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Flower-Planting Time & Mint Tea Lemonade

Need a refreshing cool drink to sip while you plant your flowers? Mint Tea Lemonade at karenehman.com

It is one of my favorite times of the year: flower-planting time!

Terra Cotta pots collected from garage sales and thrift stores hold annuals on my deck each year. They perch on top of a stair step made from old barn wood that I purchased at a local antique store.

We have oodles of perennials and a big herb garden that both come back every year but planting these annual splashes of spring-to-fall-color always perks my spirits up. {And the nearly 70 degree mostly sunny day it is calling for tomorrow REALLY perks me up!} NOTE: If you want to read my post on how to plant an herb garden, click here.

I always ask for two hanging baskets as an early Mothers Day gift. One from the kiddos and one from the hubster.

While taking a break from the planting, I love sipping something non-carbonated but cold. Often that is raspberry mint tea. Or this citrus-y mint delight. {Can you tell I love mint? I even live in a town known for growing it}


1 can frozen lemonade concentrate, thawed

5 herbal mint teabags

5 or 6 sprigs fresh mint

Lemon slices & additional fresh mint sprigs, for garnish

Place teabags in a glass pitcher. Boil water and pour about 4 cups over the tea bags. Let steep. Remove bags and add thawed concentrate. Add water until the pitcher is  almost full. Place mint sprigs in pitcher. Pour over ice in glasses and garnish with a few floating lemon slices.


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  1. Hey, Karen! I just popped by your blog today to thank you! I’m a military spouse and mother of four bright eyed, active kiddos. I’m in women’s ministry and our our team has just closed up the first successful year of planting a ministry on Keesler AFB for Moms. Mom Connect has been AWESOME! I want to thank you for the wisdom and encouragement your “Keep It Shut” and “Let It Go” studies have given the leadership team. We committed to meeting and getting into The Word together weekly and your studies have given us so much hope! We were able to be united and strengthened through your videos, great teaching, and a TON of coffee! I just bought “Hoodwinked” and can’t wait to start diving in! Thank you, again, for being such an encouraging voice, having a “me too” atmosphere, and speaking His truth in love!

    Megan Brown

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