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Satin Bella Blooms for Love Your Life Friday!

Please welcome Sarah Lundgren for this gorgeous DIY today!

Love Your Life Friday at KarenEhman.com

My very favorite accessory to wear is a flower. I have worn flowers in my hair for a few decades now so it is a bit of my trademark. There is just something special about the beauty and feminine touch a simple bloom can add to any outfit!

One day I saw a gorgeous flower pin made out of satin with burnt edges, and decided to make my own version to feed my love of blooms. The result was beautiful, and I get compliments on these ‘bella blooms’ (which is the cute product name I came up with to sell these on Etsy) on a daily basis. Oooh… I just love them! Follow along and I will show you how to make one!

Here are the supplies you will need:

  • Quarter of a yard of good satin
  • Scissors
  • Needle and thread
  • Lighter and a tea light candle
  • Small piece of felt
  • Hot glue gun
  • Fancy button for the flower middle
  • Metal hair clip or pin backing

Okay! Let’s get started!

Step 1: Cut your satin into ten squares: two 6”x6”, two 5”x5”, two 4”x4”, two 3”x3”, and two 2”x2”. Trim the corners off each square till you have ten perfectly imperfect circles.

Love Your Life Friday at KarenEhman.com

Step 2: Next, cut six to eight equal slits into each satin circle (almost like you are cutting a pie), without cutting all the way to the middle. We want the center to stay intact so we can sew all the petals together and put a pretty button in the middle later on!

Love Your Life Friday at KarenEhman.com

Step 3: Light your tea light candle, and place it on a flat, fire-safe, dish. Now you are going to singe the edges of your satin to make the petals curl. Simply run the satin edge about an inch or two above the flame and it will seal and curl the edges all at once. This will take a little practice, but I have faith in you! Make sure you are doing this in a non-flammable area, and have a cup of cold water on the side just in case the satin catches on fire.

Love Your Life Friday at KarenEhman.com

Step 4: Once all the petals are singed, stack them all together from smallest to largest.

Love Your Life Friday at KarenEhman.com

Step 5: Take your needle and thread and stitch through the middle of all the petals several times to secure them in place, and then add your fancy button to the middle.

Love Your Life Friday at KarenEhman.com

Step 6: Flip the flower over to its back and hot glue a piece of felt onto the middle. Then glue your metal hair clip or pin backing to the felt.

Love Your Life Friday at KarenEhman.com

Love Your Life Friday at KarenEhman.com

Love Your Life Friday at KarenEhman.com

Step 7: Voila! You are done! Now it’s time to wear your new Bella Bloom in your hair, on a scarf, your favorite jacket, purse, etc! The possibilities are endless, and the compliments will start pouring in!




Sarah Lundgren on Love Your Life Friday at KarenEhman.com

Sarah has a passion for all things sparkly, filling her home with a ridiculous number of throw pillows and making people feel abundantly loved and treasured every chance she gets – even if it just means sprinkling a little glitter on them and running like the wind. She loves God with her whole heart, and is known to love Starbucks chai lattes a whole lot, too. She believes in choosing joy, bringing banana bread to her neighbors, being honest about her flaws, and always being just a little kinder than necessary. She is currently snuggled in the heart of Grand Rapids, Michigan with her sweet hubby, J, and her full-time job is making pretty things all day long for her Etsy business, So Sarah Designs. You can also find her at The Glorious Table writing Saturday devotions to inspire women’s hearts and help them feel known and loved.

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