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Summer to Serve GIVEAWAY with Courtney DeFeo

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School will soon be out. For some moms, that draws cheers of, “Yay! More time to be with my kids!” Others moan and groan because, although they love their dear offspring, they don’t love the thought of keeping them busy all summer and fear their children might start that oh-so-annoying chorus of “Moooooom…I’m bored!”

Have I got an idea for you!

My good friend Courtney Defeo has just released an awesome booklet and loads of other resources that will help you to guide your kiddos, both big and small, challenging them to make this a summer to serve. She says:

“When our kids’ hands, feet and hearts get engaged in serving others – something unique happens in their heart. Compassion, love, faith and more begins to get rooted.”

Make this summer a summer to serve! Details at karenehman.com
Summer to Serve is a short summertime booklet for kids. It’s written FOR kids – on how to gather friends, make a difference and have fun along the way. This simple booklet is a conversation for your family that could have profound impact on your summer, including:
  • Lesson for kids – why SERVICE is a fun idea for summer
  • THREE big ideas for serving in the summer
  • List of simple ways to serve
  • A brainstorm page for them to make a plan

And the best part? All the proceeds of this entire project are going to support CARE for AIDS!

For more info, and to read Courtney’s original post, click here. This booklet is selling like hotcakes so order while supplies last!

bookletsCourtney is giving away four bundles of this great resource to four moms {or grandmas} who comment on this post. To be entered to win a packet of 5 booklets to share with your kids, please leave us a comment either telling us one service project or good deed you’d like to do with your kids this summer OR what is the biggest challenge of summers with kids at your place.

Then, get those brains storming, coming up with ways to serve others this summer. And then go out and do it! Don’t forget some lemonade for refreshment.

Happy serving!

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  1. My daughter has really been into doing lemonade stands. I would love to do one with her and donate a portion of her $ to a charity of her choosing.

  2. Our family will volunteer at a Christian youth sports organization, coaching and giving Bible lessons.

  3. I overheard my oldest granddaughter tell her brother that they can donate the extra bookcases as well as books to help furnish a new Friendship House in their community. Sounds like a great service project for them and their friends and a start on their own handle on local ministry.

  4. I’m a mom of a 2 1/2 year old and I’m planning to gather once a month with other mamas of littles to facilitate simple service projects in which even our babies can participate- baking cookies, making thank you signs for our postal and sanitation workers, and the like.

  5. My mother is keeping my son and my sisters kids this summer. She has a few service projects planned for them to do to help some of the elderly people in the church, with the main focus of missions.

  6. our biggest challenge is staying off the screens – too much electronic time leaves my kids grumpy.

  7. Sounds like a fabulous, timely booklet! I plan to take two of my grandchildren and their mother to be volunteers at a Jesus Loves Kalamazoo free picnic, held in various neighborhoods in July. We will either be helping serve food or supervising games and other activities, such as making crafts or polishing little girls’ finger nails to make them feel special. It would be great to have more ideas to get my grandchildren involved in serving.

  8. We spend 2 hours a week reading with children in the intercity to help maintain or enhance their reading skills. I would love to have 5 copies of the Summer to Serve booklets to share! Thank you!

  9. My older daughter learned how to make the no-sew fleece blankets at school this year, and would like to make more on her own at home, to donate to kids with cancer that have to stay in the hospital. My other daughter learned how to loom hats, and is starting a collection of baby hats to donate to our local hospital. We would all like to learn how to crochet so that we can make baby blankets as well!

  10. I would like to help my two grandchildren that live with me sort through their closets and dressers and donate to a clothes closet for the needy.

  11. We donate food and blankets to those in need. Sometimes we pack care packages for kids in foster care. I would love to do more with the kids!

  12. We are going to be reaching out to neighbors this summer, but more ideas of what we could do would be great! I’m sure my kids will be bored by next week. :)

  13. I have younger kids–but I’d like to take them to donate food at the food bank this summer. I think they would benefit from seeing the food bank and giving the workers food.

  14. What a great idea. We often serve but I would like to be more intentional this year with my grandchildren.

  15. We just need to do more. We often support and help around Christmas, but need to have a passion to make it more of a year round desire. Summer projects ideas could spark this desire.

  16. It all starts within the family and begins by reaching out to neighbors and community. My desire is to have my grandchildren making short , meaningful visits to our seniors in their homes and extended care facilities. Thank you for releasing this book, now! Perfect timing.

  17. We will be serving our local fire fighters and cops with cookies, I have a two year old and six month old so nothing to exciting but I want them to always know that giving is better than receiving! A hard lesson for a toddler but an important one to grasp early on.

  18. We make meals or desserts for the elderly in our church as well as friends and family that are sick. Or sometimes just to do something nice for someone. Most of our serving starts in the kitchen. My kids all help- even the 1 year old.

  19. We like to go to GAiN to sort clothes and pack boxes for refugees. It’s only 10 minutes from our home, but still global missions. We also like to serve at our local church.

  20. There is a lady at our church who has had many health issues. We would like to plant flowers and mulch her garden at her condo.

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