. Use 1/8 tsp of Kosher salt per 1 cup of water. I’m not sure if Kosher is necessary – it’s just what I use.

  5. Tough choice…I have many items that are used daily…but right now I’ll choose my razor sharp utility knife…slices everything like butter?

  6. My digital thermometer. Honestly, it just gives me extra peace of mind that the food I’m preparing is thoroughly done. I am especially thankful for it when we have guests over… I’d be horrified if I someone got sick after consuming a dish I had served.

  7. Mine would be my silicone spreader/scraper…it’s tiny and gets every last morsel out of my jars and containers. I use it multiple times a day!

  8. I too have the silicone basting brush in red, the apple corer in white and the measuring cups in all different sizes. I love being able to just look into the measuring cup instead of the bending down to look at the side of the cup then adding more. LOL One of my favorite tricks is the wooden spoon over the pan of boiling pasta, the pasta will never boil over.

  9. Oh my I have dreamed of having some Dutch ovens! My granny had some and the food was so good…..don’t know what happened to them when she passed…?

  10. I love your choices…I have a small kitchen with little storage so my favorites often serve multiple purposes or look pretty out. My top favorite is my Le Creuset cookware. They are colorful and useful!

  11. If I had to choose, it would be my old time grater….I use for grating at the least 3 or 4 times a week & my bamboo cutting board, used everyday.

  12. I have to say my PC (Pampered Chef) food/onion chopper and their hamburger/sausage food chopper thing. Haha I’m not sure what the technical name is, but it’s black and has a winged looking end to it. (So that clearly tells you I’m not a distributor of PC, I’ve just accumulated a lot of it over the years. :-) It’s awesome for using to chop of your hamburger or sausage when browning it! Plus, since it’s strawberry season they have a great little stem remover gadget that I use almost daily to clean the strawberries I pick from my garden.

  13. My favorite kitchen gadget is a garlic crusher. It makes crushing garlic a snap and mine is dishwasher safe so cleaning up is a snap!

  14. I think I am the gadget queen! I have most f the same gadgets you do…though I envy those measuring cups…I keep looking at them and debating….?. Hard to narrow it down to one favorite. On the simple side, I have a utensil with a bamboo handle and a silicone end …you might think it a spatula at first, but the end is flat and wide, narrowing to the handle with a bit of curve. It is perfect for stirring scrambled eggs, a stir fry or a pot of soup. My other favorite is my wok-shaped skillet, perfect for stir frying a large batch of fresh veggies….I never stir them out of the pan!

  15. My little timer – I use it to remind me when to do the next step in a recipe/ or bread baking/ or to check on something, or to make a phonecall at a certain time – etc. etc. If i have more than one project going – and my oven timer is in use – then I can put this little timer next to the pot that it applies to so I can keep track of all the timelines cleARLY. I also use it for non-cooking tasks – reminders to go check on kids homework status , or go check in online for a southwest airlines flight at the exact time….or anything else you need a freindly reminder for !

  16. The most used thing in my kitchen is my microwave. But since it’s probably not considered a gadget, I’d have to say my apple corer gets the most use.

  17. I’m like you and everyone else, I have more than one but I’d have to say my two kettles that belonged to my Mother. One of them most likely didn’t get used much except to heat something in every now and then as it was smallish. We were a family of eight so this kettle really wasn’t used a lot. But, I live alone and it has served me faithfully for more than 40 years now. The other kettle, well it’s pretty beat up. We used it to pop popcorn in. We had popcorn at least twice a week when we were kids. The poor lid doesn’t fit right any longer, the bottom of the kettle is black and beaten and dented but it still makes the best popcorn. And, I still make popcorn about once a week, the old way.

  18. I have a list of my own! LOL If I have to pick one, I would say it is a set of scoops in 3 different sizes. I use them for muffins, cookies, meatballs, potatoes, you name it!! I enjoyed reading your list, too!

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